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Pro Football > Dallas at Green Bay (01/11/2015) > View Post
I'm a huge Dallas fan, but I can't help but think that Romo will choke as always and have at least 2 picks today. Now if they keep in on the ground than we have a chance. IF the boys don't fall behind early and can run the ball than I like the points, but if Romo has to take it upstairs to catch up or keep up than we are doomed. 

My pick is the over, no side 

Pro Football > Pittsburgh at Tennessee (11/17/2014) > View Post
Redemption for Pitt 

Pro Football > New England at Indianapolis (11/16/2014) > View Post
Going to be a tough game, I'm taking the Pats teased with the under, 
+9 over 52

Pro Football > Cincinnati at Arizona (08/24/2014) > View Post

College Basketball > Kentucky at Connecticut (04/07/2014) > View Post
UCONN 4units , bank

Pro Football > San Francisco at Seattle (01/19/2014) > View Post
Seattle look one dimensional last week, while 49ers showed me a balance attack. Seattle is tough at home, but 49ers  have played tough on the road. IF 49ers can stop the run it's over for Seattle can get the pass game going with the run they win. BUT I just don't see that happening here, taking the 49ers and the points in a close one.

Pro Football > San Diego at Denver (01/12/2014) > View Post
Taking my winning from SF and letting it ride on Denver, this game is easy  In my eyes. SD like to choke when the pressure is on, Rivers is a lot like Romo. Denver and  Manning wants this more. Home field advantage, what more could you ask for????

Good luck, because anything could happen.

Pro Football > Indianapolis at New England (01/11/2014) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Leonidas82:
Im a new england fan but Indy is pretty hot right now and I can see a rematch against manning and luck in the championship game. 

Small play on Indy and the Under. 

EXACTLY what he said 

College Football > Arkansas State at Ball State (01/05/2014) > View Post
I'm from Arkansas, taking Ball st., Ark st will not show up, if they do it will only be for the first half

Pro Football > San Diego at Cincinnati (01/05/2014) > View Post
Cinn is to much for chargers at home. Taking Cinn in this one

College Football > Oklahoma State at Missouri (01/03/2014) > View Post
 Tough game to pick, I think OS has the speed but Mizzo has the power.

College Football > Central Florida at Baylor (01/01/2014) > View Post
Baylor by at least 21 

College Football > Iowa at Louisiana State (01/01/2014) > View Post
My gut says Iowa will get after the rookie QB and keep this closer than most think. I'm taking the points

College Football > Rutgers at Notre Dame (12/28/2013) > View Post
ND has it's trouble on the side line, I see the players know this and will not have their heart into this game. Rutgers will have the bigger heart in this game and will make a few big plays to keep this closer than most think 

Pro Football > Chicago at Philadelphia (12/22/2013) > View Post
Taking the home team, Bears haven't done will on the road and Cutler will choke the big one once again

Pro Football > Dallas at Chicago (12/09/2013) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by veenhuis:

Listen...I'm not trying to be a d*ck, but if you are going to throw out useless, incorrect information, please don't insert your opinions!! Jerry Jones has won 3 Super Bowls since he bought the team in 1988.  Please add useful insight as some of us actually put hard earned $$ on the games!

While the weather will definitely play a role in the game tonight IMO, Chicago's Defense will get shredded on the ground.  As most folks know, or if you have played the game, this will open up the passing game.  Cowboys get one of the best LBs in the league back tonight in Sean Lee, supposedly at full strength.  Both teams need this win badly as CHI had dropped a few and DAL needs to keep pace with Philly...and both teams I expect will get their points...

DAL +1 (at 6pm on game day) for 4units
DAL ML for 2units
Lean U49

Good Luck to All

I could have said it any better myself 

Pro Football > Kansas City at Denver (11/17/2013) > View Post
Denver wins by 14 

Pro Football > Jacksonville at Tennessee (11/10/2013) > View Post
Tenn blows out the Jags, go big or go home 

Pro Football > Indianapolis at Houston (11/03/2013) > View Post
Colts and the under is my play, but what do I know. I have taken a beating all day 

College Football > UL Monroe at Troy (10/31/2013) > View Post
UL Monroe all night 

Pro Football > Green Bay at Minnesota (10/27/2013) > View Post
Packers seem to be the easy pick, Vikings are all over the map and not in a good way. No organization last week on O and D. I think that will continue this week. Taking the packer 

College Football > Arkansas at Alabama (10/19/2013) > View Post
I'm a Razorback fan but they suck this year, going with the tide on this one, BIG 

College Football > Central Florida at Louisville (10/18/2013) > View Post
Taking UCF and teasing it with the over, enough said. Simple bet 

Pro Football > Indianapolis at San Diego (10/14/2013) > View Post
Colts by 10

College Football > Temple at Cincinnati (10/11/2013) > View Post
Teaser, Cinn -13.5 under 58, good luck everyone 

College Football > San Diego State at Air Force (10/10/2013) > View Post
SD st. In a blow out, making that money on this one 

Pro Baseball > Atlanta at Los Angeles (10/06/2013) > View Post
Dodgers at home, enough said

College Football > Georgia State at Alabama (10/05/2013) > View Post
Bamako by 65 if not more

Pro Football > Chicago at Pittsburgh (09/22/2013) > View Post
Da BEARS, Steelers can't stop spinning its wheels and go anywhere. 

College Football > Arkansas at Rutgers (09/21/2013) > View Post
Taking the points and the Hogs, they have had a week to work out the pass issue and they will give a heavy dose of run game to keep it close
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