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QUOTE Originally Posted by gambling-devil:

Saying Rodgers is the GOAT really ended you write-up.

ATL all day!!!!!!!

Tom Brady disagrees with you. Quote from Brady after watching Rodgers do his thing against Dallas: 

On Tuesday, the New England QB revealed to WEEI that he is an Aaron Rodgers fanboy. He makes a point of watching all of Rodgers' tape, and stays up late to watch the Packers whenever they are on TV. 

"I think he does things that no one in the league has ever done, or can do, just because of his physical ability," Brady said on WEEI.                                     

Key injuries to watch during the week for GB: On defense, BJ Raji, Nick Perry and Morgan Burnett. On offense, Adams & Ty Montgomery. 

I think GB gets two picks against Manning, maybe more.  They beat SD last week purely on talent alone, bye came at a perfect time for a very banged up GB squad.

Biggest choke job ever, Seattle ain't garbage; see what happens on a neutral field. View
Hope you're right! A couple of things overlooked from the week one meeting were Packers RT Bulaga was replaced early 2nd Quarter because of injury and didn't return. Their offense was never the same, Sherrod the backup who was cut 2-3 months ago gave up 2 quick sacks one resulting in a safety. GB was moving the ball decently until Bulaga went down. Also, GB debuted a new hybrid defensive scheme week one that was a disaster, they junked it after like 4 games; they're much better now with Clay in the middle at times. View
ML down to +190!!  I like my side. View
Way too much being made out of this rookie center for GB.  If they get beat they get beat, but it won't be because of the rookie.  Kid can play, solid from Ohio St, excellent in the run game.  GB writer Bob McGinn wrote a piece on this kid quoting scouts around the league saying the Packers won't miss a beat with him under center; this after evaluating his play this preseason. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by drozanski:
Here's a question:  If the Broncos offense didn't come close to matching Seattle's defense in the SB, why should GB fair any better?
Easy, Rodgers can throw a 40 yard fade route up the sideline and put it on a dime and Manning can't anymore.

Eddie Lacy>Monte Ball
QUOTE Originally Posted by 2LEGIT2QUITU:


It's all good.
QUOTE Originally Posted by kevmode:

I don't agree with any of this.  Seattle is the better team in almost every area besides qb and they are at home.  Did you watch how pathetic the Packers looked last time they played the Hawks?  Rodgers was getting sacked a ton that game and I see the same in the opener.  Gl trying to pass on one of the best defenses I have seen since being born.
Marshall Newhouse was the left tackle then, not now.  O-lne is much improved, especially in run blocking; it's not all about the pass in GB this year, they're more balanced on offense.  Green Bay is going to come out and run Lacy down Seattle's throat.  This rookie center will be fine, kid is strong as an ox from Ohio State; he's not afraid of this stage having played in big games at Ohio St.  Lacy will be featured early and often, he's a 3 down back now; far more touches coming in his 2nd year.  Green Bay will only be a dog twice this year, @ New Orleans being the other; getting points with this type of contender is to good to pass up Seattle and all.
QUOTE Originally Posted by DegenCurtis21:

The key to this game is no BJ Raji for the Packers. He was the plug in the middle for Green Bay & with out him look for Lynch to pound the rock all day.
Former Viking Letroy Guion is more then capable, Peppers and Matthews will set the edges just fine.  They stoned Lynch up there two years ago, much more concerned with Wilson and him getting out on rushes.
Eddie Lacy will have a BIG game, take the over in receptions and yards on prop plays. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Raidernator76:
Didn't the GB d libe get thinner? By at least 40 lbs?
Yep, Pickett and Jolly are gone.  They wanted to get more athletic up front; Datone Jones and Mike Daniels are quicker, should result in a better pass rush.  They played the run good in preseason, but slowing down Lynch is another matter.
They did shut Lynch down in the Fail Mary game.
Quietly, one of the best rushing attacks in the league. With RT starter Bluaga coming back after being out all year, ground game should be even better this year. Took s flyer on Lacy as rush champ @ +1300 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Sportsfan123456:
These are my favorite picks of week 1 of the NFL season.

New Orleans Saints +1 1/2
I just don't think that the Falcons had a good enough off season to impact their season that much and I think the Saints did well in the draft getting Brandin Cooks who will make that already crazy offense even better long story short Brees and the Saints and getting points seems to good to pass on.

Pittsburgh Steelers -5 1/2
The Steelers finished their season very good last year and had an awesome off season from the draft to free agency adding Blount to the backfield with Bell seems like a hell of duo and with Shazier already impressing and the defense looking more spry with as good of a QB Ben Roethlisbeger is the Steelers are Super Bowl contenders and the Browns will probably be the Browns one more year as Brian Hoyer looks to be the starter for opening day which seems to make the this bet look even better.

San Francisco 49ers -4 1/2
The Niners also had a great off season even though Aldon Smith will most likely be out and Bowman will be out the Niners still have MORE than enough talent to win this game and cover the spread easy.
Niners had a great offseason?
Jim Harbaugh bitching about his deal with the GM, Aldon Smith fiasco part 3, Bowan out for first half of season, and starting guard Boone is holding out.  So what happened that was so great, they had a draft just like 31 other teams.
Oakland over 4.5 or 5 View
Lacy goes off on opening night behind a bigger an improved offensive line; Seattle's vanilla offense isn't enough in this one.

Pack ML$$$$
It's good value for sure.  Injuries are obviously a concern with this team, what's held them back since their Bowl win in 2010; one of the most injured teams in NFL according to Football Outsiders, ranking 31st and 30th last two years. They're due for a turnaround in the health dept.

They had a good draft, backend played like garbage last year; Hyde moving to safety along with Dixon should improve the play there; Peppers signing will free up Matthews to do his thing.

Rodgers likes the vibe coming out of OTA's, says this team feels different then others which is positive; he speaks his mind and calls it like it is.  We'll see.......

QUOTE Originally Posted by Dudeguykidd:
One little note before I hit my top 15 QBs. Last year was last year. It's whiskey under the bridge. Although these are subject to change, this is where I stand heading into July. 

Qb Rankings

1. Peyton Manning - If you know anything about Peyton Manning it is that he lives for the regular season. This guy is a stat collecting, credit monger who wants nothing more than to capture all records. Although I don't see a repeat of last year, you can certainly bank on 300+ yard, multiple TDs on the reg. I'm thinking somewhere around 38-45 TDs. Ultimately, I'm not willing to spend what its going to cost to get Manning in any type of league. He will be a first rounder, and as you'll see, with the depth at this position, it poses too much of a risk to take on a 38 year old, who looks like Timmy from South Park. He doesn't even need a chin strap to hold that oversized dome piece on and I'd be shatting myself every time his keester hits the floor. Verdict: Let someone else take him. 

2. Drew Brees - He's Powerman 5000. Nobody comes close to him the last 5 years in passing yards. He's going to throw it 40 times a game. He has the best play calling coach in the league, catering to his arm. A lot of people won't have Brees at their number 2 spot but its crazy not to. If you want a routine top 3 QB and can snarf him up in the 2nd round, by all means do so. He churns out massive yardage/TD totals and is always liable to rock the cradle with a lay up of his own, from time to time. I don't worry about Nawlins run game either. Between elaborate screen passes and dump offs, the backs will platoon per usual for sub standard touches. 

3. Andrew Luck - Since his rookie year, Luck has been nothing but stunning. Now, huddling up a revamped offense neck beard city will be pirating booty all over the National Football field. His ability to run, score TD's on his feet make him the nastiest white boy on turf. The Cam Newton with weapons if you will.  I see his decision-making getting a lot better, which of course means fewer picks. At home the defensive side of the football can hold its own, all the while, dominating the AFC South. I think he's an absolute steal if people are going to jump early on these other QB's. 

4. Robert Griffin III - The knee has since healed up and the brace will be gone. Couple that with the hiring of Jay Gruden and DeSean Jackson and this whole Redskins name change debate will finally be put to bed. Straight Savages! "The Washington Savages" (trademark). No body will take offense to that. Speed kills. This squad is going to march up and down the field. And yes, injury risk worries me, but his ability to win you weeks is worth the taking. Again, like Luck, he's a QB you want on your squad. Go ahead and get yourself a reliable back up just in case he’s unable to hold up.

5.  Aaron Rodgers - He has all the talent but he's not the number 1 stunna he used to be. No wonder State Farm shelved those ads because since his injuries he's become a pocket passer. And that's it. And lets face it, the defense does not stop anybody. Now I wouldn't be shocked if Rodgers comes out ballin, but the WR corps TE situation isn't giving me a hard on. Most people have Rodgers in their top 3 but not me. Let someone else blow his load early on the big name… Plenty of plums still ripe for the picking.

6. Mathew Stafford - We all know Stafford is a guy who can single handedly win you your week. I love how Schwartz is finally out, Christ almighty, Detroit you poor person. Rarely do you see complete and utter unqualified personnel running the show. Well, maybe in Dallas you do. I Digress. Given this new offense I feel like they can become the Saints of their division. The Bears, Packers and Vikings are all looking like muff cabbage D's right now. I think Stafford goes early this year, because of the new additions, but I'm always weary for those stinker games he's been known to put up. We all saw what happened when Calvin is limited or out of the game.  

7. Matt Ryan - Last year was a nightmare on Elm. The Falcons could not wait for the season to end. Harry Douglas may have been the only bright spot. Enter 2014, and I'm buying multiple stocks with this team. The news of Hard Knocks is really a non-issue to me. The NFC south is a tough division and only getting better, but this team will win its fair share of shootouts. Matty Ice will make for a solid QB who you can take with your 5th or 6th pick depending on how fast QBs are flying off the board. Take him with confidence. 

8. Tom Brady - Where is the respect for Thomas Edward Brady? Last year was a down year but he was throwing to a bunch of UPS drivers. The rookie connections will be a lot better. Gronk will be back, and if Ammendola doesn't crush so many fools in the greater area of Boston maybe his groin will hold up. Of course Edelman is going to keep the chain gang on their toes as well. I see the Pats going after another WR to add to the fold and New England's defense will be STOUT. While many will remain sour on the thought of last year, take Brady with brio, as he's primed for a solid season. Getting arguably the best QB of all time at a discount is truly a beautiful thing. 

RG3 over Rodgers?

Only a pocket passer since injuries?  His first game back against Chicago he rolls left avoiding the sack and finds Cobb deep for the game winner.  By your reasoning he's Dan Marino or Manning and can't move at all.  At worst he's #3, no way he's #5.
Only if Nick Collins comes back at safety, Packers back end is garbage. View
So misinformed, pretty funny.
QB's with 8.2 YPA coupled with a 63% completion percentage aren't sorry dude.
QUOTE Originally Posted by baronman:
Not sure where you got 4, but middling this game teasing both sides is the way to play this game.  I teased Denver +5 and over 41 and my BIGGER teaser will be Seattle to under; waiting for line to go to 3.
Tease Seattle to under, and for less $$ tease Denver to over; both will cash. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by MoneyShot:
I want to see Peyton win but I feel Seattle is the smart play especially if the odds reach Denver -3.  
If it goes to 3, tease the hell out of Seattle +10 and probably under 54.5; over 40.5 will probably hit too, like under better though with Seattle's defense.  Normally not a teaser guy, but been very profitable this playoffs teasing the dog; Colts only dog that didn't cash on a 7 point teaser.
Tease dog/dog and then hedge with teasing fav/fav
Don't mess the totals.
Line is too sharp, only smart play is teasing SF +10.5 and hooking it up to something; Pats +12. View
Had SD+20 on a 10 pointer and +10 straight, glad you were wrong. View
QUOTE Originally Posted by begginerboy:

I'm a Niner fan and won today but that doesn't mean I can't be objective about the officiating. Niners got all the key calls. No doubt about it. If you don't believe me, read what the Panthers are saying. You can't cap games these days without also considering who the networks/NFL/NBA etc, want to see. Too much money involved. Having said that, the Panthers still had their chances but the Niners had more, thanks to key calls that extended their drives. 
Harbaugh is the best in the league at intimidating NFL officials, Pete Carroll is a close second; Harbaugh is the bigger jackass though.
Hammered Niners +10.5 to Pats +12

Not a big tease guy usually, but these playoff lines have been pretty sharp and Ive been cleaning up all playoffs teasing the dogs.  Only dog I laid off was Indy, all other dogs have covered on 7 point teasers I've played.  Also, don't feel there's a real dominant team this year; all have flaws, but the gap between these teams isn't much, thus teasing up dogs offers value.  My .02
Seattle secondary> Kaepernick BIGTIME. This defense IN SEATTLE is so in Kaep's head, huge mental hurdle that he has yet to handle; he simply needs to play better.

Still, like the Niners with the hook teased up to 10.5 with the Pats +12, just too juicy to pass up.  
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