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No fast early start spells doom!
.333 at best by game 82
What's your NBA record since the your 64-13(?) start to this season??
You're a true warrior. Way to fight thru a rough patch. Your daily consistency is a testament perseverance.
Hand in there buddy
Stay strong CMJ don't feed in- View
You don't do write ups u won't get followers not feedback.
Great job throwing darts but add some rationale.
Great predict! View
5 pts away from a monster day View
VCU -6.5
Fla -17
Louisville +2
Parlay of the above 1/3 medium
Individual plays are large
Fading the public today:
Butler and 'Cuse are huge favs
Fla is more a gut/Bama suxx offensively play
Back from my hiatus just took a week off Recalibrate.
I also like Philly as the public is pounding Chi.
The public appears to be on the over which I also initially leaned toward any thoughts as I may play the game and add an o/u parlay as well.
Get 'em bro. I sidelined myself for a minute. View
I wasn't insulting CMJ-1. I appreciate his efforts. I'm trying to provide a positive influence as others on here have done the same for me.
Your attitude isn't one of comradry. We're all here for the same thing and that's to win.
ATS View
Tailing!! View
Would you parlay Dallas and Under??
I recommended to Johnson a while ago when this horrific streak was in its infancy to just pick sides. All the qtrs, props, team totals and o/u's just take energy and waste time. Your results may not be different but you would have a better shot of eventually locking on a few trends, teams and simply gut feels if u simply followed teams.
Take my advice CMJ1-Thx again for your efforts. I liked the Heat too but the line told me Philly so I stayed away.
Syracuse -7 bought 1

Parlay Syracuse -8 under 124

I think porter is hurting worse than has been publicized
Sixers SUXX Miami or no play. The line indicates a let down but I would never put money on SIXERS they got blown out by wolves the other nite.
I live in Philly trust me
What's up??
Thoughts on WVU? RLM play.
Back after a day off from posting did hit SLU and Butler over and Golden St(NBA) didn't post so doesn't count.
Looking at significant RLM in OKST-3 v WVU. OKST also getting significant public support on the road. Any thoughts? I'm not a big follower of either school. Let down potential for OKST as well.
I also love 'Cuse today for obvious reasons for those that follow my thread.
Lets get this party started.
Get 'em 2moro. If you get hot maybe you can get back to .400 by the end of the CBB season. View
More RLM
Hopped on Portland!
We shall see
Portlands line is obviously off and there is RLM. Reminds me of ODU the other night.
Thinking about placing a heavy wager on the home dog based on the line any insight?
UConn is an avg team unless they play over there heads or the refs are "overly friendly" I can't imagine them winning.

Lasalle is simple the better team.

I also like Delaware but in an effort to not over extend I stayed with my two strongest plays.
Good luck to all!!
Tonight we bounce back
The plays:
Cincy + 1
Cincy Under

Lasalle +2
Cincy +1

Lasalle +2
Cincy +1

Bought 1/2 on Lasalle

I mean other 3
ssgt can't speak on Oregon us East Coasters are asleep when they come on.
Really like the other two.
Really good info--
I'm really liking the under in Cincy v Uconn
Will lay penn st. (Do we know if they played above their heads on Sun on natl TV)
Feeling great bout Lasalle.
I'm leaning:
Parlay of both
Or Cincy and Cincy v Uconn under
I will not go overboard 3 bets max.
Frog, I agree whole heartedly but I don't see them letting down. I don't think Vegas believes in this team. but if they play D like they did vs Mich they shouldn't get blown out. There two leading scorers spent alot of time on the bench vs Mich well. View
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