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College Football > 12/27 College Football Bowls > View Post
Same card. Bol

College Football > LOUIS IV's BOWL GAME PICK & BLOW > View Post
Like the Tulane pick, BOL

College Football > 12/21 College Football Bowls > View Post
Bol, with you on wash state, opposite on other two

College Football > Gone bowling > View Post
Washington state -5
Over 66
Should be a pretty high scoring affair. WSU has played much better competition. CSU lost to Colorado by a couple touchdowns.

USC -6
USC is so much more athletic and talented. They just need to show up and want to play

Bowling Green +1
Should be a close defensive game for BG

Tulane -1.5
Home turf, if Broadway was healthy I would lay off

Good luck...

College Football > Week 14 picks > View Post
Add BC -2
All flat 1 unit

College Football > Week 14 picks > View Post
Rutgers -2.5
Virginia tech -12.5
Vandy -13.5
FSU -27.5
K-State -17
Michigan +16.5
Notre Dame +15
USC -3.5

NFL Betting > Turkey day > View Post
New to posting..
Det -6 2u
Dal -9.5 1u
Balt -2.5 1u
Balt u 40.5 1u

3 team tease 2u det +4, dal +.5, Balt u 50.5
Happy turkey day

NFL Betting > ***********NFL SUNDAY 11/3*********** > View Post
With you on pats, ravens and colts.. BOL

MLB Betting > Only people from New England - In Game > View Post
Thank you sox, loaded up on the sox winning the series after game 3 at +200

NFL Betting > NFL SUNDAY > View Post
Best of luck.. I'm with you on NE and NO. I've got a fav parlay NE -6, NO -11, Pitt -2.5

College Football > Little Caesars Bowl > View Post
I'm with you on both.. I have them straight bet and 2 team Parlay.

Streak Survivor > Are you above .500 in Survivor picks? > View Post
90-75-3 overall streak record and yet my longest streak is 7
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