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go read BLM thread and that's all you need to know about this douche bag Scalabrine.  Antifta biitch on steroids.  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by ParlayBuster:
The United States is nothing but a slave state.

It has no culture and no civilization.

All you have to do is look at the responses in this thread.

Can't come up with a logical argument. All you can do is spew your racial hatred toward black people like a good 'MURCIAN drone.

When are going to thank the United States for ending slavery around the world? You hate Western civilization values and it's contributions around the globe.  Now back to you cave to watch your VH1 porn show.  You lucky your bitcch behind even has electricity. Thank us later. 
QUOTE Originally Posted by ParlayBuster:
This is why I hate CHUMP supporters.

The scumbag won and you dummies are still complaining about what OTHER PEOPLE are doing with their lives.

I despise trash that thinks they are going to dictate how other people should feel and act when it has no bearing on their personal lives.

 you can't fix stupid folks...

Scalabrine Tails Of The Tape:

He has probably never played a meaningful football game in
his life. Do you take his advice even though he
has never played? He doesn't know the rules like you do -- he hasn’t lived it


Then he grows up and becomes the do-gooding white liberal with
the: "so, you're saying, unless I'm black, I can't talk about racism?
That's racist!" The pathetic thing is white liberals do this shiit all the
time. They speak on behalf of African
Americans as if they know what it’s like to walk in a black man’s shoes.

Delusion sets in…

Yes, he portrays himself to be blacker than a black man. Instead
of taking or giving advice he still can not comprehend the fact that, you can’t accurately speak about
something that you have never lived, breathed or experienced. And most of all,
you can't expect anyone with a half of brain cells to listen.


Liberalism is a mental disorder. Unbelievable this douche bag
has a forum to rant.


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-137 Chatwood 685/500  BOL  View
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QUOTE Originally Posted by StumpTownStu:
It's not stupid, it's funny. Atleast to most of us who aren't inherently negative. Maybe it's funny because it's stupid. It's a gimmick. It's shtick. For people like me who don't come to this site to tail, I don't come here to post my picks in an attempt to suck my own c*ck, I come here for the commaraderie of other punters like me. So if a guy brings comedy to his post, if he puts personality in his post, I appreciate it. I like Gucci. Bext time Stumptown is in Sac he'll have to catch a Kings game with Gucci like real playas.

in an attempt to suck my own c*ckyou go boy
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other side, can't bite on NYG train wreck. BOL View
This Stanford team is unwatchable.  The play calling was horrible. When you play to lose, guess what, you usually garbage the bed. Keller has no business as a Division 1 qb.  

2017 PAC 12 is overrated. 
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118 - 110 Corrupted Canelo  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by AFNfootballnerd:
I'm surprised ESPN owned by Disney is allowing teddy atlas to tell the truth on the air live right now  

Not for long ...he will fired tomorrow morning. 
darn boxing it's a joke...

GGG by decision L
GGG -160 P

a bigger joke was ggg vs canelo ...judges called it a draw 

GGG won but got screwed by the crooks in Vegas

USC looks garbage shiiit what a joke  View
Happy b day ...Minn -9  View
Samlangford - I won $6000 on Mayweather. Today after seeing this post, I wish I would of followed.  Very nice work. 

GGG   it's going to be a good one.  View
Ball State off the board  View
Phantom - nice work thanks. 

Q, Minnesota -10 last week, after easy day of work vs Oregon State primed for big day at home. Thoughts

QUOTE Originally Posted by Unplug:

He is trash, has virtually no accuracy. Another rg3. run and no aim 

bout time you man up 
To all you haters - Deshaun Watson View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Unplug:

not trying to be racist but you're correct.
They can't sit in the pocket and throw a accurate pass 

not trying to be racists for what your opinion of his performance. Man..You must be scared of your own shadow. 

I like Deshaun Watson above the shoulders.  Smart kid, composed and a leader - give him time this is ONLY his second game. 
Ticojoe - welcome back BOL this year.  View
CWS  View
HOU Mcclullers out pitching change Michael Fiers - Warning: two gas cans 

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