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QUOTE Originally Posted by droyder:

why in the hell would you pay juice on +1? are you new to nfl betting or just stupid?

The current lines in Vegas are Seahawks +1....

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QUOTE Originally Posted by TRAIN69:
Am I seeing it really WahooS I see?

He's gettin that itch...


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QUOTE Originally Posted by vagaswikileaks:
#260 CAR Panthers  - SEA Seahawks  Under 45  -110


The line is telling me the story here and again I go for totals. No, LVSC did not make a mistake here by setting such low line while if applying correct rules for setting the line - it should figure between 51 and 50 points (27-23 or 27.35 - 23.1 Seattle of course). If they would apply last season's (12-7 Seattle) and the season before (16-12 Seattle) scores - the line would be set at 39 to 41 but it was not. This is a set line as high as possible but yet not as high as not to bet over for most as it really is. But almost 10k bets so far did not move the line a bit up and that tells me that the books are interested to get as much as Over bets as they can get their hands on. 

The way the teams are playing each other with the same coaches and the same coordinators as in past two meeting in most places - the result should figure somewhere in TD area under the totals.

I am risking a unit here. 275$ to win 250$

Any thoughts on the spread here? I rarely bet on Panther games as they are my team. I will only bet them if Im very confident they have a chance to cover. I can see Seattle coming in and righting their ship against a struggling Panther squad, tho the same can be said about Carolina, which makes the under a good choice as well. Both defenses tighten up this weekend. Panthers replaced Godfrey so hopefully that will help somewhat.

GL with the picks wiki..

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Cincy -14.

I know Cincy isn't any kind of powerhouse, but only 14 points against this SMU team? Both have played good teams, so I can understand the losses, and in SMU's case the blowouts, but at least Cincy can put up points against their opposition. Unless someone tells me Cincy is LITERALLY not going to show up for this game, I have to take them here. Tho I'm sure this will get higher...

College Football > Cincinnati at Southern Methodist (10/18/2014) > View Post

Can someone tell me why its only 14 points? I know Cincy isn't all that great this year, but cmon, its SMU! SMU can come off 2 weeks of rest even and I still don't think that's an advantage. They are horrendous. Cincy....

College Football > ***Macwesties Sat. Sept. 27, 2014 (Week #5) NCAAF College Football Plays*** > View Post
Arkansas +10?

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QUOTE Originally Posted by DegenCurtis21:
Don't forget the "did you see how good they lions looked on Monday night, they'll surely cover 3" bettors. The Carolina Panthers defensive line is straight up nasty & will get to Stafford forcing bad throws. They will run for less than 70 yards. I like the under too. Is Newton back?

Yes, hes supposed to start. 

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Just saw that Rivera is to play Panthers starters LESS time than last week while Pats will be playing their MORE time than last week.

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Heres to tasty waves and a cool buzz! 


NFL Betting > NFLX 8/22 > View Post

Is that a 2- 2Teamer or 4Teamer? Or neither...

BOL anyway!

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Wtf. I only see 1 of my picks...

Lions -3

Panthers +6

Panthers O45

Jets -1

Seahawks -7

Bills -3

Ravens -3

Saints +3

Broncos -7

Bengals O43

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QUOTE Originally Posted by Jimmus:
Idle, stop wreaking havoc on my plays which I like.  NE rolls Carolina and Chicago rolls Seattle (well, beats Seattle).  I'm pretty confident tonight, which I never am in preseason.  As mentioned in LBs thread though, I was 0-3 yesterday, so you'll probably be fine haha. Best of luck 

I'm opposite of you on those 2. This is good news for you, trust me.

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QUOTE Originally Posted by NDXOS:

Straight Up / Against The Spread I am assuming..

NFL Betting > Week 3 Parlay > View Post

Heres my longshot..$5 to win $3,750. Ties lose..

  1. Bengals O43

Probly be  by tonight.

GL to all this weekend


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Im opposite of you on Carolina under, and Giants spread on my parlay.

Good luck tho!

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a -6? Nice. I got em on a parlay -7.


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First off I AM a Panthers fan so this may be biased.

I watched the Panthers game last week and I don't think Cams ankle is much of an issue. They sat him week 1 just as a precautionary, give him an extra week off his ankle. Maybe that regular season game last year could've been a Pats victory, but that was then, and this is, well, preseason so anything last year doesn't really factor in in my opinion. The Panthers looked pretty solid last week with their backups. I think their running game is going to be solid this year.

The Pats are the Pats and they should do great this year. Looked good vs a good offensive Eagles team. At home I can see them winning and maybe even covering, especially if Gronk plays. (Tho if he does, how long?). I just think 5.5 points is a lot seeing as it is preseason and Pats aren't playing the Texans or Raiders or something lol, Pats have givin up 800 yards in 2 games this preseason.

But again, preseason. I have Panthers and the Over as part of a parlay.


NFL Betting > Just for a fun longshot, here's an 8 teamer > View Post

Best of luck.  I'm on the opposite side of the Pats game, but with you on the rest.

NFL Betting > Thursday Total > View Post
I have this game pegged at 50. But its preseason, anything can happen..

NFL Betting > Week 3 - Logs Inside.. > View Post
Sorry for just trying to have a little fun. Why are people so fking uptight? Its a forum, its ok to have a little fun.

Wmi, from now on I will message u my posts first for approval.

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Seriously Rudy? I was just having fun making that post with my picks!
Cmon maaaan!

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QUOTE Originally Posted by Jimmus:
*Sigh*, and I thought you might be smarter than that Rudy..  RogerW is not MrManning.  He's someone who has been reading some of the MrManning posts and getting an absolute kick out of it and has decided to use one of his infrequent posts to troll either MrManning or the remainder of the forum, which with you he has successfully done.  

Just read any other post he has ever made haha. 

Well played Roger.

Ya, I figured it was pretty transparent. Guess not...

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These are my locks this weekend. I'm in my helicopter above Monaco on my way back from a business function in Japan as I am posting this. These are fresh from my associates in Macau so I wanted to get them to you guys ASAP!

Super Large Max Plays!

Jets pk

Panthers +5.5

Seahawks -7

Bills -3

Cardinals -2

Steelers +3.5

Broncos -7

Saints +2.5

Lets make that money



Gaming Industry - US > Anyone use Visa Processor for 5dimes? > View Post

I tried a few weeks ago with my Wells Fargo VISA. Not only did it not go thru, WF put a hold on that card like right away. I had to call and tell them to take the hold off. I got spooked and didn't even try again. That same card also wont work for TVG to bet horses, which is legit. I have to call TVG and fund the account over the phone with the card.

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Most people will probably say 5dimes for their online book. They cater to USA customers. (Some don't). I have read different stories about 5dimes some not good but mostly good. I have used them, tho I never needed a payout from them. That's going to be the biggest issue, from what I read, the payout process and how long it might take etc.

I havnt used them since because now my VISA wont clear thru their processor. So funding these books might be tricky. Tho my VISA wont even go thru on TVG for horses and that's legal!!

Also go to I believe 5dimes is rank first on there.


Las Vegas > Help! Moving to Vegas. > View Post

Your best bet is to hit up craigslist or an apartment website. Vegas is relatively cheap to live in so Im sure you can find an actual apartment complex to live in. I have a friend who lives there and he paid 800 a month for a 2 bedroom apt in Summerlin so Im sure you can find something close to 500. Tho,  I obviously cant speak for apartment lease terms, that might be tough. Unless you go month to month but they may charge u a little more.

Is this an attempt to "live the vegas dream"? Just curious...

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Football is almost here!

With football betting season almost underway, I was wondering if people would like to share their big wins on a day or over the weekend. My win was in Vegas so the payoff was better as it was cash paid same day, not thru an online book. But all pay days & stories are welcome. I'll start...

Last year, I forget which week of the NFL season. I had several parlays goin. (I know, I know...). An 8 teamer won about 850, I had a money line parlay card hit and a teaser hit for about 150. The money line card was from Suncoast, the others were from Rio. I had free play at Rio for $50, with that I won a couple hundred on a slot. By sunday night I had about $1300. The only times any parlay hit for me, all in one weekend. Since they were only $5 parlays I'd say it was a good return (Tho I probly had about $70 in parlays for the weekend, college and NFL.) This might be chump change to others, but a nice weekend for me.

I hope for some more of that luck this year when I go out there.

GL this year everyone...

NFL Betting > Multi-week NFL parlay > View Post

You can do a multisport sure, but I the most you can do is an 8 teamer "off the board", anything more you have to use a parlay card, which will only have certain things on it you can take.

I've been to Vegas books many times and I never even thought of doing a "multi-week" type parlay as usually the lines aren't even set that far out. I'm curious to see if you can do this.

 If youre staying at Vdara, I think the Cosmopolitan (practically next door to Vdara) has a Cantor desk. Im not sure if its just for cashing in a ticket or what cuz its just a small desk, not a sportsbook. Maybe Cosmos book is Cantor? I don't know. Either way, by the time you get there everyone will have lines set.

The earliest I could ever do a parlay is for the following week of football. I go on a Friday and leave on a Monday. If the book has the next weeks lines up early enough, I'll make a bet before I drive home. If you aren't aware, you can make a bet then mail your winning ticket to the casino and they will send you a check. Unfortunately, I havnt needed this service yet lol. 

Las Vegas > Vegas Books with an online account? > View Post
I don't live there but I think Stations Casinos has mobile wagering as well as Cantor.
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