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I know this post is old but saw it on the blog forum. I've been working in the casino industry for over 15 years gambling for 17 years. My gf is a server for over 6 years.. I know we all are suppose to treat any tip as a good tip but in that situation when drinks are free 1.00 tip is the norm. You are getting a 3.00-5.00 beer for free. Yes she should have said thank you and walked away and girl about it later. But you also set yourself up. If anything you should have said I'm sorry this is all I have at the moment and will tip you more later if I can win some of my money back. But to tip .45 without any reason makes you look cheap. But that is just my opinion from my past experiences.  As for casino employees being cheap? They are the best tippers.. I tip 5,00 min for soda and if the waitress is hot then 25.00 if I am losing my behind I don't order anything but when I'm winning I tip well. Playing poker I'm probably one of the best tippers. We survive off tips and its part of our income. I am not saying all are good but most are.
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