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I appreciate your post and can honestly state I view the Covers Forum for two posters: kipper and you.  I respect your capping, but more than that I respect you as you stated your opinions/positions with  complete sentences without vulgarity which seems to be the opposite of the requirements of covers: 1) you must be vulgar and 2) you must not know how to command the English language.

There are other forums which respect their members, those are the places I frequent.  I hope to see you on one of those predicting sites.


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QUOTE Originally Posted by Smitty92:

That would be great. Maybe we could sabotage Obama's re-election 

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So if you bet a regulation line like LAK+0, if it goes into OT, is that a loss or a push?

Sorry I am just not familiar with regulation betting.


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I think you are incorrect.

Your exposure is:
If the Giants win by 4+ and the total points are 44 or less he wins
Regardless of who wins, if the total points are 51 or above you win.
I don't know if it is the closest without going over or just the closest to the total at which point, he wins if the total points are 45,46,47 and you win if 48,49,50,51+

I don't know how much you put in, but you have to protect yourself in the event of a low scoring game.  It all depends on what you played to get into the contest.

If it were me, Id put something on the under 50.5.  You have three options:
1) Do nothing and let it ride;
2) Bet enough on the Under to get back what you put into the contest. So you don't lose anything.  For example if you put $100 into this contest, then bet $110 to win $100 on the under.  Thus, if the Giants win by 4+ and the game goes under, you don't lose anything.
3) Bet enough on the under to guarantee that no matter what happens you win.  For example, if you put $100 into this contest, then you would bet $440 to win $400 on the under.  If you win the teaser you win $800 and if the under hits you win another $400; If you win the teaser and you lose the under, then you win $360; if you lose the teaser and you win the under you get $300 ($400-100).  

You can do the math and find the optimum that no matter what happens you win the same amount.  But the Ideal would be to win the teaser and hit the under.

Good Luck with whatever you do.

Does it help or hurt the "system" if we like a play that has already been posted by another or if you have already declared it a play?

San Antonio -4 (5 star)
Phoenix +6 (2 star)


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I wish you luck, but that is really poor money management.  You should not bet more than 5% of your bankroll on any one game.


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Seems like the whole forum is being led off a cliff. One dude posted Oakland and everyone thinks its cool to take the home dog on national tv.  Oakland is the worst team in the league, Denver is in the top 5.   Denver is the correct play. 

Denver -10.5


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Didn't you hear?  Obama picked the Redskins, he made the call.  The playcallers had to listen, Obama is God on earth you know.

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Are you paying taxes on that $4,800?

Maybe we should take 1/2 of that $4,800 and give it to the people who bet on NY Giants.  That is fair, right?

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16,000 people are killed by drunk drivers every year
42,000 people are killed in car accidents every year
9,000 people are killed by homicide every year
600,000 people are killed by heart disease every year

I think we should ban
Fast Food Restuarants First
Alcohol Second
Cars Third
Guns Fourth

Bob Costas and the Liberal Media can suck a ....

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Nice YTD.


Keep up the good work!



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Good Luck Tonight!



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Like your style and your picks.  Check your threads daily.  Appreciate your hard work.    


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Manning, P
Manning, E
Brady, T

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To summarize BigNiner:

Your future is the culmination of the decisions in your past.  

I agree with BigNiner on three counts:
1) his post is not bashing;
2) You have poor money management;
3) Akers missing was not bad luck for you, it was bad luck for Akers, you had made a poor decision.


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PLAY 257 on Atl matter what happens you win $163. Guaranteed. . . . Alernatively play $223 on Atlnata +120 and so long as Phi does not win by 1 or 2 you are guaranteed $197. I can explain the math if needed.

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That is awesome.  Congrads on a great weekend.

Good Luck to ya!

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QUOTE Originally Posted by Cooler999:
GL then Bigfaces.. honest man.. I thought you were one of those bottom feeders that lies about a 10,000 dollar bet.  I apologize for teasing you.  Hope you win your bet.

There is some real class.  Nicely done Cooler999!  People need to read this post and realize that this is how people earn respect.  Cooler999 could not have handled this in any better way than he did. 


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Great Day Sunday.

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QUOTE Originally Posted by dmddms:

Personally I just don't understand how or why people still follow Obama. It just amazes me that people still want higher taxes and more govenment control

Never in my life did I think I woud see the day that higher taxes and larger government would be the platform of a leading candidate.

Also regarding your other post about military action...referred to as the "october surprise"  yes...are we 13 days away from the begining of world war iii or 13 days from a small attack on lybian radicals.  My guess is some form of military action after the debate and before november 1st.


obama will do anything now for a bump in the polls.  Its scary that more americans are going to die from his lies and so that he gets a bump in the polls.  Watch for the October Surprise between Oct 24 and Nov 1.  I just hope it is not in the Isreal-Iran arena (that would begin WWiii) and hope it is in Lybia.

College Football > NEED HELP = Trying to Pick Out Best Options for 11 pt TEASER > View Post
of those choices i would include tenny !

College Football > Guys before u unload on bama > View Post

I am on tenny also.  Good logic & reasoning.

Hope we nail it.

College Football > Donation > View Post

I don't post too many plays here.

However, I strongly recommend a play on Arizona -7.5 vs Washington.

Good Luck to All of you!



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QUOTE Originally Posted by jmpkcp44:
I thought the point of this thread was the gambling aspect! It's suddenly become political commentary.

I personally want Romney to win the Presidency because I'd like the Alaskan pipeline opened up and lower gas prices. That's the extent of how much I care who wins.

But from a gambling aspect, Obama. People are sheep and so they'll just vote the incumbent. The fact that 90-something percent of blacks in America are going to vote for Obama saddens me. If we had a female candidate would 90-something percent of women vote for her? People need to make up their own minds and stop voting on party lines, or sex or race or religion.

in 08 approx 95% of African Americans voted for obama; approx 43% of CaucasiansAmericans  voted for obama. ABSOLUTELY SICKENING. and Caucasians Americans are labeled as the racists.

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QUOTE Originally Posted by cambyspree99:
tHANK goodness romney wont be president. Republicans are trying to take it back to the fifties. They are trying to hold women down and dont want them equal to men or be able to make choices with their health.

Explain to me, give me examples. I have never understood this "war on women." Did you know that women in the obama admin get paid 18% less than the men?

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I hope for my kids sake you lose your bet.  6 trillion in debt in 4 years and a valueless dollar and inflation.  I am scared for the US and the world economy.

MLB Betting > Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Yanks at Detroit. Over backers come on in!! > View Post
over 7 at \100

Everytime someone says lock or there is no way this bet can lose.  I wholeheartedly agree.  The book should just give you the money.  The yankees should stay home and watch Romney-and the other guy debate.  Seriously why even play the game.   The book should just credit your account.  Why do they even play these games.  Its so obvious.

Yankees +163
Over 7 +100


NFL Betting > MNF: Den/Sd Hedge...1 out 8 team left to win $15K...HELP!!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Philanthropist:
bet $7000 on Denver +1.5, no matter what you win $7000. ,,,right now you have 50% chance At 15000. go for 100% chance of 7000

Glad you hedged some

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I don't think anyone ever learns
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