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Good luck tonight playas! I took a chance and played mets f5 +150. Also going to jump on pittsburgh in some fashion.. F5 or fg... And I am thinking 10.5 runs is too much for these pitchers. So playing the under fg.. Good luck gents View
Thank you pigmiester, I am going to follow the Seattle f5 -1/2. I am also playing Brazil -145 1st half. Too much juice on the full game for me (-390) and don't feel comfortable with the -1&1/2.

Good luck fellas! Will check back later for more plays. What do you guys think about twins @ + money either f5 or FG? I am sure baby will have an opinion since it involves his Red Sox. :)
Pig, what are your thoughts on the f5 over? Looks like both pitchers are very capable of giving up runs. 3.5 looks like a bargain? View
Any basketball tonight fellas? Thinking about hitting the ole 1 half over. It's been good to me lately in the heat/pacers series! View
Small wager on Seattle F5 at +133

Tepesch only went 5 + innings on one occurrence. (Against houston) I don't know if he started the previous ones or came out of the bullpen. Mar 15 @ OAK he went 3 innings 9 hits and 7 runs.. the others games he pitched are similar in nature. 

Off to the job, good luck with all your plays fellas
QUOTE Originally Posted by pigskinpicker:

$$$$ wonder tigers are losing!!!! you jinxed  the play!!!

Sheets pig, lets stay focused!! C'mon Tigers lets get this to 8-7!!!! and hold down the bottom of the fifth!!!!!
QUOTE Originally Posted by Baby_BA:

I agree with the Cat and Pig.  Gonna tail.    
What about the other early game;  I'm thinking these two pitchers (Sea and Tex) might be ready to get pounded.  Any thoughts on Over 9 FG?

Baby, the best I can tell it looks like both bullpens have been pretty good lately so maybe its a better idea to play F5 over 5? 
QUOTE Originally Posted by pigskinpicker:

$$$hite....followers coming out of the wood work.. and max gives up a tater to lonnie chisenhall....his first of the season...tigers down 2 bottom of third...

Pig, I played this one on my own before I checked the thread.. No worries 
I also played det -1/2 f5! Still time for Detroit to get back on top. Crazy game so far. Max needs to shut them down rest of the game. View
Pig, thanks for the over in Miami. glad I didn't play the side!
So what's the consensus for the late baseball game? .. Pick a winner lol?
Ok thanks pig, my lean was Miami -3 and over. I am going to stick with the over for now and follow melo's advice and see what the sides look like at half. Thanks pig and melo7:) View
Any nba today fellas? View
On the 2nd half over 94 I meant to state. View
Nice hit on the over 88 first half pig, didn't see your post but I was on it. Seemed like a bargain. Lots of people outside of this thread on 2nd Half 94. Doesn't look like they are going to make it. Any plays in okc game anyone? View
Ok, I was wrong. They never slowed down at all! Glad you cashed on all your overs pig. Okc was lights out tonight! I have nothing going for the late game. It really could go either way. I would lean clips but not enough to cover the spread. View
At some point they are going to slow down some. Grizzlies are having trouble scoring the rock. Not hitting at the clip they did in the 1st qtr. now where they stop who knows. I took okc -6 2nd half. Hope it hits. View
Over 1st half.. Money! View
Thanks pig, I put it in last minute. Seemed like a bargain with the total at 185.5. If it's too good to be true normally it is but I couldn't resist. Lol good luck guys! View
What do you guys think about thunder over 91.5 1st half? I think they come out with a lot of intensity and pace like game 6? View
Thanks baby! I am going to stay away. Good luck on your plays tonight fellas. View
Kdogg.. Your post has no merit. Pig is legit.. He can post whatever he wants. He is one of the reasons I check the sty daily for plays. Baby is right some people don't need write ups.. Ultima.. Melo.. Pablo. I jump on those plays without write ups. If you are a newcomer it's pointless to post a list of plays without reason. No one is going to read them. So baby what you playing tonight. I am looking at the dodgers at + 120 f5 ML -1/2. Both teams come off good series and I think the Dodgers are more likel to be able to maintain the progress. What are your thoughts on this?? View
Pig, I know with your truffle snout you can sniff out some F5 overs for us! I only come to check this form to see what the regulars are playing. All the other random plays I just skip over them… LOL.. Unless there is a detailed write up. Then I may consider it. So long story short… Pig hit us with your best shot! View
Jumping on the f5 over with you ultima!
Let's go.
Good luck today
After  doing some research of my own on Baltimore/Toronto I have decided to throw a little on the alternate run line Baltimore - 1 & 1/2 @ +180. Dickey's record against the orioles and recent struggles was enough to push me over the edge. Its baseball where they play 162 games  per season, dogs often win outright, and favorites often do not play up to their - lines. 

Good luck tonight guys with whatever you are playing. 
Looks like my under 105.5 is going to be toast. I have not see warriors play with this much intensity in some time.
BUT it looks like Phil Hughes is pitching tomorrow! I feel some f5 overs may be in the works.
Total before the game was around 210... Now adjusted is 231?? Let me see this go over 231!! View
Under 105.5 anyone? I am playing it. I will pay to see them keep this up. Golden state due for one of their patented droughts. View
Timber pups and warriors setting up for potential 2nd half under.. Let the line dictate our play! Lol ;) View
Yes pig, the other team that wears red.. Lmao. Thanks for the clarification. Not sure why I had braves on the brain. Cheers! View
Going to jump on the f5 over atl/ Pitt with you pig.. It's the first thing that jumped out at me this morning. Hope they get to play this one out. Good luck Pig and sty mates. I have also been with the sty since the pho days. This is cyclical, it happens every few months. The sty will make it through. It always does. View
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