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Bennett is not UGA's best WR.........He is a possession WR...He is very good but UGA will put Malcom Mitchell in his spot...who has been playing Defense all year... He is actually our best WR.
I live in Ga. but I'm a Dawg fan.  I do watch Tech a lot.  I really think Boom is right on this game but I just can't pull the trigger.  I see no way GT's defense stopping this machine in Clemson.  However, I really don't see how Clemson D will stop Tech @ home @ night.  GT is a very good home team.  It scares the hell out of me that the line is going down and there is so much love for Clemson.  With that being said I will take the over 63.5 and hopefully watch an entertaining game with a lots of offense. 
Like I said if I had to pick the game I would take Clemson. They just seem like a different team this year and every time I watch them they remind me of Auburn (last year).  I really like this team but I think the OVER is the play here.
I really like Houston in this game.  There Defense plays much better at home. 

Good luck!
That SC game was not a fix.  It was the right call to take a safety to end the game.  Why chance a run back or block punt (UGA vs Vandy) and lose the game.  Ole ball coach didn't care about the spread he just wanted the win.

Good call, no fix!!!!!
I completely understand what you are saying Van but his payout is horrible.  That same parlay at my book pays 100 to win 4700.  Seems like he has a bad book.
Why is everyone so down on this guy?  This guy has been great for the UGA program. 

@jimmy the freak - you compared him to Mike Shula............Really?
I agree with everything you have been saying about UGA and this game against Boise except that 1 comment.  Your analysis and player info is right on point.  After a couple of down years (as any real UGA fan should've expect) everyone thinks he can't coach.

1.  Before Richt UGA's last SEC Crown 1982......In ten years he has given us 2.  2002, 2003, 2005 east champions and tied for 1st in 2007.
2.  One of 7 coach's to win the SEC title twice in the first 5 years.
3.  One of only 5 SEC coach's to have 4 straight 10 win seasons.
4.  One of only 7 coach's in NCAA history to win 90 games in the first 9 years of coaching.
5.  10 straight bowl games.
6.  Finished in the top 25 8 times.  Top 5 -- 2 times, Top 10 3 times, and the others 13th, 22nd, and 23rd.
7.  SEC coach of the year 2002 and 2005.
8.  Overall record  - 96-34 SEC 55-28.....34-10 record on the road.

To compare this guy to Shula is laughable.  All of sudden this guy can't coach.

After losing the kind of players UGA lost over the last couple of years and with the coaching changes, freshman quarter back etc. etc. etc.  down years should've been expected.

Me player...........didn't want to come back but had suspended for 4 games b/c he was selfish selling his jersey knowing it was a violation.  Rest of the team waited week to week with him practicing not knowing what the outcome would be.....Me player that made it known that it was about him............You can also add Justin Houston to that group.....................AJ is never mentioned in the link below but I've talked to a few players and they said AJ wasn't about the team only him.  Take it for what its worth.  I personally thought he was incredible until I found this out.

UGA was not motivated to play UCF.  They were ready to get the season over.  You can't compare the UCF game to the Boise game.
@DBLUP,  I think most people on here are playing boise st.,  I only see a few on here taking UGA. 

Like I said in another thread - AJ Green was a great player but he was a cancer along with C.King and W.Ealey.  So will UGA be better of.................YES!
The UGA faithful does care about the Boise St game. 

Richt isn't going anywhere.  Just like I said last year when everyone was saying he was going to be fired.  The only way he gets fired is if he goes 6-6 or 7-5..............UGA will beat Boise St and S.Carolina, they will be 5-0 heading to Knoxville and they will get beat.
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I read this article a couple of weeks ago.  Never checked the numbers. 
The first game in the dome will be sea of RED and BLACK.  The Dome holds
71,228 and UGA sold 53,522 Boise st sold 7,500 and the rest goes to
Chick-fil-a people.

Looks pretty much like a home game to me!!!
There are so many reasons why UGA will be better this year.  The players that UGA lost were in fact good/great players but as funny as this sounds they were cancers on that team. 
Justin Houston -- great DE but had attitude problems and with work ethic. (reason why he fell in the draft)
AJ Green -- Great WR probably the best UGA will ever have but he was a me player and his only concern was the NFL.
Washaun Ealey - Attitude/work ethic/in trouble all the time and could not hold on to the football to save his life. He cost UGA the Arkansas (fantom block w less than 1 min in the game), S.Carolina (fumble at the 2 yard line in the 4th Qtr), and the Miss St. game (fumbled on the goal line).
Biggest loss for UGA in my opinion is Kris Durham WR and C.King RB just because he was a better than average blocker on passing downs.

I agree that UGA has some depth issues but I don't think they will be a problem in the first couple of games in the season.  My only concern early on will be the RB situation.

The D-fense will be vastly improved with another year of the 3-4 under there belt.  UGA's big issue last year was they didn't have that big body in the middle to stop the run.  This year they have 2 340 plus bodies in the middle to stop the run and the NG last year is moving to DE.  As far as one of those big bodies being a JUCO transfer does not mean he wasn't good enough to get a scholly out of high school (grades).  Everything being said about Jenkins is that he was better than T. Cody.  Now I don't know if that is true but I would like to think that he can at least do his job and plug the middle.  If so UGA's defense will be so much better.

CMR knows his job is on the line.  There have been big changes in the program from last year and one of them being the new S&C coach. UGA was in every game last year but they lost in the 4th QTR.  Also, might I add there have been no arrest during the offseason in which has plagued UGA over the last several years.  This team is going into this year with no superstars and I love that in a team sport.  They just need to find there leaders in which I'm sure they already have.
I really think UGA has a favorable schedule.  They don't play Alabama, Arkansas, or LSU.

Boise St  (really a home game)
S. Carolina (home)
C.Carolina (home)
Ole Miss  (Away)
Miss St  (Home)
Tennessee (Away)
Vandy   (Away)
Florida ( Jacksonville)
New Mexico St  (Home)
Auburn (Home)
Kentucky (Home)
Ga. Tech (Away)

The hardest SEC teams UGA plays are at home (S.Carolina, Miss St. and Auburn) of course there is always Florida in Jacksonville. but I think it is a very favorable schedule.

Yes I am a homer but I can see the Dawgs going 4-0 to start the season and I have that feeling the Tenn will get them.  I think we will have a good chance to finish 11-1 or 10-2.  I really think UGA will get Florida this year.

The first game in the dome will be sea of RED and BLACK.  The Dome holds 71,228 and UGA sold 53,522 Boise st sold 7,500 and the rest goes to Chick-fil-a people. 

For those interested.

The new strength and nutrition program are working.

Since the spring of 2010 the Bulldogs have gained over 500
pounds in their starting lineup. Combine this with the fact that many players on
the team are saying that they are all getting leaner, and the Bulldogs may look
like a different team in 2011.

Some players have gained as much as 28 pounds in one calendar year. In all,
11 players have gained more than 20 pounds of muscle weight and 23 total players
have gained more than 10 pounds of muscle.

Some players, like Alec Ogletree, gained weight to fill the middle linebacker
position. Ogletree gained 26 pounds since the spring of 2010 to get to 236
pounds. Shawn Williams gained 25 pounds to fill a safety spot, and Richard
Samuel gained 21 to play linebacker but he will now carry his 240 pounds over to
the running back position.

Four of UGA's starting offensive lineman are over 315 pounds, and three of
them are more than 325 pounds. UGA's average starting nose tackle went from 317
pounds in 2010 to over 340 pounds in 2011.

The Bulldogs will also have a
very intimidating set of defensive ends in DeAngelo Tyson and Abry Jones, as
both players are nearing 310 pounds and have exceptional athletic ability.

Kwame Geathers has been mentioned as having a goal weight of more than 360
pounds but I would think that may come with a loss of speed. Incoming transfer
John Jenkins currently weighs 345 pounds and was recently clocked running a
40-yard dash in under five seconds.

The Bulldogs also have two players with tight end experience that now weigh
over 270 pounds in Arthur Lynch and Bruce Figgins. Marlon Brown
has bulked up to 222 pounds since last spring and Michael Bennett has gained 22
pounds and he is now up to 208. Orson Charles, Tavares King, and Rontavious
Wooten have both gained over ten pounds adding bulk to an already bulky
receiving corps.

Even the kickers have joined in and combined they have gained 18 pounds. Drew
Butler is now a sturdy 215 pounds.

A freshman of note, Zach DeBell gained 25 pounds since his recruitment and is
now up to a very healthy 290 pounds. He has maintained his speed and strength
while gaining all the weight.

Only a few player lost weight and the ones that did so, did so intentionally.
Carlton Thomas who was already light on his feet has dropped 17 pounds since
last spring, bringing his total weight down to 163 pounds. Watts Dantzler has
also made huge strides by getting in much better shape and by losing 15 pounds
and gaining muscle, look for Dantzler to see the field this year if he continues
to progress.

I do not expect the extra weight to help the Bulldogs too much, but I do
expect it to hinder other teams as the Bulldogs will be much harder to block or
pancake with all of that added weight.

Article from BR.

Trust me I hope you are right!!!! View

Not focusing on my team.  UGA had its way with Tenn and Vandy because they can't convert on 3rd down (117th and 116th in the nation).  So as I stated last week UGA could load the box to stop the run because there was no threat at WR to beat them.  UGA has given up big plays all year in the passing game but the last two weeks that has been hidden because Tenn and Vandy can't throw.  Kentucky has no problems throwing the ball in fact Cobb and Chambers who lead the SEC in TD rec pose big problems for a UGA Secondary in which is missing one of there starting corners. Also, Kentucky may have had there super bowl last week and there may be some let down but I will counter that with Florida is on deck for UGA.  Also UGA is 2-6 SU in there last 8 games on the road and 2-7 if you include Jacksonville.  Please read my post last week.  I'm not getting caught up in my team I'm just capping the game like I see it.


I had this big write up about this game but for some reason when I hit the submit button everything was lost.   UGA is my team and I follow them very closely.  I came on covers two weeks ago with write ups on UGA games and I have been dead on.  PLEASE LOOK AT MY OTHER POST ON UGA GAMES.  I have all the stats in this game but I'm not going to re-type everything so If you have any questions on this game please ask.  Please remember that I'm not going to win every UGA game but I will win the majority of them.  GL to all 

KENTUCKY +5  ( this is not a big play like last weeks game against Vandy)  



Please read my previous post on UGA!!!!  I don't have a long write up like previous weeks but if you look at those post you will see that I know this team like the back of my hand.  With that being said I like Kentucky +5 tonight.  If you need any info I have it so ask any questions that you want.  Two weeks in a row I have been dead on this UGA team.  Thats not say I will never lose it is just my opinion on my team.

KENTUCKY +5  (this is not a big play like last week against Vandy)

Again ask any questions on this game and I will try to answer.


Texas +1.5  -140   1 unit

Texas UN 8  1 unit

GL to all.


Penn St look so terrible because they are beat up on defense.  They are missing so many 1st and 2nd string players.  They are getting 3 LB back this week and I think one DL and 1 CB.  They had a bye week and I believe will be ready to roll on this Minnesota team.  I see this game as a 17 to 21 pt victory for Penn St.


I will have a write on UGA-Kentucky soon. View
I meant to say I hope Kentucky wins 2-Nite. View
Well boys just as I expected!  I hoped a few of you cashed in on this one.  Two weeks in a row.  Man I hope Kentucky loses 2-nite. View

Can anyone tell me why this line went from 15 to 14.5.  I know a .5 point isn't that big of a deal but Memhis is terrible.  I figured this game would be closer to 20 pts.

I know D.Brown is Q but should that really matter.  Memphis gives up 436 yards a game.  And there offense is terrible!

I love S. Miss here!!!

By the way Kris Durham is playing. View

UGA Defense VS Vandy offense

All year long UGA defense has been hurt by the big play (blown coverages) or the mobile QB.  In every game it seems like UGA is putting there opponent in 3rd and long only to have the mobile QB bounce out of the pocket to pick up the 1st.  Truth is from a yardage standpoint UGA ranks 28th in the country.  Not bad considering they have a new DC and moved from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense. Also remember there was no hitting in preseason.  UGA does not have the players to run a 3-4 yet but there has been improvement each week.  CMR admitted that the D is letting to many teams pick up the 3rd down yardage.  They realize what the mobile QB has done to them and stated they will have a game plan for Larry Smith.  So I look for UGA to bring the safeties up and use a spy to counter Larry Smith's mobility.  Vandy has no outside threats that can't be covered one on one.  The key to this game with be 3rd down and just like Tenn last week Vandy ranks 117th 27% on third down conversions.  (2 UGA wins TENN 116th and ULL 98th 34.9%) and (4 UGA loses S.Carolina 3rd 55.2%, Miss st 14th 50.6%, Colorado 22nd 48%, and Arkansas 80th 37.7).

I think UGA gets it done here fellas.  There is to much talent on offense and the D should be able to stop Vandy on 3rd downs.  Even though UGA has flopped this year they gained a tremendous amount of confidence last week.  There will be a big crowd for Home Coming but most important they will introduce UGA VIII "Big Bad Bruce". Laugh all you want but this is a big deal to the UGA program and the Fans.

The line has dropped from 16.5 to 14.5.  Why? Vandy always plays UGA tough but UGA never goes into this game with the same emotions as Vandy. (Except last year 3-3 UGA beat Vandy 34-10 in Nashville w/ Joe Coxucker at QB).  UGA is 2-4 they will be focused and ready.  Also, they are putting to much wieght on the Caleb King suspension.  Its a "Here we go again" or "CMR has lost this team" scenario.  He has not lost this team yet.  The coaches, players, and the alumni don't want to see a TD/FG win.  They want results.

UGA -14.5  Final Score UGA 38-10/41-14.  I hope the line keeps moving down, atleast to 14.

UGA BIG!!!!!!!!!

Remember last week everyone was saying UGA shouldn't be DD favs to anyone!!!!  Line also moved from 12.5 to 11 at GT.


Just as Kroch said Caleb is not that good.  He is a good pass blocker. 

And to be honest I don't really care if there was a loophole for CMR.  I'm on here to try and win money not debate the punishment for this kid.

And yes I know he was arrested in 2007 for driving a SCOOTER on campus with a suspended liscence.  In athens if you are caught driving anything on a suspended liscense you are arrested.

Again none of this sounds thugish just a plain dumbass but you can make the call.  Don't really matter to me.


UGA offense VS VANDY's Defense

AJ Green is the X factor for UGA.  When he is on the field it changes every from the Defense to coaching to the crowd.  Check it out in 2 games he has 13 catches for 215 yds with 3 TD's and 1 rush for 40 yards.  In games that he didn't play in UGA offense averaged 352 yards a game and the 2 games he has played in they average 405 yards a game.

A. Murray is so solid.  Hitting 62% of is passes for 1366 yards with 10 TD's and 3 picks along with 45 rushes for 122 yards with 4 TD's but if you take away the 14 sacks his rushing numbers look like 31 rushes for 223 yard for 7 yds a carry. If you have not seen this kid play you probably need to sit down on Sat and watch him because he is only getting better. 

I just don't see how Vandy can cover AJ Green hell who has.  Go ahead and double him and that will leave Kris Durham open.  I think UGA has turned the corner on offense and will score.  There is to much speed and talent on this offense and the line coach has moved players around to get the right guys out there.  And OC Mike Bozo is trying to keep is job so you are seeing more of the play book instead of RUN, RUN, PASS.

The only team that Vandy has faced that has the speed and talent UGA has is LSU and I want to point out that LSU racked up 392 yards on this defense in nashville at night.  LSU offense has been terrible this year with JJ at QB and Ole miss put up 385 yards in a loss and UCONN put up 375.  I see UGA being able to put up high 30's to low 40's on this defense.

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