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Spot on yesterday man, nice work. Wragge was unconscious! View
Buckets- great record on Creighton games. I too think Doug and co. come out ready in this one. I am curious though, have you made a play against them this year? I have a hard time playing against them and the skers- I know it's stupid. GL View
Does Creighton have a shot at winning whole thing this season? They look great so far. I was surprised you hadn't bought their futures yet. Thanks View
Iowa+6.5. *4
Xavier+8 *4
Yes sir. Writing is on the wall. BOL View
Mice is nice. BOL tonight View
Yes sir. ML's as well. BOL View
Buckets- have you seen the Creighton/ Hall line? My book won't post until tomorrow morning. Thx View
Crow eaten. Nice pick and TD by Sooners. View
OU better hope the power goes out again...and never comes back on. View
Thanks Tep View
I appreciate the input, but didn't get the answer I was looking for. Does anyone have data on whether or not Bama has covered their last game- over last 10 years or so? I know they've covered their last game over the last two years... View
It seems to me that Bama tends to cover in their first and last games of the season, at least the last couple years that is. I'm thinking of their games against Michigan, VTech, LSU and Notre Dame. Does anyone happen to have stats going back a couple more years? I think they covered LSU Nat championship game by 12 and ND game by 14... I wouldn't be at all surprised if they won by 30 tonight. View
My uncle looks like his twin brother. We laugh our asses off calling him Musberger. What a great game so far. View
The only team to beat Ohio St last two years? View
LV- I think you're right that we'll run on them today, but UGA will definitely put up points on us. Also, don't forget our hot head coach- he's always a wild card and usually good for at least one terribly timed unsportsmanlike conduct call per game. GL View
Yes sir. +10.5 and ML +400 View
Thank God View
Hilarious. What's uglier his face or his game? View
I would seriously give it to Malcolm Brown every down View
Yes +500
No -450

Why they stopped giving it to Brown this half is beyond me. They have zero offense if he's not running it.
Yep. Ridiculous that they might blow this yet... View
Dimn- I couldn't agree more. It's sad.

Thx to those who offered relevant answers. BOL
WTF? Just checked score after not seeing it since half. Are they playing 2 on 5 this half? View
Rat- yes, I guess that's my question, which playoff teams can't improve their positioning with a win? I know KC is one, but are there any others?

Hollywood- thx
Hey guys, I'm in third place in my office pick em league and within striking distance. Just wondering if folks have seen any teams other than KC confirm they're resting their starters this week? Thanks View
Lol Train. Good stuff View
Yep. Serious home cooking so far. First the ruling on the "catch" and fumble, then the late PI call after the Wash pick... View
Another thing to think about here is that ATL plays NO next Thursday night in a revenge game. Traditionally teams playing Thursday tend to come out a little flat and while I realize that TB is also a divisional game for ATL, the upcoming Thursday angle is something to consider here. Wouldn't surprise me to see TB win this one and then ATL give NO their best shot next Thursday... View

Adding Saints-6.5

All at Betus.  GL
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