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Gaming Industry - US > Betus? > View Post
I have had them for years.. tried to refer a friend and they are not taking new players? I even called myself... in ohio.

Any ideas?

NFL Betting > Indy -2.5 at Buffalo? > View Post
I see it at -3.5.... Buffalo has a great D so they say.

College Football > Mark May?? > View Post
I thought ESPN got rid of him??

Just saw him on TCU coverage

MLB Betting > Thursday Afternoon Play > View Post
I like Minny ML & the over parlay.

Seems like teams putting up a lot of runs this week in day games

NHL Betting > Great play tonight on a huge dog > View Post
Leftover spag

NHL Betting > My picks > View Post
Also Oilers ML at +190

Bruins spending lot of time up North and not playing well..

NHL Betting > My picks > View Post
Hawks ML & Over 5

Kings ML

Senators game Over 5.5

NBA Betting > Cavs @ Bulls > View Post

I took the Cavs Pk at my book....

There hot and even w/o Love think they get the win

NBA Betting > Houston Vs Phoenix total points > View Post
I took the Under 216

NBA Betting > Warriors only -14 vs the knicks without carmelo and amare? > View Post
I have GS team total Over 108..

College Football > Oregon vs Ohio st > View Post
I took Bucks ML & Over 75 (Parlay)

221 Wins 880....

Bol to all

College Football > I took some Ohio State action > View Post
I teased OSU +15 and the Over 52.5 (6 pts)

340 wins 304

NBA Betting > Parlay > View Post
My ML Parlay for Tues:

San Antonio

.75 wins 1.12

NFL Betting > should denver sign ray rice? > View Post
Indy should sign him with Bradshaw out and Trich, is well... Trich

NFL Betting > Brady vs Rogers > View Post
I went to the Indy/Pats game a few weeks back.. I took the Pats and the FG. Think they win outright, but will take the Fg.

Pats D playing well

NBA Betting > Wizards second half any > View Post
I have the Wiz +11.5 and the Over 198--teaser..

Not sure

NFL Betting > TV Bills/Jets > View Post
Have direct TV in Columbus,Ohio market...

Anyone know if/what channel it's on?


NFL Betting > At work parlay > View Post
Bears suck.... Cutler will burn your $$$

NFL Betting > TNF > View Post
My pick for tonight. .

Parlay Miami -3 (bought a pt) and the Over 21.

Trend on Thursday nights is over's.... Tanahill banged up but think there D get some turnovers at home. Tanahill record against Bills not good, think he turns it around here.


MLB Betting > Don't overthink it > View Post
It's a smaller park... bats get going.

Over 7 runs

MLB Betting > Tonight > View Post
Think the big parK and the rest for the pitchers keep the score down. Not sure if KC wins the series, but do enough to win tonight.

Parlay KC ML & Under 6.5 (40 wins 100)

Play mostly football, but always play MLB during playoffs.

Bol to all, thoughts welcome

MLB Betting > Let's go giants! > View Post
I am on Giants ML &the over 6 runs parlay..


NFL Betting > Easy winner tonight like taking candy from baby!!!!!! > View Post
I took Pats ML & The over 45 parlay.

BOL to all

NFL Betting > Closing the roof?? > View Post
Anyone know what or if there is a rule for closing the roof mid game? Was at Colts/Baltimore game today and roof was closed at halftime b/c threat of rain?

Thought they had to pick open or closed before game and roll with it. Winds were wicked and effected things 1H. I choose 2h over 23.5 PTS. And that came in

NFL Betting > ***2 Team 6 point Teaser*** > View Post
I would take Lions out and add Saints.. they show up big at home.

NFL Betting > Locked in Parlay > View Post
Sorry, Eagles ML included in that as well..

NFL Betting > Locked in Parlay > View Post
Locked in the following parlay:

Packers ML
Browns +3 (bought points)
Cowgirls ML
Chargers ML
Saints ML

50 to win $250

Any thoughts?

BOL to all

NFL Betting > All you teaser GURUs > View Post
I play them sometime they are very hard as well... only one this year was SF -.5 and Over 40 and that didn't turn out well

NFL Betting > SundayPicks > View Post

01/16 09:12 AM 1452117218- 1 Straight $200.00 $181.82
Football NFL - New England Patriots +5 -110 for Game
01/13 11:46 AM 1452013713- 1 Straight $200.00 $290.00
Football NFL - San Francisco 49ers +145 for Game

Love SF strait up here-----there O looking good and Wilson in a "slump" as on late for him...

Couldn't pull the ML trigger on Pats, but love Brady's experience/winning and the +5 with the ground game..  Pats D will out perform Den even w/ the injuries

NHL Betting > BJackets and Tampa > View Post
I am on parlay:

Tampa ML & Over 5.5

Bol to all
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