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Breaking news: Politicians are hypocrites. More at 11...

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Looking sharp with the Corporate fukk™ suit Goose

Once upon a time I was banging this temp chick at work. After about a month she asked me to pick her up from anger management class and drop her off to probation officer.

Found out she was a tweaker that beat her husband. Morale of the story don't stick your person in crazy (More than once...Ok maybe twice)

The end.

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QUOTE Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:
Don't see Messier-11 around here any more.
Posters come and go over the years.

Lots of old posters that I wonder what happened to them.

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I use vinegar with a little dish soap as a non toxic weed killer around the yard so my dog doesn't get sick and it works great. Be careful or you may end up killing your plants.

Politics > Corporations are paying less in taxes and our debt is exploding > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by darkhorse12:

In your opinon what do you consider "wasteful spending " and what do you consider "fraud" ?

In your opinion do you think our government is running efficiently?

You sound like you are insinuating there is no government  "waste" or "fraud"?

I realize It is way more complicated than just cut waste and fraud but it has to start somewhere as we are burying ourselves. If the government wants more money from me fine but first show me what they are doing to use those tax dollars efficiently first.

I am a simple man. I'm not a republican and jumped
off the Libertarian band wagon as well. I don't have all the answers and
don't pretend to but in my opinion (and I realize we all have differing
opinions) we are a runaway freight train and it is only getting

A simple google search of "Government corruption or waste" will result in numerous outlandish examples of both

But if you want examples for starters

Our ridiculously bloated defense budget. This industry is rife with waste and corruption.

Welfare/Medicare/SS reform - People need to have more personal responsibility.
Welfare is necessary but needs limits and incentives to get off the system. SS has turned into a ponzi scheme.There are
exceptions of course as with anything.

Reign in general foreign aid. We have borrowed money from China while in return give them aid how does that make any sense? We are giving money to countries actively working against us. I am of the opinion charity begins at home. Clean up our mess first then we can assist others who are in actual need, like natural disasters or health epidemics.

Additionally we need term limits and put an end to career politicians.  Currently politicians do not have the peoples best interest at heart. They are focused on getting elected, staying elected and lining pockets but will do just enough to get by. There is not one politician that does not have dirty hands.


Politics > Corporations are paying less in taxes and our debt is exploding > View Post
Before we raise or cut taxes how about we reign in wasteful spending, fraud and have a common sense budget then we can go from there?

General Discussion > One of our local books got busted > View Post

I didn't play with them but I have frequented the establishment many times.

General Discussion > King of covers xxx edition > View Post
Wait are saying you tapped Bjork the singer from Sugarcubes or just a random Bjork?

General Discussion > Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Commits Suicide > View Post
*Who really knows just very sad with so much to live for

General Discussion > Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Commits Suicide > View Post
He went to the same gym as my daughter and she also works at a local radio station so they met a few times. She said she talked to him twice briefly in the last month at the gym and he seemed upbeat.

Depression is a mofo, you never know what inner demons are tormenting a person. I have been there as I am sure a lot of us degenerates have but I would never "pull the trigger."

Having young kids you owe it to them to have their dad be there for them. They are going to be F'd up for a long time if not forever. It was a cowardly thing to do to his family.

There are a lot of rumors going around. Some one allegedly hacked his wife's twitter and said she was banging his band mate.

Also he allegedly wrote a note saying he could not live in this world without Chris Cornell so people are speculating they had something more than a friendship going on. He also offed himself on Cornell's birthday which only adds fuel to the fire.

Who really knows just very sad with so much to going on.

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QUOTE Originally Posted by searchwarrant:
I go to the las vegas seafood buffet here in Ca and eat sushi until my heart rate climbs to about 90. I don't even drink water because it interferes with the shoveling process. 
I have issues.

Del Amo? I like the Kuma Sushi and Seafood buffet down the street in old Torrance when I am looking to eat until I puke.

General Discussion > Why do not people write wills??? > View Post
I had a friend that passed from a heart attack (Stress induced) at 45 last month. Great all around dude and was in good shape and very active.

He had a thriving artificial turf business here in LA. Multiple out of state investment properties with lots of valuable personal property i.e. small vintage yacht he was refurbishing, several high end vehicles and racing motor cycles all paid for and flush with cash.

In January he had a baby with his fiance and I sold him their "forever home", a 1.5 million house he paid cash for in the same week.

He had so many irons in the fire and never rested for a second, whether work or play. When he had free time he was racing motocross at a high level.

They were going to get married soon and that's when he told me he was planning to slow down a bit and start enjoying things with the new family. He never got the chance.

I was surprised there was no will because he was very detailed about everything particularly business and finances.

For whatever reason his family has cut off his fiance so her friends had to set up a gofundme so she can hang on until it all goes through probate. It will get messy since they were not married. I know he would have wanted his fiance and kid to be well taken care of but the family seems to think otherwise.

Moral of the story: It is never too early not to draw up a will no matter how young you are.

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They send mine to my dads house for some reason. I guess because I am registered to vote there.

I have ignored all of them, for years. Even the one that came threatening fines and/or jail. I have received three of those over the years.

Nothing has ever happened.

Until I get something certified and signed for how can they prove I received any of these notices. My dad gets worried when one comes in.

General Discussion > Twilight Zone marathon > View Post
My two favorites are

The obsolete man


The Hunt where the old man and his dog die while hunting and as they wander in the after life the dog saves him from going to Hell

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General Discussion > What do I do? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by TheGoldenGoose:

It wasn't "bake her a cake".

It was "bring her a pie".

I think.  LOL.

Yeah I always see people say bake her a cake but I remember it being a pie...the good ole days

General Discussion > The news on tv has gotten so bad that.... > View Post
No whammies

General Discussion > Hello? Papa John's? I'll have a small mozzarella pizza with an 8-Ball, errrr I mean extra olives > View Post
Back in my high school days there was a guy who worked one of the local McD's drive thru windows.

Search since I know you are local it was on Torrance Blvd. right by Bishop Montgomery serving the private catholic school students from Bishop and West High.

You could get anything you wanted in your "happy meal". I never heard if he ever got busted or not which is surprising since he was pretty open about giving a side of crank with your fries.

General Discussion > This cop is a hero and deserves a raise ... > View Post
Wanted for prior shootings.

Looked like she was running next to a school or park with a gun in her hand.

Good job officer 

General Discussion > Is more alive or dead now than 5 yrs ago??? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by hoody:

aaahhhh yes the finger , and the thread by corona or something like that.


The forums are just a small part of the of the traffic and the new Covers overlords don't care that much about it other than making sure it is PC.

They still get a ton of traffic from people just looking at the stats etc. to grab that ad revenue.

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Let's not forget his work in the 80's band Martini Ranch


General Discussion > for any "old-timers" out there...... > View Post
Without using the google machine - Interview with a Vampire based on the book

If a friend posed that question to me I would have bet on Ed McMahon handing out checks for Publishers Clearinghouse

General Discussion > Leah Remini and that Scientology show > View Post
Didn't the show mention they were getting hammered by the IRS for a while after losing their non profit status? They did get it reinstated though.

I don't see how the IRS isn't all over these freaks. I think they reported on the show they have over 1 billion in reserves.

They jump all over my a$$ for a few bucks

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QUOTE Originally Posted by thorpe:

I think you mean the Coleco Intellivision...they still have not made a better football game IMO.  You'd set your players up with a numeric code....

Times have really changed as far as bike riding goes.  Seems like Kids today can only ride a bike if they have 8 pieces of safety gear on and their parent running behind them holding the bike seat.  And they have to stop and get off the bike at every intersection.

They were two separate consoles

Colecovision was made by Coleco

Intellivision was made by Mattel

I had Intellivision, the horse racing game taught me about odds as a kid

Politics > GOP insiders want Trump out > View Post
So you're saying all the career politicians from both parties want him out?

General Discussion > Greatest Poster in History > View Post

The Marino13 vs. JMBurd arguments were pretty amusing

PBox crew circa 2003-2005ish were funny



Mistaflava was a douche but had some good runs

There are a few names that escape me from the early days but solid posters for their insight

General Discussion > spoon found on mars > View Post
We have nothing to worry about, it has been taken care of already

General Discussion > If I see this stupid commercial one more time.... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by THEMUGG:
 That's not as bad as the stupid commercial  with the doosh playing drums in a bus station......

HA I was just about to post that commercial, so sick of that song.

Politics > Merry Christmas from Democrats... > View Post
I never understood the crazy cat lady's appeal, even to democrats.

General Discussion > How long has this forum been around? > View Post
The forum itself has been around since 1999ish as I recall.

A buddy of mine referred it to me around 2001ish and I finally signed up for the forums in 2004.
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