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Hey gang, its the New Orleans Jazz, not the New Orleans Hornets anymore.


NBA Betting > CAN WE GO BACK TO OLD SCORES FORMAT... who's with me ? > View Post
but the new one refreshes automatically. isn't that a good thing kids?

Systems & Strategies > Excel Spreadsheets - Systems, Tools, Utilities and More > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by jenjay23:


Yes Degen and others made some awesome stuff to use in this thread.  If you want the 2013-2014 season to download you can unhide column "O".  to do this highlight on the letters N & P, right click, choose unhide.  you should see column O open up and will have the years present.  Just overwrite the 2012-2013 year with 2013-2014.  in the drop down in cell C7 you will se the year.  if you want the other years prior to 2013-2014 just continue overwriting the years down that column.   Hope that works for you.


Awesome! Thanks so much man.

Systems & Strategies > Online Handicappers a scam? > View Post
im talking from personal experience man, don't buy anymore picks from any of those sites. i lost alotta money back in 2008 from oddsboard, teddy vintage, etc. the sites look very nice and the records really sucked me in.

the minute i started buy their picks, they all went 50%. i really feel foolish for falling for it to this day.

live & learn i guess but my ego took a big hit and its really humbled me.

Systems & Strategies > Excel Spreadsheets - Systems, Tools, Utilities and More > View Post
awesome spreadsheet!! any chance it can be updated to get the 2013-2014 NBA season? thanks so much.

MLB Betting > Historical MLB Underdog betting records (money line) > View Post

Does anyone have or know where to find past records of MLB money line records?

For example if you only bet underdogs would you be up or down for the season? Thanks.

Pro Basketball > Sacramento at Miami (02/26/2013) > View Post

NBA Betting > 1st Half under system > View Post

system went 2-0 last night.

winners on ESPN games; NO vs. CLE and BOS vs. LAL.

doesn't anybody give a turkey anymore?

2 more TNT plays tonight yo.

NBA Betting > 1st Half under system > View Post

I didn't think NBATV games were considered nationaly televised games. I'm not sure what the system rule on that is tho.



NBA Betting > 1st Half under system > View Post
i jumped on tonight too for some reason. losing all 4 bets, really? stings man.

Pro Basketball > Brooklyn at Miami (12/01/2012) > View Post
BRK-C-Brook Lopez-OUT

NFL Betting > Pretty sure that was simultaneous possession..... > View Post
everybody wants attention. stop insulting our intelligence.

Pro Basketball > Atlanta at Washington (03/24/2012) > View Post
over game

Pro Basketball > Denver at Oklahoma City (02/19/2012) > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by juscover:
id play denver,,,,wesbrook will stand around and pout when they get down,,,denver gets this one,,,,if u bet against thunder in the last 10 games u would b way ahead,,,,

they're 6-4 ATS last 10 my dude.



Pro Basketball > San Antonio at Detroit (02/14/2012) > View Post
You must bet the Spurs.

Pro Basketball > New York at Toronto (02/14/2012) > View Post

Knicks pick & roll is back with Lin & Amare. Who on Toronto is going to plug the middle and contain Tyson???

Alotts points will be scored. OVER 192

Systems & Strategies > JM NBA 2012 > View Post
didnt get an email either. what the H!

NFL Betting > Let me show you the difference between winning and losing > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by ClubDirt:
making big plays.  i'm not talking about the obvious - brady to welker was the play NE didn't make and on the next series, manning and manningham make the huge play.

but what about this? 

on NYG's first touchdown, New England has the perfect defense called.  what the fuck was mayo doing?  he was perfectly set up for a INT and possibly 6 the other way.  and he's flailing around with his back to the ball.  he looked like he was auditioning for dancing with the stars next season.

this is what it would have looked like if mayo had his head out of his ass.  same situation, same offensive play call, same defense, much different result.

belichik and his coaches are second to none.  but they can only do so much. 

well they could put a better defensive squad together. BB hand picked every player, the def is his doing.

NFL Betting > Someone you wish you knew in Vegas said.... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ThaMack81:
if that was the case.....wouldnt she be rich by now and not working behind a counter at vegas if she "supposedly knows huge winners like that? hmmmmmm BOL mother goose!

Pro Football > New York at New England (02/05/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by vue21849:

     I'm seeing a few posters on here saying that New England hasn't beaten  ANY winning teams this season. So what about Denver and Baltimore in the last 2 playoff rounds? Then again, the Patriots are only the # 1 seed in the AFC!


Denver was 8-8 my man. If you wanna count the Steelers win to make them 9-8, that's fine.

Someone send a memo to Brady reminding him he ain't playing Buffalo or Miami no more. This is REAL DEAL baby!

It's all about being healthy & hot at the right time. Giants are playing 1000x better than they did in the regular season.

Then again, who knows I just fuckin hope the Giants win! A fumble here, a dropped pass there could be the difference. Gonna be a stressful day.

Pro Football > New York at New England (02/05/2012) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by coverplex:
Hey you all.

I went to Phoenix in 2008 and paid $3300 for a seat 1 row away from the top. 

I put also put $3300 large on the Giants straight up and came up a winner. For a minute there or to be exact, 2:42 (that was the room number of my hotel) left in the game I thought I was a loser, but after that Tyree catch and Eli scramble, which I like to refer to as "THE PLAY", My buddy said "The Giants are going to win". 

I immediately told him to shut up and don't jinx it.

As it turned out, I witnessed History. 

Because had NE won I would have been there for the first ever 19-0 or if the Giants won it will go down in History as the Greatest upset in SuperBowl History. Bigger than the Jets or even the Pats vs. Rams. By the way, I bet and was rooting for the Pats that day.

No matter what, we all can agree that this is going to be a Historic game, I hope the Giants win but even if the Pats do, we will witness one of the all time greatest games, I guarantee it.

I have only predicted the outcome of the last 10 Super Bowls, the last time I lost was 2000 when my heart was for the Giants and I watched that game from jail, got arrested a week before the game. 

Anyway have fun posting, we only have 2 days left, may the best team win!


Pro Basketball > Miami at Philadelphia (02/03/2012) > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by cmancone10:
why would if you live in miami throw a party at philly does not make and sence, i am not doughting you just weird.

Let me help you out bro. You should have typed your statement like so:

If you live in Miami why would they throw a party in Philly? It doesn't make sense. I'm not doubting you, it's just weird.




Pro Basketball > Miami at Milwaukee (02/01/2012) > View Post
Bet the OVER. Looks like 198.5 right now.

Pro Basketball > Milwaukee at Dallas (01/13/2012) > View Post

Mr. Bogut missed 4 of the 6 road games that the Bucks have lost.

Dallas has 1 win against an above .500 team!


Pro Basketball > Chicago at Boston (01/13/2012) > View Post
Handicap every game individually. BOSTON wins outright.

Pro Football > Baltimore at San Diego (12/18/2011) > View Post

Don't be so quick to forget that SD lost 6 straight games to decent/good teams. So after trashing the Jags & Bills suddenly the Chargers are good again?

Screw that I'll take the MUCH! better team here only laying -2.5. SHIP IT!

Pro Football > Cincinnati at St. Louis (12/18/2011) > View Post

Living in NY, I have been fortunate enough to watch Kellen "Ace" Clemmens play for all those great Jet teams. He's clutch, determined, and driven. Makes the right decisions under pressure situations and rarely turns the ball over. He can lead any offense down the field for the easy TD.

If I ran into him on the street I would stab him.


Pro Football > Carolina at Houston (12/18/2011) > View Post

Law of Averages:

Houston has covered 7 straight games. The pressure is def off for them to win. They're in the playoffs; their expectations have been met. Against all odds really with Yates in the last few games.

Back to real things though, motivation is a hell of a drug. Houston has no motivation other than higher seeding which is very important but I think this team is running on fumes.

Wade out doesn't help...I can see Cam's offense staying within 6 quite easily.

Pro Football > Dallas at Tampa Bay (12/17/2011) > View Post

I see this game playing out the same way Dal/Mia did on Thanksgiving.

Dallas is usually overvalued which is the case here. TB blows but they're getting 1 TD head start @ home on an isolated game.

DAL defense is nothing to speak of save for D. Ware. The Giants ran the ball at will with Brandon Jacobs who had his best of the year, which is saying alot because he's had a rough year. If the Giants had better play calling they woulda won by 2 TD's. Romo gets alotta heat but he is a gamer who gets no help from Rob Ryan's def. which is nothing but a gimmick.

Losing Demarco Murray seals it for me. Felix Jones will not be able to carry the load running. Who's their alternative running the ball??? Exactly. Dallas has plenty of receiving threats but Austin (hamstring still recovering), Robsinon (banged up) and Witten (not targeted enough).

TB will be able to run the ball with Blount enough to set the pace and keep Romo off the field. If TB def. can have a decent game this one will be close throughout... and that's the mortgage. TB & UNDER.

College Football > New Mexico at Boise State (12/03/2011) > View Post

NM Lost to AirForce 42-0 @ home.


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