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09/01/2017 If it wasn't for HRs..... LogCottage 147
06/25/2017 Don't be fooled into thinking that....... ZeroSumGames 397
06/24/2017 Wondering if anyone has a good read... LVTruck 10
06/24/2017 Yes baby yes Yankees Mick960 9
06/14/2017 Habs Tuesdays mlb habsforlife1 21
06/12/2017 joe pesci´s pick for monday!!! Freddy666 11
06/12/2017 The word down here in Stockholm is... Mick960 6
06/05/2017 Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how SportsMavin 12714
05/29/2017 No time for write ups and explanations - just do it. No thankyous needed djavol 14
05/23/2017 End of Covers? searchwarrant 36
05/23/2017 With the gun at your head - the player you RESPECT the most austrian 32
05/23/2017 The Cavs will win it all ONLY IF....... austrian 11
05/23/2017 Who is going to win NBA title this year? djavol 122
05/22/2017 14allall14's Copy Capper Tips 14allall41 12
05/22/2017 Cavs tonight, Warriors 2morrow!!?? Mancity 13
05/22/2017 Cavs owner owns casinos in Vegas... Mancity 36
05/22/2017 "Read my lips" nba-capper 9
05/22/2017 Lebron: "I'm glad it went down the way it did." kimoinsd808 4
05/22/2017 BOSTON PRIDE! PatsRoll5 8
05/22/2017 Spurs tomorrow will also win Mick960 6
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