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MLB Betting > 17-0 system > View Post
i see this simple capping method it works teams that over produce one game will fall under next game a lot

it's the performance correction coming

simple a  team has 6 hr's 25 hits scores 19 runs etc... next day vs better pitcher or diff team lose the game 2- 1

as far as cubs team goes i just fade the chit out of them every year

one time i had two dog parlays running a 6 teamer for $50 a 5 teamer for $50 bet them all individually

CUBS nice home dog +145 winning by 3 up till top of 9th blows the 6 teamer out the fooking the window

so the 5 teamer has 4 in watching Mariners getting killed 5-1 early

miracle come back WIN 7 - 5 JJ Putz as al;ways shuts em down bottom of 9th and i won $1000's that day

one dog Nats was +310 i lie not to you.

So ever since then i fade the cubbies

and i'm back to old system like i did years ago the daily paper with public tout always betting 1/2 units on chalks every day - 175 - 180 -160 -150 chalks

online info is just all scattered all over several pages ever since yahoo sports changed it

was so perfect before click on team see each starters history and recent games now i need to use 3 windows and with adss running scripts i get that fooking annoying gray pop up box asking to stop script or continue

in here too those flash ads running non stop freeze up when i'm typing and i have to wait till i stop the script to finish typing

all i get is that tiny lil line that cant even click the X

THe paper is just all there in bold print odds using the $ line and pitchers stats showing and Team record with him starting

so far perfect past 3 days except Sunday the paper isnt out but won with Astros yesterday Public tout was raving on Seattles starter all his stats past starts etc  I saw a pitcher not worthy of that -245 price and said $100 on stros ......... sweet won 2.2 bets

and had Rockies yesterday too -140 sunday had phillies +144 2 units

Saturday  Rangers - 119  Det. - 160 todsy dunno have to go buy paper for $1 and it used to only 10 cents

MLB Betting > Accidentally Placed Bets on Tues Games - What are the chances I might still win? > View Post
guess he was under the under or had too many fosters

NFL Betting > serioulsly schaub ain't going to help raiders > View Post
fader nation now along with browns bills and other sucko teams schaub had the most talented offense in Texans with a top notch Defense .........raiders defense has been and will be at bottom of nfl.

The offense is putrid also fader nation now and forever

will not be in playoffs thats a lock

   change that saying of Commitment to excellence to commitment to losing wats the over under for wins this year 6 ?

MLB Betting > 1 game today 1 dog stop the sweep > View Post
and the Phils got the lead top of 7th 7- 6  still batting

MLB Betting > Orioles vs baltimore thoughts?? > View Post
aaaahhhh man just missed that error you posted

MLB Betting > Orioles vs baltimore thoughts?? > View Post
LOL typo title Orioles vs baltimore thoughts??

cant lose that game

me need philly too they still batting top of 6th 6-5 now losing

calling out the mooses

MLB Betting > 1 game today 1 dog stop the sweep > View Post
6 5 phillies still batting I have a shot do it dirt bags gimmie DOG money

MLB Betting > 1 game today 1 dog stop the sweep > View Post

MLB Betting > 1 game today 1 dog stop the sweep > View Post
hade lead early now 6 -4 losing in 6th rally time call the MOOSE

hit a 4 bagger top of 9th or whatever score phils this BP is shaky comon man

Systems & Strategies > The Magnificent Seven > View Post
i thought the 7 referred to inches for the ding a ling

MLB Betting > pls hit cle over 4.5 1st 5 and over 4.5 detroit 1st 5 PLSSSSSSSSSS > View Post
get off your hands n knees you gonna lose now your begging for what 10$ win ok if you bet $50 or $100 both bets thats kinda big

hope it wins for ya

MLB Betting > 1 game today 1 dog stop the sweep > View Post
Taking Phillies 5 dimes line +144

Rockies are missing 2 starters right now and BP is shaky with this starter Nicaso
he has all ND's vs Phillies Hernandez is = to him IMHO

risking $200 to win $288

Happy Easter Everyone gotta jet to My babes house   Ham and Raviolis

Cmon Phils yes i'm calling for the DOG to Moose

good to have the moose in my corner

Covers Help > Lying about wagers placed/record > View Post
they all lie no one in here has that got that kind of moneyy it's all for attention hey i bet 5 dimes on Yanks today - 180

they really mean 50 cents 5 ten cent pieces

  they dont even make $5000 in 6 months with thier puny jobs

35 hrs a week at $6 per hr to start

Covers Help > Tout hunter - I want a prize for most touts found > View Post
me tinks you got a very mundane life always on here finding stupid touts who just get banned daily.

they post site promos in every forum and that's quick ban.
I just read covers rules.

byie have happy Easter

NFL Betting > PORN > View Post
tube8 . com baby wack wack wack sploshhhhhhhhhhhhhh

NFL Betting > Broncos same chances as Seahawks? > View Post
ahemmmmmmmmm just to remind you all the super bowl has never returned follwing year since the Bills did it last in 93 i believe it was

yep count is now 21 teams 49ers last victim

1 reason is the loser gets way tougher schedule

donkeys  had lowest ranked schedule last year 32 nd that's why they got there .schedule makers said here ya go Manning an easy path to the bowl 13 sub 500 teams all losers ...

this year i see 8 loses or more for Denver

defense aint improved same JO runs it Del Rio LOL he's noob at times.

Don't matter any way i guarantee you Broncos will not return # 22 coming up and i got real wagers with domkey fans for next year

i gave them all 5- 1 odds for broncos to make it to bowl

5 dummies shook on it wrote it down on paper like a contract

I'm going to collect it all $500 ..... if i lose OUCH  $2500 ahhhhh a weeks worth of wagers in NFL

NFL Betting > Donovan McDrunk > View Post
lol DUI will not stop a HOF ballot  if murderers get in so can any other thug NFL players

NFL Betting > 70:1 New York Jets Super Bowl Champions > View Post
 J E T S = J ust E at T he S ausage

General Discussion > 36 People Were Shot In 36 Hours... > View Post
those who don't care will care when friend or family members gets taken out by crossfire in gang shootings or drug lords shootouts

Better prepare for it carry a gun no matter where you live in this country.

General Discussion > Sorry for all the questions, but I'm gonna ask one more... > View Post
try the E cigs they last forever .

i will take on any one in live real poker 7 stud limit poker $20 $40

holdem you can go shove up your butt till it comes out your nose

Poker > How to start playing online > View Post
pureplay is best you risk no money to play in any tourney.

Poker > Chino Rheem robs his backers for 100k+ > View Post
chit if any body did that to me he be one gone mo fo in hospital fer sure

had one so called aquaintence stiff me for $100 a loan he agreed tp pay me when he got back to work vending at stadiums .. wind up i had to ask him where's my money? HE went off saying you liar you tolde me forget about it!

well as i was walking steak shop he said wrong two words to me called me a F ing box turned around and walked 15 ft and busted him up .... then said now u piece of chit never talk to me again and you never get f ing penny from me again never.

I do not fight any more i normally walk away when i feel trouble but this moron was asking for it.

Was 1st time i had fight in past 20 years.

if you like making notes on players take a look at pure play money risked ever play as players member $20 month or yr fee only $189 and thats all you can lose.

Play in every MTT cash tourney and big MTT weekly ones also big one win a seat in wsop or take the Cash prize.

Easy to join must provide ID and your paid by check within 2 weeks
the way the site is set up no one can cheat using any device hardware which i think dosent exist all the software stuff don't work.

But expect the same bad beats to happen because basically it's free poker everyone starts out with $1500 in chips but if your players member the track your playing as in how high you finish and many qualifying tourneys your paired with same players rankings as yours

it's the only Legal US site based in Calif.  Simply because YOU do not risk cash of yours to play in any tourney or the single table qualifiers.

Poker > Does It Get Any Unluckier Than This (Poker) > View Post
lol heres worst ever i had in my life of course chitty bingo board game online cash tourney years ago playing in the $500 daily i'm up early $900 no one is calling me after flops ......

SO i get the ICE picks pair the rockets baby Raise pre flop my $900 2 callers flop A 10 K all in same two call hands exposed J 10 off  PP Q's

turn card K i got nuts FH cannot lose AAA KK  river card J
so i'm waiting for chippies to come to me

NOPE QQ hit gut shot royal river was J of shovels i never screamed so loud in my life broke my slide out holding my Key board

and just closed out the site.  I calacualted the odds 9 seats so 18 cards dealt out plus 4 for flop 1 burn card then another burn card then turn thats 6 more +18  = 24 then burn and river 8 cards plus 18 = 26 cards out of 52 ok wait back up to turn card 24 cards out of 52 left 28 cards in the deck i got whacked with a 28-1 shot and only 3 J's left in the deck.

This is why when i play poker in casinos it's 7 stud only

because thats what holdem is 7 stud 2 in hand 5 on board.

So if we were playing 7 stud that board would be all my up cards QQ cannot win unless he bought two more queens but he would know out of gate i'm banging aces even if both are down and on 6th street he has to fold cause he sees KK
J 10 would be long gone all his straight cards are out

the others of course folded early.

So dont feel too bad about your regular bad beat

ooooo r/t all in tourney buy in was $80 + 25 

midnight madness it was called at Taj Mahal in AC

hand before break we are at 400 800  already so i'm holding A 6 suited I just call the 800 ......... thats it me and another guy in

Flop 6 6 Q  i raise 10 K he comes back over for another $1000 all in ..of course i call i'm way over him still have  1 thou left

Turn Card J i scream at dealer NO Q no J No Q no J  slowly beech turns up J river i freaked out ............

he says hey i can get lucky too i snapped at him yeah ppal sure Q J off suit was horrible to call flop you had to know i had you beat

Other guy across from me tried to console me saying man that was horrible to lose like that i said this is why i freaking hate this game it's nothing more than a board game it's like playing call with anything you never know what comes up in river.
so after break i'm in couple hands after 1 hour i get a decent hand 10-8 hearts but was drawing dead with low hearts had one shot to win over nut flush A piece  he had was all in for me, i needed a J of hearts for straight flush to J
Nope didn't come finished in 50th out of 150 players

Poker > Is this poker site reliable? > View Post
best one ever only legal us site is pureplay NO money risked ever you can play as free member but get whacked with ads when playing tables in tourney's or  single quailfying tables
or be players member one time fee for Year $189 thats it thats all you can lose and you have easier time qualifying for big cash MTT's  10,000 highest weekly $1000 daily top prize is seat in the big one out in Vegas or take cash prize for 1st place finish.

Paid by Check on time every time.

Hate holdem poker but thats all there is to play online.

My game reg in casinos is 7 stud higher limits.

They dont chase or play with garbage 1st 3 cards they cant afford it.

the $10 - $20 limits and up I just cash in part of my full bank 30 max bets covered.

Holdem it's all in mostly low limits $2 - $4 never even sit down those low limit peeps play with everything A 7 K 4 Q 6 and rip your PP's to shreds buying starights or trips on the lower card

Las Vegas > LVH super contest > View Post
it starts around june you have up until sept............

I'm in it this year again but trying to get them adjust rules a little bet reduce ties in places to minimum

like if game pushes the guy who picked the winning team gets 1/2  point the one who picked loing team only gets 1/4 point

way too many ties in lower places like 7th up to 20 this takes up all the winning money so if you place 30th most likely tied with 9 - 15 others you aint going to cover your entrant fee plus the proxy $250

Saw what they got last year it was a joke.  I tied 7th place with 7 others got paid $14,750 so if i was alone in 7th yeah $118,000

Hope the prize pool is just as big again.

YOU need to average 3 wins per week to finish in top 15

dosent mean 3-2 every week i had 3 weeks 5-0 .... 4 weeks 4-1

two weeks 2-3  and 5 weeks 3-2 & 1 week 2-2-1 for 52 1/2 points

Also if you register early theres an additonal prize pool of $10,000 to grab.

don't need much just your id , blood sample finger prints background check and pee sample .......... LOL joking

Las Vegas > serious question: Vegas online betting > View Post
no online vegas books , however you can get a proxy to place wagers for you under contract set up a account at some bank so you easyily transfrer funds back n forth he also needs same bank out there or a bank to send funds to you. His pay is weekly probably about $300 a week  - $350 a week i wouldnt go higher than that he really isnt going all over town to lay bets down for you.
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