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13-2 ats
3-0 totals
11-2 ats yesterday 

Pitt -3   
SF +2 and under 43
Bad luck on the Werder and Celtic game.... Went 13-0 since then though so i cant complain... Busy saturday sorry couldnt post the winners but 

Sampdoria vs. Atalanta over 2.25
Mersin Idman Yurdu vs. Galatasaray over 2.5
RSC Anderlecht vs. SV Zulte Waregem over 2.5

Werder Bremen vs. Hoffenheim over 2.5
Celtic vs. Ross County over 2.5
Thanks man, appreciate it  View
Universidad Catolica vs. Union Espanola over 2.5 View
Posted: 2/12/2016 12:16:48 PM

Fenerbahce vs. Kasimpasa - over 2.5 

Sporting de Gijon vs. Rayo Vallecano -over 2.5

Yes I have done that myself as well as single bet View
Fenerbahce vs. Kasimpasa - over 2.5
Sporting de Gijon vs. Rayo Vallecano -over 2.5
Fenerbahce vs. Kasimpasa - over 2.5
Sporting de Gijon vs. Rayo Vallecano -over 2.5
Fenerbahce vs. Kasimpasa - over 2.5
Sporting de Gijin vs. Rayo Vallecano -over 2.5
Fenerbahce vs. Kasimpasa - over 2.5 ??????
Sporting de Gijin vs. Rayo Vallecano -over 2.5 ??????
Lmao nice 1 earned run win cubs lollllllllll View
Lmao nice 1 earned run win cubs lollllllllll View
Just ruined this game. He just loosened up the whole Tigers team after his POS ass grounded out to Price and started joking around with him. Watch Price settle down now and not give up another hit. What a POS Longoria....Tigers Live is 100% View
Note* View
Just a not lohse is 12-0 on under his last 12 wed games View
Because Souza has 35 home run a year power. N Kraus is here till Loney comes back this weekend. View

I'm on Yankees ML F5 and Oak over 7.5!!! Let me break this streak!!!
If I lose 14 in a row I'm cashing out!!!!
Thank you so much to the guy whp posted 2 years ago about the every other year trend for the royals spring training!! I cant thank you enough!!! Wooooo!!!! View
Totally forgot tthat  these NBA players  prob werent able to smoke a blunt this morning since there were early games?.... Or maybe they did and it hasnt totally worn off yet? Im a firm beliver that guys like Jr Smith smoke a fat blunt around 10 am after hes woken up from partying the night before and then they wait till after there game to light another fat blunt up View
You could literally be DONE by 6 min in the game! Lmao ohh geeesh o well thought these boys would honor MLk a little better than this lol View
The year is this year! Yes Brady will be the toughest task like i've already predicted and if there's one QB who can keep up w bradys offensive pace its not a hurt aaron Rodgers and its def not the little better than average, Seahawks offense. Yes broncos had a terrible offensive game (like they've had the last 6 weeks) but Luck made the plays when he needed and would've put up 40 if he HAD to. Now if the Colts had to match up w Sea IN Seattle then thats a completely diff story adding a 12th man to play against, but outside of Sea you will see Luck exploit the Sea defense just like rivers did in SD this year....Until  then good Luck to the Colts being able to keep Brady under 35 but also good luck to the Pats trying to keep Luck under 35 as well... Go Colts! Gunna be a good one!!! View
4-0 ATS as well as parlaying GB NE and Colts ML... Gotta love NFL playoffs

One step closer to the Superbowl... Like I said it's Lucks year

On to another 2-0 weekend!!!
Bet colts to win superbowl before weekend 16/1... The libe will prob be -6.5 seahawks and prob go to 8.5 by game time View
Last week most confident play was Ravens ML +135 
(3-1 last week lost Cardinals game)
This week my most confident play is Andrew Luck ML against Denver and am predicting him to win his first Superbowl against the Hawks in a shootout but the tricky game is if they match up with NE next week and if it's the Ravens then Im even more confident. 16/1 odds fellas

2012- after 2nd round of playoffs I selected the Giants they won
2013- before playoffs started I selected the Ravens and Ray Lew to win they won
2014- selected the Patriots to win it all_they lost
2015 gettin back on track this year with a huge value and very confident no one will be able to match Lucks offensive play
Duuuude lol not much of a hockey guy either but am growing to love it.. Only bet on my home team the lightning really but since i fell in love with kanes play over post season ive heen betting some blackhawks overs.... Ive neverrrr had worse luck on a team than the blackhawks! They just screwed me on a 4 teamer because they cant score and have been screwing me every time i bet them! Im def done after tnight w this team forsure  View
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