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Anyone know a local in this area ? pm me View
Everyone On This Forum Scammers  View
When you bet you put 7U is that the risk amount or win amount View
Yea I just hit my Streak of 9 and was emailed , I replied and said it 4-6 weeks. I hope its the same when I get to the money lmao View
Local Police 

Just Kidding, Chuck Up The L
*If He A Stiff

I have actually meet KValentine and he is legit and paid out
Lol If Im A Stiff, Your A Scammer , look at your post, you go around in every local post recruiting trying to scam someone  View
Does anyone in the forum know any locals in the NJ/NY area? View
Has anyone been paid out for a 1000-25000K from the survivor if so how quick was your payout. Im sure if people would focus 25 straight is possible and can be taken more serious for 100K View
Im sure they will have to speed up in order to catch up or cover View
what you guts think about vandy over 66 View

Im looking as well, send PM Me if theres any luck
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