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Politics > More US Sponsored Terror > View Post
the media wont even report on it...if bush was in office it would be front page news. equally abhorrent no matter who's in office but wars and drone attacks and torture and killing american citizens without warranta or due process is a-ok under obama

General Discussion > 9/11 conspiracy theories > View Post

best 5 minute video ever made on 9/11 conspiracy

that being said, i dont know what to believe. i know our government is full of shit and there are holes everywhere in every story told about that day

for what its worth, ive seen an A & E for 991 Truth live presentation. pretty compelling

Politics > There's something happening here > View Post
wall - the disdain for taxation is simply because i believe the market is the best barometer for services

if i have no kids in school, should i pay for local schools? if so, then apartment renters in my town with kids in public schools should pay a piece of my landscaping bill

its the same principle

if i came to your house every two weeks with a gun and demanded 25-30% of what you earn for the betterment of society as i see fit, you would have the police arrest me and press charges for armed robbery. why is taxation any different?

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QUOTE Originally Posted by DiscoD69:

I think this is actually a pretty good example of what separates libertarians from typical conservatives. Many conservatives realize in a modern society we need some form of basic taxation (yes they want as low as possible, but 'none' is not really realistic). Hence my quote. I think that is a smart, reasonable approach. 

Assuming something has to be taxed, I agree with the notion that we should tax things we don't want, while lowering taxes on things we do want, like income which is productivity. Right now income is heavily taxed while things like oil companies are actually subsidized.

the only time you will find me defending government is when i speak to an anarchist or anarcho capitalist or whe i have to defend the Constitution. its very tough to have a free society and be a free people when government and private banks rob you through the currency you earn (inflation)

lets start with questions:

-who owns your labor? you or government
-who is best to determine how your earnings are spent? you or government
-do you believe that only government can build roads?
-do you believe that government mandates services that are not demanded by the market?

Politics > There's something happening here > View Post
“Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the
distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every
time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists
conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state
education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any
education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that
we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then
they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as
if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat
because we do not want the state to raise grain.”

Frédéric Bastiat,

The Law

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@26 and 27

there was no income tax in the US until 1913. did we not have a society until then?

only government can provide the goods or services citizens need?

i am not against schools because i am against government run schools. just as i am not against feeding the poor because i am against government feeding the poor

please make the distinction

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QUOTE Originally Posted by DiscoD69:

Why are renewable energy companies 'evil' or a scam but oil companies are encouraged, when the one which exploits a finite resource is by far the most detrimental? Why is it ok told hold stock of and promote companies that deal with fossil fuels but not green energy companies? One helps the planet and represents the future, while the other hurts the planet.  

That is ass backwards my friend.

Also, Subsidizing oil companies is not letting the market decide. 

I recently heard a conservative say 'we should be taxing what we don't want (pollution/carbon) and not taxing what we do want (income ie productivity).'

I'm all for that. This is the kind of conservative I could get in bed with. 


i am not for oil subsidizes either

conservatives shouldnt want any tax on anything. taxation is theft.

the government shouldnt be directing investment. that's tantamount to picking winners and losers and distorting the market. if the true price of a gallon of gas is $8, so be it. the market will demand a cheaper alternative

if putting solar panels on your roof was such a good deal for the consumer, then the government wouldnt be subsidizing the installation at 110% which runs $30k

Politics > Would conservatives prefer a single payer health care system? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by depeche2:

The Dems passed on single payer in the spirit of compromise knowing that the individual mandate was a long-held Republican idea.

compromising my tax dollars and my liberties so they can buy votes...politely speaking, no fucking way

none of any of the government involvement in health care or insurance is constitutional in any way shape or form

MLB Betting > MLB Season Over Under plays > View Post
Thanks guys. Opening NIGHT sounds wrong. Should be a day game

MLB Betting > MLB Season Over Under plays > View Post
Boston UNDER 90.5 3 units

LA Dodgers OVER 81 2 units

St Louis OVER 84.5 2 units

not a real baseball unit but just a breakdown of how i played it

Boston may finish in 4th place this year if the Jays are as good as people think. They have no pitching outside of Lester and now no pen. They may hit a ton but they will have to win games 10-6. Good luck playing 18 vs the Yanks and Rays also. AL East vs NL East in intra league as well

Dodgers finished strong last year and have the best pitcher and player in the NL. Loney is healthy and the pen is better or will be once Jensen takes over the closer role. DBacks take a step back, Rocks are ok, Giants offense will be bad again. Padres more rebuilding. Why not over .500 for Donnie Baseball?

Cards - losing Pujols wont slow them down that much...same with LaRussa. Catchers always make the best managers and Matheny should be a good one. Need the hitters to stay healthy and Berkman to be almost as good as he was last year. The division is as it was last year...2 rebuilding teams, one up and comer but not ready (pitt), one good offense, no pitching (Cincy), one good team (brewers) minus their best hitter.

gl whatever you play

my record has been pretty good on these over the past 3-4 years, losing 2 that i can remember over 4 years...probably a 6-2, 6-3 type mark considering i play 2 a year

Politics > There's something happening here > View Post
agreed drj

no one can prove one way or another that man has made the earth warmer. on a 4b year old planet we could still be warming from the last ice age 100k years ago

then again, 35 years ago, Global Cooling was the rage

carbon taxing, carbon credits, green energy...all of it a scam and all of it thievery by corporatists, hyprocrites, crooked politicians and crooked banksters

Enron, CCX, Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, Kyoto Accord...all became prominent under Clinton/AlGore who happens to have a hedge fund investing primarily in green energy industry which is only around because of government subsidy

let the market decide. 40 years ago, americans didnt know they needed more efficient vehicles, Honda and Datsun and Toyota showed them they did

Politics > To my right wing counter-parts: > View Post
all good disco

debate is a good thing. i would spend 3 years to convince one person to open his eyes to the world i see

General Discussion > 9/11 conspiracy theories > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MoneySRH:
BMA, the US government has been at war for 200+ years. This country owned slaves for 400+ years, has the highest incarceration rate in the world, is in the business of pharmaceuticals, the CIA was caught selling crack, US troops are guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan, the US military drops bombs on civilian targets, the US government experimented with chemical weapons on it own soldiers, the bush administration made billions on government contracts, lied about WMD's to go to war and sent US soldiers to die for colonialism, money, oil, lithium, minerals, industrialism, drugs, and yet you still believe the government isn't capable of killing it's own citizens for power and money?

actually when our currency was backed by gold or silver, we were not at war. with a flexible fiat currency we can be at war all the time. Fed created in 1913. since then, 100 years of war to equate with the 100 years of fiat currency

the only thing you are missing is why we went to war in afghanistan & iraq and why they want war in syria, libya, and iran

its because those nations do not, or did not have a privately owned central bank...or they were going to trade their oil for gold or euros instead of US dollars

understand that and you understand why we are in the middle east and why so many of our brothers have gone and died

BMA - the Dems and Republicans in Congress work for the Fed as does the President. The Fed works for its owners. Who are its owners? no one knows for sure

General Discussion > 9/11 conspiracy theories > View Post
+1 to Money for linking to Operation Northwoods

now google the Gulf of Tonkin

false flags...all of it

19 Saudi nationals with box cutters and hijacked 767's and 2 hours were able to get past the DoD, the US military, NORAD, and NATO

funny how none of us believe government statistics on the economy, job numbers, green energy, or anything else as we know there is an agenda yet these muslims did it because they hate that we are a "free" people and we all eat this shit up

war is big business and is a racket. the patriot act was written in 1995 by Joe Biden among others. Afghanistan has 90% of the world's poppy fields which GW Bush ordered specifically not to burn them (this is how the taliban made their money). our CIA guards them.


War is big business...debt and bombs enslave generations to bankers. Importing heroin is big business.

Our government runs guns to Mexican gangs and allows them to bring them across our border!!!! (Fast and Furious)

the same AG who oversaw Fast Furious (Eric Holder) was the FBI official who gave the ok to supply McVeigh and Nichols with their hundreds of pounds of fertilizer and nitrates

why do we believe anything or selective things our government tells us....

Politics > Van Jones: Libertarians are not Patriots they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbian > View Post
the republican ideology of today is not much different from Abe Lincoln

Lincoln was very far away from libertarian thought...he was a statist and an all powerful central government lover

Politics > our government is broken and it can not be fixed > View Post
cd - my post and ideas in what you referenced equates to liberty or rather the absence of coercion. everything you posted below justifies the government sticking a gun in my back and taking whatever they need if the mobocracy (51%) demands it. what you describe is not a free society

re: pensions...its a ponzi. i'm sorry but it is. you cannot assume 8% rate of return and get it. almost all pension plans do

i was referencing mikael's post about using tax money to pay for hospitals. fyi, when we needed a hospital in the last few years it was done at a private religious hospital that doesnt take a dime of taxpayer money. my expense was covered by the private health insurance that i carry for my family (very expensive)

re schools: if you are free to choose your food, your landscaper, your clothing, why shouldnt you be free to choose your children's school? instead you are forced by zip code and teachers union to go to a certain school. do you only eat at restaurants in your town or can you open a kitchen drawer and find take out menus from 100 restaurants within a 10 mile radius

education is a product like everything else bought in the marketplace yet when government takes it over, it demands you pay for services you may or may not need and charges above market rates because the elected officials are in cahoots with the public employees bargaining against you. there is no right to it, just like there is no right to health insurance (health care is going for a job every morning and not eating mcdonalds)

College Basketball > Each time the University of Kentucky wins the championship... > View Post
fwiw, i like Kansas +6. so if i can get a cover and a UK win, then i should be good on all counts

College Basketball > Each time the University of Kentucky wins the championship... > View Post
the New York Yankees have won the World Series

1948, 49, 51, 58, 78, 96, 98

in case you like +600 6 month futures

Politics > our government is broken and it can not be fixed > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Mikael99:
This is not totally true. In some countries people pay taxes because they know it goes to public schools, hospitals, free health care, pensions and such.

Then there is USA.........................................

so i understand...i need to pay more in taxes to fund schools in which i have no children, hospitals which i do not use, free healthcare (of which i buy my own) and pensions for jobs i do not have

sounds good. please justify the morality in stealing 40% of my income to pay for shit i dont need or want


J_Galt -  go read Fransisc D'Anconia's money speech to find the root of all evil in this country and why it started in 1913

Politics > what is the purpose/function/utility of "health" "insurance"? > View Post
i wish i only paid 5900 a year

Politics > Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler > View Post
lincoln did, what bernanke is doing...again, how can he fix things?

by deporting slaves to Africa? because he tried to do that as well


Politics > Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler > View Post

Although they did those things that
doesn’t take away the fact that they were the best presidents of the
United States. Lincoln is my favorite president and I put those quotes
he made to make a political point because I believe they apply to what’s
happening today and I believe he would be able to fix everything that
is wrong with America if he was in charge today. 
you cant be a Lincoln fan and Ron Paul supporter. if you as well versed in history as you say you are, the two are diametrically opposed on many issues

you can respect certain things lincoln did, but his presidency was a disaster for the country

did you know Honest Abe tried to institute an income tax? SCOTUS shot it down. he couldnt figure out how to pay for his war, so he took the US off a metals backed currency and printed greenbacks causing massive inflation

...on February 25, 1862,
the Legal Tender Act empowered the Secretary of the Treasury to issue
paper money ("greenbacks") that were not immediately redeemable in gold
or silver. The National Currency Acts of 1863 and 1864 created a system
of nationally chartered banks that could issue bank notes supplied to
them by the new Comptroller of the Currency, and a 10 percent tax was
placed on state bank notes to drive them out of business and establish a
federal monetary monopoly. The government's paper money flooded the
banks so that by July 1864 greenback dollars were worth a mere 35 cents
in gold.

Politics > Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MoneySRH:
Good, to hell with the south. I don't care about what Neo-Confederates want or believe. All the things Honest Abe did were for a good reason. If it wasn't for people like Lincoln that guy in your avatar wouldn't be QB in the NFL. There would be no NFL period. If confederates are mad at and saying bad things about Lincoln? Good, that means he was on the right side.

either you support the right to self government or you do not. Mr Lincoln did not. Mr Lincoln believed in centralized power and taxing the piss out of southern land owners to the benefit of the northern industrialists

your quote about getting things done or for good reason or with good intent are all fine and dandy if you're referring to a household ot a church, but not the federal government. we have rules so that there is no giant over reach of power
Governments are instituted among Men,
deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That
whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new
Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its
powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their
Safety and Happiness. - T Jefferson

Politics > Who is buying U.S. debt? > View Post
an interesting article begs more questions for the lay person

where did the Fed get their money? they have none

how do they get money? they print it

why do i pay taxes if the Fed can just print money and buy government debt? because your currency (the USD) is a debt instrument

a debt instrument? yes, the Fed prints dollars and loans them to the US government in the form of Treasuries and they charge interest on the money they printed from nothing to loan to your government so they can spend 50% more than they take in in tax revenue

so why does this whole thing feel like an illegal scam? well it is...you have been robbed as your father and grandfather and great grandfather before you. the banksters have robbed you and the politicians and bureaucrats have intentionally kept you stupid as to not understand nor challenge their 100 year looting of your country

there have been a few in power who have challenged this and they usually wind up dead...McFadden, Lindbergh (see his baby) Kennedy (Bobby and John). others they marginalize and call kooky and extreme

Politics > ObamaCare Going Down? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by djbrow:

Free market has made health care unaffordable.

what is free market about medicare, medicaid, or SCHIP?


hmmm...that HMO act seems free market to me as well


so does this...

so if the government mandates additional costs on service providers, where are they supposed to get that money? either they give time (charity) which was done before government got involved or they bill insurance companies who then bill their paying clients

a big fat wealth redistribution scam

Politics > Ron Paul Supporters Part 2 > View Post
i dont know any paul supporter who supports obama in the least and i know of a good deal of them

Politics > Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler > View Post
KOAJ- Anything said by a man who is apart of the Neo-Confederate movement is bullshit.
neo confederates as you call them are very strongly for upholding the 10th amendment. abe lincoln killed whatever power the sovereign states had to govern themselves when he declared war on the south

mr dilorenzo is correct

Politics > Abraham Lincoln, Fidel Castro, and Adolf Hitler > View Post
money - google Tom DILorenzo to learn of the real Lincoln, not the fairy tale we've been told

lincoln was bottom 5


his only redeeming quality is to refuse to recharter a National Bank (read, precursor to the Fed...a private bank). he printed greenbacks ad nauseum and caused a but of inflation in the 1860s...maybe one of the reasons he was killed. odd to place him on the $5 bill just as it is odd to place Andrew Jackson on the 20 or Ben Franklin on the 100...all 3 hated central banks

General Discussion > Countdown to the Death of the US Dollar > View Post
this is the reason we invaded iraq and libya...and soon iran although i hope not.

Politics > ObamaCare Going Down? > View Post
paul ryan is a goof as was the GOP answer to hillary in 93. they are no different

i would like to see some state AGs go after medicare and medicaid and nullify them from the state level when this is struck down

why is obamacare unconstitutional and medicare legal and unchallenged? bizzaro world. they are no different.
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