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Website Promotions > Since ppl are asking... any NJ bookies? > View Post
Any luck with some in jersey, Im in PA I dont mind taking a ride to jersey if anyone is seriously legit, email me kf11277@gmail.com

Gaming Industry - US > need local - bergen county, nj > View Post
Has anyone had any luck with this 

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Look like my Under went over by 4.5pts LOSSSER

Boston look like they are going to pull a win and Cover -3.5

3-1 Night is never bad as long as there is PROFIT 

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Thanks Bro

Nice 2-0 Start 
Nets First Half +3 WiNNNER
Detroit First Half -.5 WINNER

Two Pending 

Lets Gooooooo 4-0 Night 

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Im new on the forums but I will Post my plays today :

Boston Celtis -3.5
Knicks Under 189.5
Nets First Half +3
Detroit First Half -.5

Good Luck All
And I Know I will be 4-0 tonight 

Website Promotions > Local in Palmer Pennsylvania > View Post
I have been reading these forums for a while and finally got balls to  register. Have anyone really had any luck with a legit guy on here? If someone knows anyone that is local in Northampton County PA please pm or add me, Im free to emails Please no out of town people I have read alot of stories of scammers and I can stick to slow payout BETUS before I get ripped off  . I would prefer face to face transaction or reliable transaction with all information out right,Thanks in Advance.
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