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Pro Baseball > NY Yankees at Houston(10/13/2017 9:00:00 PM) > View Post

NYY and under

King of Covers > PLEASE, BRING ON FOOTBALL > View Post
Atlanta is not one of the worst teams idiot, they're in 2nd place, currently one game behind the Cards...Strasburg has been hammered before look it up....what a stupid comment.

Pro Baseball > Boston at Toronto (07/02/2017) > View Post

you can still get the injury reports at Chicago Sun Times matchups:

Pro Baseball > Milwaukee at Chicago (05/21/2017) > View Post

Chi way overpriced...10-10 at home, Milw is 10-2 last 12...Arrieta 4-4 TSR, and -200??  Anderson's ERA 2 full runs lower than Arr.

Pro Basketball > Milwaukee at Boston (03/29/2017) > View Post

Milw shot 71% FH and 62% for the game. I think off that kind of a night and w/ 0 days, different team in a different city, you take the Celts -8.

NFL Betting > dallas wins and cover and blowout > View Post
the losers lose again!     Detroit Losers, 50 plus years....

Pro Baseball > Chicago at Cleveland (11/02/2016) > View Post

Bullpen edge here goes to Clev...NO reason to use Chapman yesterday with a 5 run lead! Rediculous. Francona has the edge in strategy...wisely has Miller and Allen fully will come down to the starters. I like the under coming off of yesterday's explosion by the Cubs, and a slight lean to the Indi's.

Pro Baseball > Houston at Pittsburgh (08/24/2016) > View Post

Check the prices on Cole @ home:

-164, -240, -137 ,-190, -220

ALL losses except for the lowest price game.


Pro Baseball > Baltimore at Toronto (09/06/2015) > View Post
Tillman  15.00 ERA v Tor TY in 4 starts!   7.07 Day   BAL 2-8 L10 starts v Tor.....

Pro Baseball > Cleveland at Boston (08/19/2015) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by BirdmanFTW:
With Joe Kelly pitching Ive got my house on over 8.5... Red Sox offense can explode, but the Indians should cover it themselves...... By the 3rd inning.....

Well it's the 3rd inn and Clev is just crushing it like you said......ZERO hits

Pro Baseball > Kansas City at Toronto (07/31/2015) > View Post
I hate that Covers erases a pitcher's stats just because he changes leagues????!!!!!
With interleague play how does this help anyone?????

Pro Baseball > Kansas City at Houston (06/29/2015) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by dancomerpicks:
Blanton is a BP pitcher. That will show tonight. Taking the over 7.5.

A BP Pitcher that has a 1.73 ERA in 26, yeah he sure looks like it

Pro Baseball > Oakland at Texas (06/23/2015) > View Post
Nice call dude!

Pro Baseball > Colorado at Philadelphia (05/31/2015) > View Post
Col has never swept a series in Phil in 28 tries,....2,3 or 4 game series

Pro Baseball > San Francisco at Los Angeles (04/29/2015) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by ncdcbag:
LAD should pound Vogelsong, think I'm going LAD RL

Why should they pound him? he only gave up 3 hits last wk ( 2HR's)  v. LA....and he is 8-2 Un Last 10 v LA

Pro Basketball > Washington at Cleveland (04/15/2015) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by knasty007:

hmmmm  the series is 11-3 un and 16-4 Un @ Clev
 I'll go under

Pro Hockey > Calgary at Toronto (12/09/2014) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsPredictor:

Toronto Over Calgary!

Maple Leafs 6-2 vs. Calgary in the last 8 meetings, and 3-1 in the most recent meetings.  Hiller expected in net for the Flames...and he's 0-4 with a 4.84 GAA vs. Toronto!

Toronto ML Over Calgary!  2 Units!  


Calg is 5-3 L8 in the series...1-3 L4...did u mean 6-2@ Home?

Pro Hockey > Philadelphia at Anaheim (12/03/2014) > View Post
5 g in 5 1/2 min! 

College Football > Massachusetts at Akron (11/18/2014) > View Post
Frohn OUT

Pro Baseball > Toronto at New York (07/25/2014) > View Post
NYY W 16 @ H in the series

Pro Basketball > Minnesota at Charlotte (03/14/2014) > View Post
Char 7-0 SU @home 7-0-1 ats, 9-2 SU home with a 2pt loss  to Chi and a 4 pt loss to SA, and wins over Ind Den Dal and Mem, and Minn is obvious?

Pro Basketball > Minnesota at Charlotte (03/14/2014) > View Post
Char 7-0 SU @home 7-0-1 ats, 9-2 SU home with a 2pt loss  to Chi and a 4 pt loss to SA, and wins over Ind Den Dal and Mem, and Minn is obvious?

Pro Basketball > Orlando at Cleveland (02/19/2014) > View Post
Orl has lost 13 away, SU/ATS,  and interesting to note that the start of the streak was at Clev in OT

Pro Basketball > Portland at Washington (02/03/2014) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Westside4Life:

new to the thread...needs some help handicapping nba games can any 1 give some simple pointers.


Watch the trends, like Orl 15-1 Under on the road and has lost 11 ats away

Pro Basketball > Phoenix at Philadelphia (01/27/2014) > View Post
Phil 102.25 PA last 8

Pro Basketball > Indiana at Phoenix (01/22/2014) > View Post
With at least 1 day rest IND is 24-5 ATS

Pro Basketball > Portland at San Antonio (01/17/2014) > View Post
SA is 5-6 as a single digit fav @ home, so I count that as no edge and Port covered most of those in Nov when they were still undervalued.

Pro Hockey > Anaheim at Chicago (01/17/2014) > View Post

Ducks 18-1 last 19, 8-1 away, won 5 straight v. Chi

Chi is 3-6 last 9

Both teams with 16 wins H/A respectively and Chi is a -140 fav??

also 8 under at Chi

how often do you get an 18-1 team at +125?

Pro Hockey > Tampa Bay at Philadelphia (01/11/2014) > View Post

TB 26 wins, Phil 23

TB 12 wins away, Phil 12 wins home

TB 1 loss by more than 1 goal last 10 games

Where is the mismatch and easy win?

I like TB +115

Pro Basketball > Detroit at Philadelphia (01/10/2014) > View Post

QUOTE Originally Posted by kenjig5:
I'll take Pistons+2.5 in this one it's time for them to end this losing streak and 76ers are looking ahead for tomorrows match up with the heat. GLTA

How do you know when it's going to end? and the Sixers play the Knicks tomorrow, so there's nothin to look ahead to...

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