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Saying Seattle was wasting too much time by going to a huddle in the last 2night minutes, turns out they left Atlanta too much time View
Sun Devils have not played a top 50 offense, They have a good defense but they are not very deep, View
It is sad when people take a tragic event like this and try to blame other. The same thing happened about 1 1/2 years ago about 20 miles away from this shooting. It has nothing to do with race or Republicans or Democrats View
I think they could still get in with 2 Falcons losses View
I know, but as time goes on they will try to throw today's game in with the Det, Minn, N.E. games. Even though most to the points were because of the Denver offense. View
They will still talk about how the Defense gave up 40 points View

By showing Tebow vs. Skelton in college, doesn't it show that Skelton has made the most progress so far since he did not play in the best conference in the country, against future NFL players.

It is funny the game the big ratings machine is playing this week is not even close to being sold out.



By giving all of John Skelton's bad stats and INT's it shows that it is possible for a really bad team to turn their season around and win almost every game (coming from behind in the 4th quarter of almost every game) with a bad QB.

Even with all the turnovers they still come from behind in the 4th quarter and win the game.

If it was Tim Tebow you would say you can not expect him to play that well he is only in his 2nd season and has started less then 12 game in the NFL.  He finds a way to win.  Also you would look at his last 2 games and say he is getting better.


Of course a few weeks ago, it did not matter a win is a win. The game you keep bringing up as Tebow's best game that team has the same record the Rams do.

If you want to go by the teams they play, when Denver was 1 - 4 the record of the teams they played is  42 - 28. Two of those games they lost by 3 points maybe they were not that bad


I know they don't respond to the John Skelton answer, but yet they keep asking the question. They think Tebow is the only person that could do what he has done.

Did you know John Skelton has the 2nd highest winning % in the NFL this season ? Only Aaron Rodgers has a higher winning %.

Of course you will not hear about it this week. Some people thought that this meant something last week.


Can you name ONE rookie QB who has taken an awful 1 - 4 team and gone 7 - 2 including 6 4th quarter comebacks.

... let me save you the trouble, no you can't

Yes you can, John Skelton has taken a worse then awful 1 - 6 team and has gone 5 - 1 including 4  4th quarter comebacks



I never said anyone was a dumbass, they do know more about the NFL then I do, but that does not mean you agree with everything they say or do. Nobody is always right.

At halftime today Jimmy Johnson said Kansas City could not score enough points to beat Green Bay.

Mike Ditka was a great player and a great coach, and knows more about the NFL then all of us put together. Alot of people think it was the wrong move to trade the whole draft for Ricky Williams, it does not mean that because someone thinks that was a bad trade that they know more then he does.

What does that mean Tebow and the Broncos are doing something never before seen in the history of the NFL? That could mean so many different things. Have you ever watched a Pre-Game show and 2 of the guys disagree with each other? Even though they both know more about football then I do, 1 of them is going to be wrong. View
Not sure what it has to do with Mike Ditka or Jimmy Johnson View
Right, it seems to be about the same as another team View
I have been watching Denver's games, but I also watch other games. View
What exactly is Tebow doing that has never been seen before in NFL history ? View
Tebow has 11 career starts View
nice hit View
The same thing happened in Arizona. 2 times in one day View

You were right packers1992, Jones did not last long at ASU, the administration pulled the plug after backlash from ASU supporters.

I think in is a good move not to hire him, but the administration really looks like they don't know what they are doing.

But, John Skelton does suck, so by doing the same thing John Skelton has done does not really prove it. I am not saying that Tebow sucks, I am saying it does not prove it. View
If he has not done much more then John Skelton as this point, what does it really prove? Skelton a 2nd year player that was 4th string last year who has a 3 - 1 record with a 1 - 6 team and 2 4th quarter comebacks. View
You are right that the teams Arizona  played had something to do with them being 1 - 6 and then going 3 - 1, but why would you not think that the teams Denver played had something to do with them going 1 - 4 and then 6 - 1 ? View

Earthwake you are right, it was really late and I missed a word, it should have said "the teams they were playing were NOT as good as the teams they played against in the begining of the season

The teams John Skelton started against are not as good as the Kolb games. The teams Tim Tebow started against are not as good as the teams Orton started against.

StraightShooter you are right it shows that he does not suck, but there are threads all of the time about Flacco sucks, Eli sucks, Sanchez sucks, Matt Ryan sucks. Even though these guys have all won games any mistakes these guys there will a thread started within minutes. View

The logic that it already proves that Tebow is a winner because they started 1 - 4 , and now they are 6 - 1 with him SU as an underdog in every game, etc........  All he does is win people money. Everyone should eat crow

This logic would prove Mark Sanchez to be a winner. He made the playoffs his first 2 seasons, they did not make it the year before with a Hall of Fame QB. He is 4 - 2 in the playoffs, SU as an underdog in every game all the games on the road. He beat Tom Brady, He beat Peyton Manning. All he does is win people money in the playoffs

This does not prove Mark Sanchez to be a winner, so why does this prove Tim Tebow to be a winner already ? I think it is too early to tell and too early for anyone to have to eat crow.

Yes the Jets have a better Denfense then Denver, but they are not good enough to shut down Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. They slowed them down a little, but the offense had to make plays to win those games.


Earthwake, you said you give facts, but the Denver defense did not give 32 points. The team did, the denfense gave up 27

I never said the Denfense was the only reason Denver won the game. It seems like you never did understand my point. I think Sparky said it well in post # 618

The thoery as to why the defense could not win with Orton at QB and started winning with Tebow is the same as the Cardinals defense could not win with Kolb at QB, but started winning with John Skelton. The whole team played better and the teams they were playing were as good as the teams they played in the begining of the season.


The defense did not keep them in the game, Tebow kept them in the game and then the defense won it in the end. (or you could say the Vikings gave it away in the end)

In other games the defense keep them in the game and Tebow won it in the end (or you could say the others teams gave it away)

Is that kind of like saying a team does not score the first 57 minutes of a game. Scores a TD then gets to ball back because the team recovers an on-side kick, scores another TD and wins in OT. The team won because of its QB View
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