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Bovada is the same now.  These online sites are nuts at times.  apparently they really don't want more money on Navy or pay if you do

QUOTE Originally Posted by rucifer:

So quick question and maybe I'm just new at this...but why on Bodog do they have Navy at +3 but listed at -135 on the money line? Should the Fav by in the negative on the money line?

They have Sanjose at -3 and +115 on the money line?

Does this make sense to anyone? because it sure doesn't to me?Should this suggest that they expect Navy to cover tonight?

Streak Survivor > NO one will ever win this !!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by sevendst19:
This website is getting progressively worse.  I go to make a pick on a listed game and it tells me "that game is unavailable" or the game I want to pick is not even on the board.  Its absolutely ridiculous.  If anyone cares they have a contest now on where you can play the same contest.  The listed games are as much if not more restricted, however you win $25 free play after only 5 wins, $100 free play after 9 wins, $500 free play after 13 wins, $2500 free play after 17, and $25k grand cash if you get to 21 in a row.  Its the same contest, with better odds of winning something essentially.  Same type of rules apply, picks are final, must make a pick every 7 days or you start over blah blah blah....

Obviously you have to open an account or register to play.  Do you know if you have to provide a credit card number or make a deposit to play the contest?  Last thing I need is another online gambling account...
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