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Gaming Industry - US > 5dimes is the Worst Sportsbook of All-Time!! > View Post
Love this forum. Laughed so hard I coudn't speak or eat. I don't know any of these guys but it brings back memories of Rudy's Leather Goods which didn't sell a thing except chance and the Bainbridge Academy of Billiards. They both were up in the Bronx and people always spent their time arguing while I learned basic billiards. I left New York when Joe Bonanno's family left just ahead of a hail of lead. I was a gambler not an assassin but mistakes could and were made.
Anyway great thread.
PS Nothing like betting a game and going to Yankee Stadium to watch your money grow!

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QUOTE Originally Posted by ebelisle22:
topshelf u r a pu s sy 

Ebel, You sound like a twelve year old. You think cursing out people makes a good case? If we were in a public place like a bar you would just sit muted or quietly leave but since we are on the net you think you can be a faux tough guy. If only you were intelligent enough to read your words you would go head back to high school to learn sentence structure but I fear that ship has sailed.

NHL Betting > JUICY DOG LINES at 5d... Let's see how they do today....... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Skubishack:

Tampa Bay -1.5 Reverse PL (+330) at NYRangers TB Sucked... lost 1-4 to the Rags.

Toronto -1.5 reverse PL +320 at NYIslanders  Leafs blew a 4-2 lead but did win 5 to 4 in OT. Leafs Reverse PL backers got burned.

Ottawa +173 at Boston OTT had more than enough chances and lost on a goal that spent all of just a split second over the goalline in OT.

Ottawa (60 mins Only) -0.5 (+269) at Boston

Ottawa -1.5 Reverse PL +478 at Boston

Pittsburgh at Carolina (60 Mins Only) -0.5 (+193) Canes give up 1st goal then put the hammer down on Pens the rest of the way.

Pittsburgh at Carolina -1.5 Reverse PL +330 Canes win 4-1 as a home doggie.

New Jersey at Winnipeg -1.5 PL +260 Jets did exactly what I thought they would do... Right down to an EN goal for the PL winner.

Chicago at St.Louis EACH are -1.5 PL for +260 Hawks -1.5 PL backers were rewarded bigtime.

Edmonton -1.5 Reverse PL +350 at Dallas Oilers SMOKED the Dallas Stars by a 5-1 score in Dallas.

Minnesota -1.5 Reverse PL +320 at Phoenix The Wild BLEW leads of 3-0 and 4-1 but still won the game by a 4-3 score... It just blew a nice reverse PL win if you backed the Wild with that line.

Detroit +145 at San JoseWings beat Sharks in a shootout by a 2-1 score.

Detroit -1.5 Reverse PL +383 at San JosePlenty of chances for both teams in this game... just no results, i, e, no goals.

If you played all these lines...

For the day... These lines went... 5-7-1 for a PLUS +578... (I'm counting the CHI-STL game as a push since the line went either way and only a nut would have bet both PL's.)

A sweet +578 for a losing record day... Now That's JUICY..!!!!!!!

I hope some of you played some of these winners.

Now that is value. Nice work


NBA Betting > /////////Friday Loooooooooooot Train\\\\\\\\\\ > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by mikeru3:
Get money!!!! More to come soon.

This is silly. There is zero value.Same as Clippers M.L.vs Cleveland.  Bet it if you like but if you lose one out of four of these kind of bets you are down money that's why I don't see the value. Am I missing something? G.L. anyway.

MLB Betting > 1 MLB GAME > View Post
Any particular reason for the pick or is it a hunch?

College Basketball > My Terps vs. clemson > View Post
Also on Maryland!!

College Basketball > Oh my Gosh... > View Post
Not going to be a hater but I will fade this waste of time. His record sucks so why jump through hoops to get below average picks?

College Basketball > My Terps vs. clemson > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Osirus13:
   Is there permanently a booker on Clemson?

Think he meant "looker" on the Clemson women's team.

NBA Betting > NBA SATURDAY YTD 30-9-1 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by TsikenBreast:
apparently it is a home and home for detroit and indiana. the pacers whooped the heck out of the pistons 114-82 last night. they are playing them again tonight against the same lowly detroit team. no way they are going to get any better overnight. indiana should trash the same team again. but then again, why on earth is indiana only laying 3. 

Pistons +3 

Just to make sure are you picking Detroit which is now +4. Sounded like you were making a case for Indiana.

NHL Betting > Line movement on Ducks > View Post
I got Ducks -107 at 5 dimes.

QUOTE Originally Posted by Moneycash:

When that happens to me I stop capping. I can hardly look at the stats and betting gets me sick. So either take a week off or follow someone unconditionally for one bet daily,just for a little action. You win great,if you lose you will find misery loves company.The laws of probability will soon kick back in and things will be back to normal.

College Basketball > Pitt a covers bloodbath? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by KingRGIII:

How did that work out for you sherlock homeslice?

Very witty. He deserves it just for saying he always buys up the half point. That can get very expensive if you bet any kind of substantial sums.
I wonder if the public just looks at the records or did they know that Syracuse was stretched very thin by injuries and suspensions.  For me the public is not a capping factor.

College Basketball > im desesperado, i need just only one team for to day > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Teaser78:

Don't really understand what Moneycash is doing. You need to find value not give the books value.Allow me to thank you for Pitt. On the surface Syracuse seemed a winner but with the suspensions and/or injuries they are going to lose. Thanks again.

NFL Betting > Super Bowl 47 : San Fran vs Baltimore > View Post
Train,I admire your patience.
QUOTE Originally Posted by CoverLane:You say $8 is not a risk?

Any bet anyone ever makes is a risk.

Maybe if you actually bet your plays you would realize this.

Keep posting your one-sided, biased arguments that shape your horrendous plays.

End of discussion TRAIN.

It is Coverlane who seems a bit slow.We  get that you don't like Train's plays. Your posts are redundant and add nothing to the thread.You are extremely boring and it's folks like you that have driven me to post elsewhere. If you are a high school kid it would explain a lot. Finally CoverLane I would add this,you do have a lot of class but all of it is low.

College Basketball > SNAG MY NCAAB PICK > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by snagmypick:
Ok with Baseball and Ok with NCAA tourney..I did come up with a chase system in Baseball that went 115-1 last year but not sure if it's a fluke.  I'm sure there are many more cappers out there that are much better than I..Since I'm playing with house money on NCAAB I'm in a testing phase trying new things out when making these latest picks.  Would not advise tailing me on these picks at this time unless you see a roll going.   

Do you expect anyone to believe you went 115-1? Unless you bet pennies you would be a multi millionaire.What's the use? You just waste everyone's time. That's what I love (hate) about this site.

NHL Betting > SportsFreak69 NHL Play of the Day > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by SportsFreak69:
Vancouver -165
That's some risky pick. It is now -170 which makes it seem valueless to me. Would you really put up $170 to win $100. I don't see huge favorites as smart bets but I will be rooting for you.It is not a personal thing, just a difference in philosophy.

Let's get the

Website Promotions > Fanatics Corner > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by NBA_Fanatic:
Great ending in Memphis. Kinda shocked they called that foul to put George Hill on the foul line. Regardless its a win, 1-1 on the day so far.

Thought you had the Hornets and the Pacers? I tailed you and won and for that I thank you. I guess it really is none of my business how you ended up 1-1. You are a very sound capper.

Website Promotions > Fanatics Corner > View Post
[Quote: Originally Posted by NBA_Fanatic]

See what I mean about that Kings "Defense"....64 point for the Hornets in the first half!

Yes I do. Without that knowledge,which I lacked, I would never have made that bet. I guess you won on both your early game bets. Nice bit of capping. I am impressed! As of today I will follow you on Twitter.

Website Promotions > Fanatics Corner > View Post
thanks,thanks and thanks again.Makes a lot of sense.

Website Promotions > Fanatics Corner > View Post
Why the Hornets lean ?They are 6-14 at home.Sac is also bad but you are giving up -6.
I admit I am a B-ball neophyte so I am asking this with all due respect to a fanatic..By the way I saw this on your Twitter feed and I did like Indiana.

Website Promotions > MITkid is BACK AGAIN! Official 2012 NBA Thread > View Post
Did you leave again. I hope not. Yes there are a ton of immature posters trying to get under your skin and if you have left they win. You can't keep posting and leaving cause it makes you look thin skinned or worse. I seldom post here but I just wanted to tell you to stay with your plan. You are winning. You are shutting the haters up! Most of them are kids. So why leave again?

NBA Betting > Lakers rest of season.... > View Post
Today they should cover -4.5 against the Raptors. At least it will occupy time and hopefully make betters a few bucks before the football action begins.

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
I know for a fact Dilaudid won the NHL wager tracker contest. He was number one. It posted at another forum I may be should not mention.He is an excellent capper but does have bad health problems..

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Noles3535:

Jasper- I agree with you on Boston.

 Good luck!

Thank you. Really. That makes me feel better. The real wagering race is which one of us gets to 25 posts first. You already have the moral victory since I have been around here for about six years averaging 4 posts a year until today.

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
I might as well chime in since the vibe is so friendly. I like Boston to cover The miserable Suns are a tired road team with a 2 and 15 road record to
prove it. With all due respect I believe Boston,going for 4 straight at home,with Rondo
returning,will cover the 9 points. I posted it because know one has mentioned Boston-9 and that is a very lonely feeling.

NBA Betting > No easier bet than Milwaukee on the board > View Post
[Quote: Originally Posted by aszzzbrokerman] Jasper- Milwaukee is playing in Chicago tonight.
Phoenix is playing boston Quote

Sorry if I wasn't clear. I know the schedule for today and only for today. I was just saying the Suns tank looked empty against Milwaukee and seeing how they have lost 9 of10 I think Boston covers. I guess I should have kept my post to myself but when you mentioned the Bucks I stuck my 2 cents in.
   Now are you taking the 13.5 points with the Lakers? With the points you have a great shot. I get that you are taking Milwaukee at Chicago and I hope you cash it. I post so infrequently that I may not know the covers etiquette as well as I should.
PS Meant no harm.

NBA Betting > No easier bet than Milwaukee on the board > View Post
I had Milwaukee last night. They were down by 5 at the half but then the Suns did their fade act. The Suns are a tired road team with a 2 and 15 record road record to prove it. With all due respect I believe Boston at home,with Rondo returning,and going for their 4th in a row,will cover the 9 points.If Milwaukee wasn't on the road I would be tailing you but I will be rooting for you. Good luck Brokerman.

Website Promotions > Has anyone made any money betting on sports steadily throughout the past year? 'cause I did! See how > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by greengiants:
congrats on your thread Mavin, I commend you for the atmosphere that you have created in here! I have been around covers for about 6 months and was always afraid to start posting on this site because there are a lot people who like to hate for no reason.I see that besides basketball you have been on nfl and a little college football also.Would you interested in branching out to hockey also?

I second that. I think I joined in Covers in 2007 but left to join a forum that didn't seem to have a so many pseudo haters,who I perceived to be juveniles feigning to be tough guy,big time, gamblers. I still love that other forum but your threads are a pleasure to read and you do have the general atmosphere under control. Maybe that stems from the respect people have for the uniquely civil tone you established or perhaps it is $elf interest. I don't bet basketball often,but that doesn't stop me from enjoying every page of this thread. Hope you keep on doing what you are doing. It's tremendously refreshingly.

NBA Betting > 12-26-2012 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by STANFORD_PHD:
Timberwolves -5

Off to a bad start in more ways then one.This site has heard every type of pitch so tone it down a bit. To say in your next post that you have a friend in Vegas and leave it at that sounds dumb. If you are really 24-6 you need to explain it and document it.I have a feeling a doctor from Stanford would know how to post without alienating everyone so I am betting you are a high school kid and I am wasting my time. Prove me wrong by really going 24-6 instead of a documented 0-1!

College Football > 5dimes > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by frumundercheeze:
Just called generated problems back up in 10 minutes

That is good news.Hope it is more accurate then Dmddms "control America" bull. If it was my forum I would ban that jerk for spreaading lies when we need good information.
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