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80% taking the over? Under it is! Last year DeGrom beat the Phils 2-0 opening day. History repeats. Cold weather and a horrid Philly team keeps the scoring down.


Green Bay is 11-1 s/u  - 10-2 ats as a road favorite the week after a straight up road loss. Tough trend to buck.

Pack moneyline

This year Yankees are 0-5 S/U as a home dog vs lefties. Don't like this game...pass.
In order to win games, you need to at least score a few runs. Mets starting pitching is great. Bullpen showing leaks. Hitting the worst in the NL.

Milw until the Mets stop the bleeding.  
Niese is 3-5 at home vs Braves and has lost the last 4 straight. Mets look soft here. Braves and the Under View
Phillies are 1-8 last 9 in and Away Series Game 1 after a home loss. 

Mets are 5-4 last 9 in Home Series Game 1 after and away win. 

Mets are no lock but the Phillies have been stinking it up in this situation. 
Twins are a really really bad team. Expect the books to make major adjustments to lines on this team. No potential to score runs at all. Torii Hunter is their clean up hitter? Wow. 

Anyone who got +130 Det money line got an early Christmas. Expect money lines against the Twins to be negative money most of their away games. They just stink. 
NY Mets 
1 unit ML +115 
3 units Run Line +1.5 -193

Nats line up still missing key hitters. 
In the words of Eddie Mush....HANG IN DEERRRRRRRRRRRR!  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by midnightrambler:
Last week you posted giving 11.5 points in a playoff game was insane. I took Seattle over Carolina and won. You always say you have been at this a long time yet your picks are wrong 90% of the time.... Give me NE all day. It may be true you have been gambling on football a long time but don't try to use your age as an attempt to sway someone's pick as fading you is $$$$.

QUOTE Originally Posted by Knoxpoker:
The NFL is still fixed right?? I cant even watch this garbage.. how quickly we forget Dallas vs Detroit...What we say or who you want to win doesn't matter anymore. It is who the NFL will let in .. 

Go cry to your mom when you say these games are fixed after this week.. Those moans will fall on deaf ears. You have all learned your lesson after watching the 2 Dallas games. What is a football move again?? Still no one can answer that.. Good Luck tho.. 

To prove your point a major tout wrote this in their game summary.. I ask the dummies this - if it's not rigged (read Interference by Dan Moldea) how did they nail this with such absolute certainty. The Dex Bryant play almost made this a Nostradamus like write up....

"The main reason we’re playing the Packers in this one is because of what transpired last week in Dallas. We all saw the refs hand the game to the Lions in what has to be considered one of the most curious calls in the history of sports. What followed that game was a social-media avalanche with the NFL being accused of “fixing” games. There were photographs of Jerry Jones’ son partying with the head of officials. There were screams of foul play that lasted well past Sunday and into Wednesday before it started dying off. The NFL was and still is under heavy scrutiny and there is no way that Roger Goddell has ignored this. What you will witness this week at Lambeau Field is the complete opposite of what happened last week. Dallas will get few calls, if any. They will get flagged numerous times on even the smallest of infractions that otherwise may have been “let go”. Goddell or his officials will not be accused of favoritism this week. Goddell will do everything in his power to alleviate the perceived bias towards the Cowboys and when Roger Goddell wants something, he gets it. This week, the refs will be heavily biased against Dallas to compensate for last week's debacle and that’s the reason we’re spotting the points."
as a home dog since 1996 Toronto is 0-14 s/u vs Atlanta. 3/11 ats...

I'll take the Hawks who are on fire. 
I know history can mean little when it comes to the NFL, but I like AZ here. 

Since 1992 the Rams as a Home Favorite of 6.5 or less are 1-4 s/u and 0-5 ATS vs Arizona. 

Overall at as a Home Fav since 1992 the Rams are 5-6 s/u and 2-9 ATS vs Arizona. 

With something to play for give me Zona +4.5!
One tough game after chalk players took a beating, they look to Pitt as a bailout game?

On the surface it looks like a great play only laying 5.5 to a terrible Tenn team. 

BUT since 2005 Pitt has sucked covering the line on Monday night 
6-9 - while Tenn is 5-1 ATS. 

At Tenn, Pitt is 2-8 s/u and 4-6 ATS, as a road fav at Tenn they are 0-3 s/u 0-3 ats

This game is not as easy as it looks. I'm laying off. 
Games are not fixed mhmmm mhmmm

Canseco is a liar there is no steroid abuse! He's just a loser and wants attention to sell his stupid book!.....WRONG

Tim Donaghy is a liar NBA not fixed, no favoritism. WRONG

MLB is not fixed it can never happen. uh WHITE SOX anyone? WRONG

Another thing how in the world do the line makers get it almost perfect every single time? Are they Nostradamus? Why would they just not make a killing in the stock market? 

Please young men...if you bet, know what you are against. All I'm saying. 
QUOTE Originally Posted by The Hawk:
Who does your Mom like next week?

LMAO....I always look for these kinds of posts (the original poster I mean) for fade material. It's been good to me. 

I may concur with NYY only because the o/u is low which means it may come down to bullpens. And Tampa's bullpen sucks. Mo vs Rodney? Even at 50 years old+ I'd take Mo. Could be a nice dog play.  View
O/U 8.5 with Zimmerman...I smell an over.  View
Excellent insight, thanks Atlas!  Here are my shots for today. In the order I like them, I like Palace Malice in the big one- good luck!

Race 1:       8-2-6  (8 – strong play)

Race 2:       10-11-7

Race 3:       9-2-1

Race 4:       7-6-1  (7 – strong play)

Race 5:       7-10-11

Race 6:       10-7-1

Race 7:       1-3-10  (1 – strong play)

Race 8:       7-10-2

Race 9:       3-8-7

Race 10:     2-9-1  (2 – strong play)

Race 11:     2-10-11  (2 – strong play)

Race 12:     8-3-2

Race 13 :    7-6-12

Race 14:     12-1-11
nats 5-0 in this situation game 3 View
Reds have lost 6 straight on the road in Series Game 1 off a home win and the total is 7.5 or less. 

Could be a Natty play. 
I have a friend who lives in Cali and he told me 7-11 is giving away free tickets to either track. You have to live in Cali cause it's in some stores there. 

But he game me the direct link www.racenwin.com

Just an FYI
Can't shine a flashlight between them. I'm taking the Ravens only because of Special Teams. Their kicker is money and the niners kicker has been shaky at best. 

Crunch time...I'll take the better FG kicker. Ravens +4
If Vikes win...predicted line for next game at GB, Pack -8.5 View
QUOTE Originally Posted by LETGOPACK1234:


Why doesnt Minn defense stink???  They have given up the same amount of points

Vikes secondary takes penis to the face. And I'm a fan. No receivers and no DB's make this an improbable playoff run. 
QUOTE Originally Posted by BucsWeb:

Dude, use your DVR, rewind it to a frame or even 5 frames before the knee was down.  It was a TD without doubt.  Buck and Aikman are idiots.  90% of the time announcers are a day late and a dollar short of everything they talk about.

Was your DVR made in Wisconsin? 
QUOTE Originally Posted by BucsWeb:

The ball was very clearly over the goal line when the knee went down.

Really? Why did why did they throw the flag then? Cause they wanted to claim knee was down and not a fumble. Aikman and Buck never considered it was a TD. They said "obviously his knee was down, no fumble." aka garbage call. 
WTF...Home refs eh? When did he break the f%%^%g plane??? His knee was down.  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by popeyoss:
it's as though they're conspiring with AP for him to break this record

Yes the fudge packers who rank 19th against the run and the 15 other teams he played against. 
Yep they will ONLY come back and do the superior dance should the Fudgers come back. But the Vikes D looks good, and AP is due to break a large one. 

QUOTE Originally Posted by W8LIFTER:
Ofcourse I could hear a pin drop in here!!! 
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