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09/23/2017 Trump once again complains about crowd size and fake news...while CNN literally provides real news scalabrine 9
09/23/2017 Political Bet - Roy Moore over Luther Strange scalabrine 4
09/23/2017 Black Lives Matter... StumpTownStu 46
09/23/2017 If a Democrat president tweeted what Trump did today...how long wallstreetcappers 125
09/22/2017 Only during a Trump presidency: White supremicists scream "White Lives Matter" with mock torches scalabrine 269
09/22/2017 Making America Great Again Dsn150 57
09/21/2017 This is who you elected....thank you from the bottom of my heart for F'ing us all scalabrine 86
09/21/2017 TRUMP TAKES ON GLOBAL ELITISTS Crusher13 33
09/20/2017 Good luck being a defendant in the U.S. court system....as a black male scalabrine 102
09/18/2017 Good people on both sides....both sides...hey come on, is Georgie's statue next? He owned slaves!!! scalabrine 6
09/15/2017 Steve Mnuchin Midnight1 5
09/14/2017 Moving to Vegas to become a full time pro handicapper collegegambler 14298
09/13/2017 I find it curious there are not 5 outrage threads today about the debt ceiling wallstreetcappers 36
09/10/2017 Hillary in 2014 CNN interview.... "send illegal immigrant children back to mexico" lovethedough 11
08/04/2017 what is the most you have ever lost gambling, in 1 day? MoneyShot 129
07/15/2017 Asking for acceptance ProtoStar 632
07/02/2017 SarasotaSlim, Killer_B, Canovsp, Bowlslit, Rick3117 MoneySRH 64
06/21/2017 Does anyone have any $100,000 business ideas? I_Need_A_Detox 82
05/28/2017 i have 6 months to live LineMover 296
04/30/2017 Possible False Flag sundance 177
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