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NFL Betting > Super Bowl 48 - Detailed Writeup > View Post
Good luck Taz!

NFL Betting > Denver vs Seattle > View Post
One more thing it's the Chinese New Year -- Year of the Horse

NFL Betting > Denver vs Seattle > View Post
Fair point pistol but Seattle has the youngest team in the league it's not like the players have endured years of frustrating seasons like the old days in Seattle

So im not sure how the players look at it like 1st for Seattle more like 1st for themselves


NFL Betting > Denver vs Seattle > View Post
Thanks Mac !!

Always nice to hear from you and good luck as well

Your a class act!

NFL Betting > Denver vs Seattle > View Post
Denver -2

I am gong with Denver for a few reasons but the main one as you can guess is Mr. Peyton Manning!

Look at what he had to go through to get to this point - a major neck injury - then cut by the colts (Jim isray) moved to a new home in Denver with a new system and in his 1st season took them to the playoffs and in his 2nd - well he did nothing short of re-write the record books!! AFC Champions wow not bad What a comeback

The way i see it it's Peyton's finest hour approaching and I'm betting he sees this through!

Lots of talk about the Seattle D - yes lots and lots of talk and sure they are the best - and Sherman says he's the best just incase any of you didn't know

Hold your Horses (pun intended)

well not the best just yet as to me the best Defense is the one who can say at the end of the day - we are a championship Defense! Stats don't mean a thing if you lose the Super Bowl
And do you need to give Peyton extra incentive to defeat you? How bout an extra week to prepare as well

Lots of talk about a 4-1 record in SB for a #1 Defense - strong trend sure but there are intangibles to each of those games and I don't know what those games are besides maybe the Bears in 85 but I don't care

None of those teams had the likes of Peyton and none of them had 4 WR/TE with over double digit touchdowns - a 1st in the nfl

The Beast -- man he's a real talent but so is Moreno and he is the 5th weapon in Denver's aersenal I think he could win MVP - my longshot to win at +1500

Speaking of a good D -
Blount had 4 TDS vs albeit a poor colts Defense but the broncos shut him down to 10 yards

I don't care what you say that's incredible and no one is talking about Denver's D! they faced two of the best in Rivers and Brady and pretty much shut them down and have been hitting a stride far far away from where they were earlier in the season

Btw speaking of Rivers was anyone more hot then the Chagers ??

I had a future bet on them week 16 to win the Super Bowl 100/5K and they made it in - beat a team that was unbeatable at home and had coverd vs all of them including vs the colts who as it turned out defeated both SB Teams

They came within a 3rd 17 stand to possibly tying the broncos and when Peyton hit that 1st down I lost my mind

Well I digress sorry. It leads me to my next point - chargers had Peyton's former OC - the pats had been playing. Vs Peyton's for what seems like forever and ol bill knew him so well but what does Seattle have on him? Not much

and the last thing I have to add is that many of the players on Denver really respect champ bailey and will dig deep to get him this ring!

I'm at the airport ??on my way to vegas for the big game ??

Good luck as usual ??


NFL Betting > ****The TRAIN69 Super Bowl Extravaganza**** > View Post

I disagree with what you said about the chargers! They did deserve to be there and incase you missed it came from a 3&17 on defense from possibly tying the game vs the best team in the conference on the road - it was a great come back that fell short thanks to a great play by manning -
and happened to be the only team to have gone into Denver and won - on a very short week no less -thurs

Closest game Denver had to a loss well since they lost to the chargers

also no credit given for beating a team that hasn't lost a game at home and covered in each of those games including a win and cover vs a colts team who actually defeated the 2 Super Bowl teams head to head!

Not saying they didn't get lucky of course they did (all teams do)

but they won the games they needed to win including a tougher than expected game vs the backups for KC - yes back ups but chase Daniel was dying to get a start and prove himself and if you know anything about the NFL and I know you do - the pressure to win that game was HUGE and was a must win and they won - albeit with a missed FG and a non call but still came back to win

And as far as the patriots well they brady is Brady and Was not an easy game and held Blount to under 10 yards amazing considering the game he had previous week

Denver didn't score in the 2nd H and thanks and that 2 pt miss was aBle to hang on - but all of this stuff who beat who and a where and defensive stats you pulled up means very little when it comes to a game between two teams that don't know each other -

Chargers had mannings old offensive coach who was with him every day

Patriots & ol bill know manning better than any other team - what so the Seahawks have on the best QB ?

Not mucho

Oh and no offense but I hope the " Train "runs off the track on Sunday

Best ,,


College Football > 2013-14 Bowl Season > View Post
happy new year old

GL tonight and in the NFL

NFL Betting > yeah, the Niners will probably lose > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Gold_Rush:
Washington is kinda due for a win on primetime!

At least I HOPE they are!!

NFL Betting > yeah, the Niners will probably lose > View Post
Washington is kinda due for a win on primetime!

NFL Betting > ***Macwesties MON. Nov. 25, 2013 (WEEK #12) NFL *MNF* Football Play*** > View Post
Bless you sir!!

NFL Betting > MNF > View Post
You know when I say  

it twists my soul

NFL Betting > New England vs. Carolina > View Post
Carolina - 3

A rare Home Monday Night Football game for the Panthers.

This is a huge game for Carolina and as mentioned they don't get to play on MNF very often ** especially at home!

I feel that with the loses on the Defensive Line for the Patriots there will have trouble stopping the run. 

Patriots have had a pretty soft schedule and this arguably will be the best Defense they have gone up against. 

Carolina should be very fired up for this and if they want more games on MNF they better make this one count.

GL as usual 

NFL Betting > Mia/tb > View Post
Best of luck tonight bud! 

NFL Betting > Put your house on Dolphins -1 and Pacers -6.5 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by craftysiince84:
Lawbron James chokes again!!

Nice touch!

NFL Betting > THURSDAY 9/19/13 NFL > View Post
Good Luck tonight and the rest of the year bro 

NFL Betting > Thursday night...2-6 run!!! > View Post
Good luck tonight and the rest of this season my friend!

NFL Betting > nFl MNF > View Post
GL This year bud!

And tonight as well

NFL Betting > Monday Plays > View Post
GL This season buddy! Like the pick as well!

NFL Betting > Steelers are winning tonights game > View Post
I have to admit I admire your confidence!


NFL Betting > The Monday Nighter (Steelers @ Bengals) > View Post
Hey taz my brother - thank god football is back! :-)

looking forward to another great season!

Best of luck tonight and for the rest of the season as well!

NFL Betting > NFL MONDAY NIGHT > View Post
good luck this season puck
And tonight of course

College Football > Week 3 picks (7-1 season) > View Post
With you on Bama

Good luck bro

College Football > ***Macwesties Sat. Sept 14, 2013 (Week#3) NCAAF College Plays*** > View Post
Mac Daddy!

Best of luck this season my friend!

College Football > CFB SATURDAY > View Post
Hi Tree

Have a great year bro

College Football > week 3 > View Post
Nice start to the year buddy
Nice win over ND Last weekend

Best of luck this year

College Football > You have officially been warned.................... > View Post
Watching RG3 will to win on ABC


College Football > You have officially been warned.................... > View Post
Absolutely love your style RG3.5
And the low key teams you select

Nice job brother -Hail to RG3.5

College Football > *** SATURDAY NCAAF *** > View Post
Good luck this year bad - err i mean The Boss!

College Football > College Football 2013 Week 1 : The Epic Season begins > View Post
All aboard!!

Train good luck this season my friend

College Football > 3 picks for today > View Post
Absolutely love your show

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