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Eagles all the way....girl View
And this game is exactly why I stopped gambling real money. 
It is a crap shoot. This game was over and bam! A's Win.

That game is one of the reasons why we all love sports and why bookies make a killin'   

Nice Run Skip, you had an amazing run.
Cool website though, maybe you need to work for Facebook View
Correction: ......worst than a little girl pickings teams by their names... View
Nice Try Magic Man........but 4-15 in worst than a little picking team by their names.......  

QUOTE Originally Posted by MagicSportPick:
For FREE Sports Picks

U.....MASS! View
JT..Congrats!  You have been very active on with 2,063 posts over the past 2 years. What took you so long to start playing Streak Survivor? View
Yanks but the Jays are due to hit soon......... View
Don't pick the away team unless they are a much superior team

Chacin will hopefully get rocked!  View
I am sure Butler students, alumni, and fans had them going all the way just like last year. View
Congrats on the's too bad Connecticut and Butler are not playing anymore....7 of your 17 wins during this streak. That is amazing.  I think it is time to add an Avatar.  View
I feel you bro....... View
In this contest, it does not matter if there was a pitchers change or not......your locked in once you picked the game  View
Wow.........that was a horrible inning.

Axford was solid all of last year, if he blew a save, we won the game.
He was very sharp in spring training too.  
He was due for a really bad performance this year.

I liked the match up myself but baseball is a fickle bitch in the beginning of the year....better luck next time around.

QUOTE Originally Posted by ParmyCharm:
Tuppy I want to thank you for changing your picture.  I love dogs but I was sick and tired of looking at that one.

Also, does anybody read the forums to see if their question was asked and answered before?  There's probably a dozen threads on this subject if you hunt around.

You're the one to talk..............
Running with Da Bulls View
I agree with you TNTTOMMY....great game though View
QUOTE Originally Posted by osu200200:

that's like saying just check out what bama and mississippi state did in their bowl games... knowing that i still took ohio state last night. not saying i'm taking miami ohio here, but just don't like that reasoning

If you make your picks early and College BB is not available, then you don't have to pick's that simple.  

Learn the in's and out's of the game before you start spouting off like Kim K.
Ladies, too many Charger injured..........Schaub brings home the bacon on this one. View
what guy? View
how much money did you lose....we are here for you........ View
It was a joke you naive moron.  

NHL has been very unpredictable this year.....I have never seen so many -140+ teams losing in any other sport.

And we are all guessing when we pick because we do not know all the variables that go into one game.

Check yo self skuby

The reason Rizz said the next race won't have CFL is because the Next Race will be during the off season of the CFL. You will get WNBA instead......hahaha.  

Hockey should be taken off, impossible to guess correctly, no logic behind some teams winning.

Read the fine print brotha..........
What I do not understand is that your 8-5 picking Baseball games
and 9-4 NCAAF and you want to pick all Hockey games which you are 11-13????????

I would stick to anything but Hockey and I expect 10% for my valuable advise if you win this whole damn thing.  Your even better at picking CFL games bro!

Also, you have played the Ultimate Race since day one so stop trying to act like a rookie............
U the man dbell69 !   View
Yes, you can wait, but don't forget............... View
Quite an accomplishment........maybe you should take your own advise and SAY SOMETHING NICE OR DON'T SAY CHIT AT ALL. 

Gilbyg27  17 Wins   Jesse  12 Wins

You better start going against your gut before it is too late!
Just wanted to Congratulate you Jesse, on your last 10 picks.  
1 - 10 is quit an accomplishment...........your parents must be proud.

If only you picked the opposite of what your gut told you, you would be winning this damn thing............hahaaha!  

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