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College Football > Clemson vs Ohio St > View Post
Turnovers have been Clemson's kryptonite.

Ohio State CANNOT win this game. Clemson can lose by turning the ball over 3+ times.

Best Bet: Under 29.5  - 1st half

College Football > Clemson vs Ohio St > View Post
You are right on target. The ACC is better (this year) than the Big 10. Clemson will win outright!

Joes are betting on Ohio State, but the money is 6-1 on Clemson.

Clemson 27 
Ohio St.  16

College Football > Black Friday Specials (Free) > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Macallanlover:

Never, ever, put all of anything on a single game.  These are 18-22 year olds with a lot of crazy things running through their minds, officiated by part time employees who makes mistakes that swing points in either direction by several mistakes.  That said, USC is playing well and Domers are a warm mess coached by a deadman walking. Not a bad bet, but there are better ones out there, spread the risk.

Dead on Mac! Especially on this weekend. Been doing this a LONG time and this is normally my worst weekend of the tear for college games. I have learned (the hard way) that Rivalry Week = small bets.

College Football > $$$*** DAVIDN WEEK #1 COLLEGE FOOTBALL ***$$$ > View Post
My favorite time of year: FOOTBALL SEASON.

And I'm here to see what gifts Santa has for me this year.

David (& Train) helped me make some $$$ last year and I will sing their praises. Thank you.

Best of luck, because when you win - I win!!!

College Football > NCAA 2016 WEEK 1 **** Wiping before you poop is like fading TRAIN69 **** > View Post
Finally, Christmas is here!!!! Naturally, I'm here at Santa's space because he gives presents weekly!

Started following you last year and quickly became a fan. You are one of the best!

Week 1 is always the toughest for me, however I do have a few leans:
UNC +3
BYU +1.5
Fla. State -4 

Best of luck to you Train - because if you win, I win (and we won last year).

NFL Betting > PDUBS PLAYOFFS YTD 4-2 +824 > View Post

Patriots -5             (5 units)
Under 43 NE-KC  (2 units)
Cardinals -7.5         (2 units)

NFL Betting > PDUBS PLAYOFFS YTD 4-2 +824 > View Post
Don't have my all my picks decided yet, but can tell you that I love the spread going down in the Panthers-Seahawks game. Everyone is still discounting the Panthers and holding Seattle up because of their previous couple of seasons, Fact is this Seattle team has just been lucky, lucky, lucky. That luck may continue, but they are in no way a better team than Carolina, The Panthers are healthy for the first time in a month. Do not forget this fact. 

My analytics show the spread should be Panthers -5 or -5.5. I'll take those free points, which will be the ATS difference...


NFL Betting > suuma's wildcard round 2015 > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by suuma:

Thanks man. We are all in this together. Sometimes we lose and we might lose today but it happens. The only thing that counts is the big picture, the long run. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Haters gonna hate!

All sports gamblers should take this to heart. We all have days where we pick some losers. The goal has to be long-term. And the sentence that hits home is, "We are all in this together." These dolts that come to sites just to bash a losing pick are the true losers.

I wish you luck with all your picks and appreciate the info you provide! Wish I had found your site earlier in the season...

NFL Betting > suuma's wildcard round 2015 > View Post
With you on GB, but Seattle-Minn. is a no bet for me. Normal conditions, Seahawks by 10+. Having played in 12 degree weather in college - it makes a difference - a big difference. I remember not wanting to go back out after halftime and we were winning by 14 points.


BOL & thanks for your informative posts!

NFL Betting > suuma's wildcard round 2015 > View Post
Agree with both your picks.  

Chiefs need to jump out early, which I believe they will do. If Houston gets an early lead and the fans get loud - could be a long day...
KC Chiefs 27-17

Pittsburgh has Big Ben and his experience (also some great WR's). The Bengals are better everywhere else and a much better team.
Cincy 23-21  


College Football > ***Bowl Season Thread*** Its hard to be sharp when you're so well rounded...... > View Post
Our leader either has a job or a wife. Hard to pick all the bowl games 2 & 3 weeks out.

Luckily, I have gone 14-8 since Monday.

My picks today:

GA -6 - 1*
OVER 43.5 (GA-PSU) - 1*
Kansas State +13 - 2*
WV -1 - 2*
OVER 62 (WV-KS) - 2*


College Football > $$$*** CFB BOWLS ***$$$ > View Post
Georgia -6 - 1*
Kansas State +13 - 2*
WV -1 - 2*
OVER 62 (WV-ASU) - 2*

What do you think DAVIDN?

College Football > $$$*** CFB BOWLS ***$$$ > View Post
Happy New Year DAVID

I agree with you over in the NW-TENN game, though I got it at 49.

However, I took Michigan -4. While both have excellent coaches, I just don't feel Florida can score more than 10 points on Michigan.

And I just can't ever get myself to bet on Notre Dame...

My big bet of the day is OVER 69.5 in the Miss. State - Oklahoma State game tonight. I feel the total will be in the 80's and possibly 90's.

College Football > $$$*** CFB BOWLS ***$$$ > View Post
Happy New Year to all my fellow football gambling junkies! May 2016 bring you many wins & few bad beats! Break the Book!!!

College Football > $$$*** CFB BOWLS ***$$$ > View Post
Through 27 bowl games - prior to USC-Wisconsin game:
(my bookies line) 
17 - over 
9 - under
1 - push 

17 favorites have covered
10 underdogs 

I like your over picks in the first 2 New Years Eve games.

I also like the Houston +7 and Michigan State +9.5. What are your thoughts? 

College Football > $$$*** CFB BOWLS ***$$$ > View Post
Love the AF pick! Teams that can run the ball do well in bowls.

I absolutely love the over 69 in the Baylor-NC "NO DEFENSE BOWL."

NFL Betting > $$$NFL WK 13$$$ > View Post
Why do you like the Ravens? Winners of MNF are auto fades the following week.

I'm all in on the Colts +7.5

My best bets:

Broncos -4
Seahawks -1
Colts +7.5


College Football > NCAA WEEK 14 **** Wisdom & Serenity **** > View Post
Thanks to Train and his help with the college picks, I am +47 units. This is NFL & NCAA combined. My units are $25 and most of my bets are 1 to 4 units, though I did hit a 20 unit ($500) bet earlier to help my total.

I worked in Vegas for a few years in the early to mid 90's. I would like to share a few things I learned there and since:
** Lay off the parlays. The bookies make a large % of their money on 3-5 team parlays. This is especially true for local bookies that count pushes/ties as losses.
** Always bet against the MNF winner the following week.
** Lean toward the UNDER in mid-week (Tues.-Fri.) night games.
** Lean toward the under more as the season enters the 2nd half.
** If a college team changes coaches mid-week, BET on that team in the following game and lean against that team in their 2nd game, after the change.
** Stay away from "free picks" from those that are trying to sell you picks! Thinking that they will give you free winners, so you will pay them in the future, is wrong. They know you are more likely to pay for picks when you are in the hole, not when you are winning $.
** Don't trust anyone (Train69 included) for all your bets. Make your picks before you start looking at what everyone else thinks. Then use their knowledge and expertise to tweak your picks.

And most importantly, don't be giving grief to the people you follow for picks and advice. You are the one that placed the bet.

BOL to all and know that Train69 is as good as there is in picking college football games ATS. 55% is your goal, 60% is out-frigging-standing!

College Football > NCAA WEEK 14 **** Wisdom & Serenity **** > View Post
GL Train. And thanks in for all your help.

GA Southern -21
OVER 55.5  WV-Kansas St.
S. Miss +7.5
OVER 38 Bama-Fla
SD State -6.5
Clemson -4
Michigan State -3
UNDER 49.5 MSU-Iowa  

BL to all.

College Football > NCAA WEEK 14 **** Wisdom & Serenity **** > View Post
Train - I enjoy your picks and your humor. You have kept me out of the poor house on Saturdays. Keep up the good work!

It's all about perspective. My dog wonders why I crap in his favorite drinking bowl... 

College Football > NCAA WEEK 13 **** Heart of gold. Balls of steel. Sh!t for brains. **** > View Post
Thanks for all your help this year! I seem to do better at the NFL, so you have helped me keep the college picks on the winning side.

I am wondering how good you are at picking NFL games - any stats on your NFL picks?

Romo isn't the savior. He makes Dallas a lot better, but they still aren't better than the Panthers.

PANTHERS WIN Bet the farm!

College Football > ***** Thursday Night Shocker ***** > View Post

Defense isn't the strong point of either team. TCU has better offensive skill players and the secondary is WV's weakest link. I realize that the visiting team has won each game in this series, but WVU isn't as good a team they have been.

Being from SC and not having a dog in the fight, I am betting on the home team minus the 13 points.

TCU 44-20

College Football > Sunday > View Post

Marshall is the highest rated play of the weekend, according to my computer analytics. Then again, Miss. State -20.5 was the 2nd highest play and that didn't turn out too well... Anyway, got to play the numbers:

Marshall -7 for 100

Under 60 for 50

College Basketball > Clemson at Syracuse (02/09/2014) > View Post
Being a follower of Clemson, I also need to add that when things go wrong for Clemson, they tend to snowball. When they lose, they normally lose bad. If the 3's aren't falling at a 35-40% rate, it could easily turn into a 72-49 game. I think I'll place a small bet on the OVER 114. 

College Basketball > Clemson at Syracuse (02/09/2014) > View Post
Common sense says take Syracuse to win big, but they have won only one conference game by more than 12 points (VA TECH). While Clemson has little to no offense, they are a few steps up from VT and have the nations leading defensive scoring average (55 pts. allowed). Syracuse will get some easy transition baskets and McDaniel will keep CUSE'S zone a little tighter. How Clemson shoots the 3's will determine the spread. I'm thinking Syracuse 65-53.

College Football > Saturday > View Post


UNDER 64 Fresno-USC

Fresno S. +5.5 (2*)

Buffalo +2 (3*)

Tulane-UL-Lafayette come down to whether QB (Broadway) plays. If he plays bet BIG on ULL and over, if not stay away!

Good luck to all & thanks for the info this year.   

NFL Betting > Thursday Night Football > View Post
Anyone else having trouble submitting pick on contests? It'll let me do everything (let me pick the teams & amounts, reset, etc.) except submit the picks... It worked Tuesday (for my losers), But not Wednesday (for my winners ) or today. Any suggestions are appreciated. 

College Football > Oklahoma at Baylor (11/07/2013) > View Post

OKLAHOMA +17   Are you kidding me?

If Baylor wins by 17, Stoops should be fired on the 50 yard line. Overall, Oklahoma has better athletes. A decent game (ball control) plan will keep it close.

Pro Football > Washington at Minnesota (11/07/2013) > View Post

80% of bets are on Washington, yet the line drops from 2.5 to 1. I'll defer to the big money...

Vikings +1 

Pro Football > Chicago at Green Bay (11/04/2013) > View Post

Go BIG on the under, possibly parlay it with ML on GB.

Division game, cold, windy, Cutler out (means the Bears should lean on the running game which will limit GB's possessions) and the Bear defense has had a week to heal. Barring a couple of defensive and/or special team scores, the UNDER should be a good play.

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