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Im never betting on Miami on the road again vs good home teams..

Bosh is box..

That is all..
I mean, look at all the talent on this team!!
How are they so mediocre?? DEL NEGRO THATS WHY!!!

They are being outcoached night after night..

Its sad.. He needs to be fired.. They won 6 games out of there last what? 20? 

Fucking bums
Capser Ware came up short.. And played like a hoe down the stretch..
Definitely let his team down when they needed him..

They go up by 2 with less than 4 minutes left, then the defense gives up a wide open 3.. Then Ware gets fouled and a 1 and 1, and misses the FT.. Then picks up a cheap foul and they made both of theirs.. That was game after that
This is my upset pick of the week..
Miami Sheet cost me nearly all of my bankroll last night..
So I threw the last scraps on Montana..

Lets get it..

I know its a stretch and long shot, but stranger things have happened.

Miami just bent me over and used no vaseline.. And didnt even buy me a drink or give me a cigerette..

Now I have to resort to letting the last scraps of my bankroll on a underdog.. Lots of choices, and theres always huge upsets in the first round.. I just hope this is one of them..

Will Cherry and Jordan Taylor are both beast..
Taylor isnt having his best year tho..

Montana has trouble guarding the inside but are decent at guarding the perimeter.. Wisconsin strengths are shooting the 3..
If they are cold, I think Montana can take this..

Thoughts.. I know its a long shot.. But hey, its gambling 
Keep your head up.. I lost a SHITLOAD of money the last 2 days on Miami.. They have no heart whatsoever.. How do you lose to your rivals without there best player.. You let a midget named Lucas skull fuck you?? Why did it take Coach Spo so long to figure out you need to double team him and trap him late in the shot clock.. By then it was too late..

Props to James and Wade, fuck Boshes box person ass
Nice box out Battier, you fucking person View
How many millions poured in on the Heat when Rose was ruled out?

I know they caught me with my hand in the cookie jar..

Disgusting... Heat are pathetic spineless heartless cowards.
How on earth do you lose to these clowns without Rose?


Everytime Miami makes a run, they give up a basket and Bosh throws up multiple clankers
James and Wade cut the lead to 4, and you get a turnover, miss a layup looking like an idiot, then get another turnover..
Get this ostrich looking person out the game and put in haslem please
Hes useless on both sides of the ball  
For March Madness?? with the money you guys won on this Bulls comfortable win?

I like NC State myself..
I agree.. Miami are straight box hair..
I shoulda known not to bet on these cocksuckers when they folded like hoes vs orlando..

Now they put themselves in a hole thinking Bulls were gonna laydown for them.. Miamis role players are useless
Same here bro.. EVERYTIME I bet on Miami they lose, and when I fade them, I lose.. View
LOL @ that last bail out foul giving Bulls more free points..
Yea, the fix is definitely in
QUOTE Originally Posted by DickyR:
Fred you're an idiot ! 

Heat down 16, and played an OT game last night..
This shit is over..

Miami thought Bulls were gonna lay down... They didnt, game over
Miami once again playing like complete vaginas and coach Spo getting outcoached once again..

2 players have all the teams points? FUCKING REALLY?

Can Miami get ANY POINTS in the paint?

Bulls are getting all layups and dunks..
How on earth is this team gonna win the finals and they cant beat the Bulls without Rose...

Why is Battier leaving Korver WIDE OPEN??

Why does Norris Cole suck? and Why is he in the game?

He has always been good. Even when he was with the Knicks..
He isnt waaay ahead of Ellis tho, who was also underrated..

Its hard to get recognition when you have Blake, Love, Aldridge, in the west.. But he is on the same level as those guys.. 
CLOWN... View

Had a feeling he was out!! threw $450 on Miami ML
Cant get much better value than that...

Hopefully Miami doesnt have a let down mentally
I remember rotoworld said Curry was definitely out, and come to find out he played and balled.. Rotoworld owes me money View
rumors shumors View
Lebitch succumbs under pressure.. This will likely be close, so Bulls is the play.. Or it will be Bulls winning going away.. View
Line is +2

Miami backers still have action lol..
Bull Heat games are usually close a sh1t
Line dropped another .5 View
Deng  View
This line is begging people to bet on Miami..
Sorry folks, it aint happening tonite..

Refs will give Rose and the Bulls every whistle tonite and shake hands with vegas after taking their cuts
QUOTE Originally Posted by GimmeDaLoot420:
only time will tell here folks im stickin bulls....maybe stupid but im stickin with it

Not stupid at all.. Bulls are the better regular season team. Are beast at home and Miami isnt as strong on the road.. it should be a close game Bulls should pull out.. We all know how Miami fairs in close games.. They fold like lawn chairs..

Bulls would have beat them last time if Rose doesnt miss those free throws.. Rose gets revenge tonight

I like Bulls at home if Rose plays.. But how effective will he be if he does play?

I cant touch this game now...

Deng has basically 1 arm as well
QUOTE Originally Posted by DickyR:
fred u are the worst capper here.

I wont disagree with that lol..
But usually win all my big bets..

Good Luck YALL
WTF are you talking about?

Its likely Rose will play but he's still a game time decision. Vegas doesnt know yet either.. 

Theres been plenty of situations lines have moved just moments before finding out if a star player is playing or not..

Just like Bulls vs Memphis earlier this season..

And no, Bulls arent beating Miami without Rose, youre just being silly now
Rose will take a shot and be fine..
As well as Deng..

Miami was atrocious last night in the 2nd half tho..
This game is a coin flip..

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