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PSU +4
MIAMI -24.5
DUKE -6.5

I also want to add the OVER first 5 Innings WHITESOXS game! View
Red soxs

UNDER in the Dodgers game!
UNDER in the Indians game!

Good Luck guys!
Just take the over on the whitesoxs game first 5 innings $$$$ View
QUOTE Originally Posted by rmb5w:

I was at this game.  Longoria at bat, bottom of the 10th, bases loaded, 0 outs, and TB can't come out of there with a win??  How often would that result happen in that exact situation out of 100 times?  5%?

Well Longoria had screwed me more times then I can count on my hands!!! I don't expect great things from him at times and personally I think he really stinks!!! Sorry he made your night disappointing!
I like your stuff rmb been watching! Now ima join ya! Thanks for the hard work! View
No Detroit takes it ML View
Yes funk I did and I also have warriors as well  View
Funk nothing from ya man what's going on with you!!! View
Let's do it all in with u on the bulls here lol View
Thanks funk!!!! See u then! View
Okay I did pull it lol View
It's -105 now at -7.5 View
Dam I want to so bad but its now bulls 7.5 -105 and -115 pistons should I still View
And u probably didn't even bet!  I'm liking just the UNDER here start of season I think will be slow but a winner I can't see based on last year! Line ups different! 

    You'll be able to hetch your bet in the in-game anyways View
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! View
They didn't break me! I flip my ticket at the casino ML 20 times with these guys for a profit of over 10 grand lol first time in my life these happened and first time I had a good gut feeling to take them and ride them that long and stop when I did!!! 

They broke u if your stupid enough to take a team after they've won more than 20 times period!
Exactly u think the lakers the whole season will lose every single time they play b2b road games! U gotta expect that they will atleast win b2b games once this year!!! View
Dam funk unbelievable the days I take u we go 1-2 or 1-1 but the days I don't take u and watch u u go 3-3 or 4-4!!! It's crazy I waited for ur picks today and I though ur weren't posting but good job today funk!!! And I hope jazz win it and cover for ur 4-4 today!! View
Over in the mil game better both hit 100's View
I'm exiced now funk u coming back for Sunday!!!! Whoowhoo.  Didn't do too bad while u were gone 2-3 sat.  1-0 Friday   But I'm defenately ready for some good leads again and can't wait for u to post View
But the thunder can drop 115 120 and magic could drop 90 View
Why not Dallas? View
Anything for the next games hunter? View
Funk please just let us know something for tomorrow ill lost huge with the bulls!!! And didn't take the celtics!!! 

So p,ease funk post something or Friday or Saturday 
No View
Why play so many games!!! Take a couple of hundreds and bet one game!!! Call it a day and do it again the next day!!! 6-8 games a day u will never come out on top waste of money unless your doing it for fun and betting under 20$ GL to everyone always on whatever u decide to do anyways!!! View
@ozpunter becarefull because rockets will over ATS!!! They will blow out the suns!!  Think what u want because of last game!!! 126-98   View
Okay just finished some stating lol. Really liking N O and the over
Also really liking spurs -9
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