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Politics > We now have the PROOF > View Post
For years,I've been contending that the Mossad will do ANYTHING to keep Nevada's sports betting monopoly.Now this happens on the VERY DAY that the Supreme Court is to hear NJ's appeal in their sports betting case.

People forget that the USA was in a severe recession in the early 90's.Vegas was in great difficulty.States with casinos were openly ruminating over legalizing sports betting.

Then,along came manna from heaven in the form of Bill Bradley,who suddenly developed an aversion to gambling after it not having bothered him all of those years when the Knicks were covering almost every night and the front row MSG crowd praised him.

As a result,Vegas had the funds to re-invent itself.Without them,it would have reverted to tumbleweed status.

The dual citizens duel with Congress is now laden with blood.

College Football > How is Lovie Smith even involved in sports anymore > View Post
When Rutgers beats them in two weeks,they may pull the plug on him.

Agreed.The Huskers'backers will be the ones drinking champagne.

College Football > EASTERN MICHIGAN @ RUTGERS: Your pick, right here at the CURRENT LINE on 5DIMES of -5.5 > View Post
I'll be sitting right behind the Eastern Michigan bench.We'll moider da bums.Remember what I said last week about Washington having trouble in the cold weather?This week's opponent issue may be Lewis getting in early and staying in,something they didn't prepare for.

College Football > Missouri State vs. Missouri > View Post

College Football > *** Fri Washington Huskies @ Rutgers S/ Knights *** > View Post
Maybe these Huskies can't handle the cold.It'll be a wee bit nippy on the Banks of the Raritan tonight.I'm wearing a sweater and a hood on Sept.1.

College Football > HUSKIES @ RUTGERS - 9/1/2017: This time Chris Ash gets Rutgers inside the MEGA-Spread... > View Post
Could the weather be the unknown factor?It's going to be 63 going down to 57,pretty cool for before Labor Day.Hasn't Seattle been unusually hot recently?

I may have to wear long pants.

Politics > Will Oregonians be allowed to pump their own gas during the eclipse? > View Post
During the day,the Beaver State has convict labor doing all the pumping.Since historically they're a people who believe in voodoo and other superstitions,they may walk off of their jobs.

Politics > Despite having a batting stance that reminded one of a boxer's stance......................... > View Post
Evidently,the word person was substituted for the nickname of Richard.

Politics > Despite having a batting stance that reminded one of a boxer's stance......................... > View Post
...........................................Dick McAuliffe never killed anybody-unlike Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.whose attempt to inject himself into the 2020 race led to his manipulation of various Virginia police into orchestrating a riot leading to the death of that poor woman.

MLB Betting > Do you believe that sports wagering is Fugazi?? > View Post
You have to outwork the linemaker.You must know things that he or his AI doesn't know.

Last night's Houston at Texas game was a perfect example of that 

The Rangers had off Thursday while the Astros played in Chicago.Texas was opening a home stand.The game opened up with Texas as a +113 dog with an over-under of 9.5.

Home dogs were 3-0,ytd. in meeting the conditions of an o/u 8 and above,day off advantage,and starting price of no more than +122,while opening a home stand playing a team not starting on a road trip.

Now,they're 4-0.

If you're not willing to do this sort of work,your chances are diminished.

MLB Betting > The "Magnificent" 7 > View Post

As Ricky Nelson said:'It's late." I don't know if I'll have something for tomorrow.

The real hard work will begin in October as I go over this year and possibly go back to 2014.

MLB Betting > The "Magnificent" 7 > View Post
Not bad 11-4 overall.5-2 best bets.

King Rajah kept the home dog record perfect at 11-0.Home dogs on 5 game losing streaks with starting prices of +145 and lower.The White Sox won't qualify tomorrow.Going against de Grom paid off,eh?

Sorry I didn't come back to the thread but I was a little gunshy after pushing Texas last Monday.So I suspended myself for 5 days.

I'm beginning to think that underdogs are the key by betting on or against them.Also betting against favorites,not on them exception when betting against the dog.

I got my groove back.

MLB Betting > The "Magnificent" 7 > View Post
We'll see how this goes:BALT,PITT,BOST,PHIL,OAK,TB,DET.

Faves should take most of the other 8.

No de Grom?Mariners have a habit of winning when they should lose and vice versa.So no bet.

MLB Betting > orioles @ rangers > View Post
Why not?

O's straight up may be the better bet as Rangers have won 7 straight on Saturdays.That bodes badly for home dogs.

MLB Betting > Atlanta/Philadelphia? > View Post
Hellickson pulled.

MLB Betting > Cubs In-Game > View Post
No team has lost 10 in a row this year.

MLB Betting > If I have to bet the opposite of what I like to make a profit then I dont want to bet anymore > View Post
Buffer,have you been doing it the exact same way for 30 years?If so,then what you have is not 30 years experience,but one year re-lived 30 times.

I'm constantly revising things every year,hoping to reach a state where I can finally say :"This is It."Perhaps within 3 years,I'll be there.

I go over things extensively in the fall and the winter.Last year,I thought I had it but when I attempted to put in into practice,I found that it was way too cumbersome to use.So I adjusted on the fly with mixed results.This winter,I'll be at it again with something new I've been looking at.

MLB Betting > Rangers could be worth a shot tonight > View Post
Home favorites on 4 game losing streaks on this day of the week-in the case Monday-with starting prices from -117 to -188 and are not 10 or more games below .500 are 15-2,ytd. covering the 2.5 run line 11 times,the same as they did with 1.5.So,the best play to get a lot would be to give the 2.5.Besides,they owe me from yesterday.Still,I would make that Rays' play every time.You can't win them all.

MLB Betting > Rays in 13-0 spot tomorrow > View Post
That should have been -118 not +118.

I keep my own records.Really must go now.

MLB Betting > Rays in 13-0 spot tomorrow > View Post
Home favorites in sweep prevention games on a losing streak of at least three games with starting prices of at least +118 and are not 10 or more games below .500 are 13-0,ytd,covering the run line 11 times.

Tonight's picks look good so far,Rockies and Dodgers.

No more posts until Monday.I've got a new refrigerator coming tomorrow.When I bought my last one,the Reds had just swept the A's in the WS.

MLB Betting > First post in almost 3 years > View Post
Don't like Pittsburgh.See my thread.

MLB Betting > The Pirates should walk the plank tonight > View Post
Road dogs on 6 game winning streaks are 1-9,ytd.The only caveat here is that the one win was at Coors Field.Still,the Pirates' pitcher has never pitched there,the strangest conditions in the major leagues.(At the Rockies first game of a road trip at Phila. in 1996,I noticed that the Rockies' outfielders were getting poor jumps on balls hit in front of them,probably expecting the ball to carry farther.But I digress).

The Rockies have lost 4 straight Saturdays.Home favorites in Game 2's on such streaks are 6-2,but they have dropped the last 2.

All things considered,don't be Kuhl.Go with Colorado.

I liked the Braves the last two nites,but this is where I get off.Road dogs on 5 game winning streaks on the same day of the week are 0-7 with starting prices above +124.They're 4-1 at or below.

Don't have the time to tend to the rest of the card,as I'm getting things for my new refrigerator to be delivered tomorrow and I'm busy with various methods to keep the milk and meat from going bad.

MLB Betting > Remember last night when I said that the Braves could do it again? > View Post
I remarked that they would attempt to end another 12 game Dodger streak,this one on Fridays.

My posting has been limited because of some problems I've been having,but I hope most of you jumped on it.

MLB Betting > Giants lose "Neutral" game as big fave > View Post
A "Neutral" game is a way that I describe the first game of a series featuring a home team playing the second or third team on a homestand and a visiting team in the second or third city of a road trip.

It's possible that the road team is getting used to being on the road while the home team is losing its edge for being at home.I just don't know the reason.We'll go back to 2014 on this one over the winter.In any event,blindly playing the road dog all season would have you up around 40 units.

Elsewhere,my Friday the 13th play was ruined by the Braves tonight.Had they lost,tomorrow the Dodgers would be twice going for 13 in a row,currently and on Friday.Maybe the Braves can ruin that streak as well.

MLB Betting > Someone tell me the Dodgers aren't the most complete team in Baseball > View Post
I thought that they may have something this year when they hit those three straight homers off of Neris in the ninth inning early in season.

MLB Betting > great day...can i make it a great night... > View Post
De Grom has been virtually unbeatable in losing streak situations.

MLB Betting > Cold as Ice! > View Post
If it's any solace,I didn't like any of them enough-and picked the Reds in one.

The Brewers were the best pick of three according to my figures.Both Det and KC had bad signs.

MLB Betting > Reds run record to 10-0 > View Post
Home dogs with starting prices of +150 and below on 5 game losing streaks are now 10-0.(The White Sox were +162 so they weren't a play.

I apologize to the board for my touting the Reds so strongly yesterday as well but the @#$%^& figures were even stronger for that game.Still,those 4 game home dog losing streaks are still 7-2 with certain opening prices.Proves that there's no sure thing.

On Friday-provided the Dodgers win tonight and tomorrow-.we could have a "Friday the 13th" pick.

As far as I can tell,no team in baseball history has had 2 12 game winning streaks going at the same time-at least not since 1998,when I began charting.The expatriates from Brooklyn have won their last 12 Friday games.

We'll check the lines tomorrow night to see if it's worthwhile.

MLB Betting > Romano in Rhineland tonight? > View Post
Will everyone love Sal-outside of the Diamondbacks-tonight about 10 PM EDT?

Enough of the bit.Let's get down to it.

Home dogs on 4 game losing streaks are 7-1,ytd.with starting prices from +106 to +155.Check.

Oh,but there's much more.

Road favorites are 0-4 on 5 game losing streaks.Even better,road favorites without regard to any type of streak are 0-7 in the first game of a series in which they have a day off advantage and are on at least the second city of a road trip playing a team playing at least the second team on a home stand.I call this type of game NEUTRAL.More on that over the winter.

We'll see how this one goes.I'm going out now for a 6 mile walk in 90 degree heat.My doctor tells me to keep moving if I want to remain on this site for many years to come.

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