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09/22/2017 Only during a Trump presidency: White supremicists scream "White Lives Matter" with mock torches scalabrine 269
09/22/2017 Making America Great Again Dsn150 57
09/22/2017 If a Democrat president tweeted what Trump did long wallstreetcappers 118
09/21/2017 TRUMP TAKES ON GLOBAL ELITISTS Crusher13 33
09/21/2017 The Geriatric Squad Off to Big Lead in Early 2020 Democrat Poll SarasotaSlim 44
09/20/2017 Week 3 observations and overreactions BWS77 28
09/20/2017 Looking for Sports Book/Hotel recommendations CrossChex 23
09/19/2017 This Falcons team is really good guys! Mancity 21
09/18/2017 WEEK 3=I Need to PAY for a Trip 2 Europe $$$/ALL GAMES PREDICTED DoubleUp4Life 142
09/17/2017 Best gambling books for entertainment? BoomerOU 14
09/15/2017 In jail for six days but changed 21 lives TheGoldenGoose 125
09/15/2017 Irma Goggles-Pisano 47
09/14/2017 The Official Covers "Why can't somebody do something about...?" Thread TheGoldenGoose 27
09/13/2017 I find it curious there are not 5 outrage threads today about the debt ceiling wallstreetcappers 36
09/11/2017 Enjoyed Sunday Night Football for first time! Broncodevil 9
09/10/2017 JETS @ BILLS: WEEK 1.The ski mask team total that screwed me last year is all coming back right her scalabrine 108
09/09/2017 PURDUE SEASON WIN TOTAL BET + OHIO @ PURDUE (Week 2): MEGA Write-UP that will make your eyes bleed! scalabrine 91
09/08/2017 Kansas City at New England (09/07/2017) Covers 21
09/08/2017 LV local swimming hole.....tip for the day sports_Network 9
09/05/2017 US Supreme Court agree to hear NJ Sports Betting case.... vanzack 28
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