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NFL Betting > Be careful on MNG guys. There are plenty of games next week. > View Post
im not playing tonight. I have 2 systems going against each other tonight.

they must really be rock solid....

NFL Betting > I mean considering what division Giants are in... being 0-5 isn't baf > View Post
you need more threads ....must like attention

NFL Betting > *** NFL Sunday Ticket *** Week 6 > View Post
very nice

NFL Betting > Week 6 > View Post
GL today

MLB Betting > Monday MLB "Returning the Favor" > View Post
Got it KC+188...sweet

MLB Betting > Monday MLB "Returning the Favor" > View Post
KC ML +179

College Football > Week 4 > View Post

College Football > CSU > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by RGoodell:
CSU (+3.5) tonight over the Buffalos. CSU is the better team. 

great insight on this game. keep up the good work you may get a tv show

MLB Betting > What an embarrassing road trip by the tribe > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by guyhopestowin:

I mean they gave 3 consecutive hits to giants

I really hate baseball when I am on the other side of the fix

how they so easily threw the game away they spent 4 hours playing is beyond me

bad teams like padres, phillies, etc do this I understand but indians come on

indians are the biggest disappointment of the season and they for sure wont make postseason

minnesota will finish 1st in central, tampa bay, yankees or even seattle wont let indians to be in wildcard spot

Indians will win the central and will be in the championship series in the AL....ALL teams have bad stretches. Lots of baseball left..GL

Boxing > Rolling with big Krusher Kov > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by royboymiami:
Benzis what are you talking about his power being overestimated??? lol hes the KRUSHER

expect to see Kov knock Ward out Ward was nervous last fight and now he will get super nervous

great pick now get off your mama and act like a man. you big puss

Boxing > Canelo vs Chavez Jr. & more > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by JimGunn:

2017 has been the year of the underdog so far, royboy. I hit on all these dogs below so far this year. I believe I posted many of these plays here at Covers and I know I documented each and every one of them at some other more active boxing forums.

Jesus M Rojas +165
Tony Bellew
Leo Santa Cruz +150
Julius Indongo +175
Hammer +210
Gervonta Davis +130
Luis Collazo +340
Dat Nguyen
Wisaksil Wangek +1400
Jake Bonallie +1250
Breazeale +215
Zhanat Zhakiyanov +333

some big props like:

Wisaksil Wangek win by decision
Leo Santa Cruz wins by majority decision +2000
Jack/James DeGale majority decision draw +6000

royboy talks out his azz a lot when he isn't having sex with his sister.

Boxing > Joshua Klitscho > View Post
It really was an awesome fight and Klitscho was in the best shape of his life and gave the max effort. Joshua had to have a huge heart to hang in when he was out on his feet. To say any of these guys got gassed is a JOKE. Great heavyweight fight for a change.

NBA Betting > DAMN 1h is BURNT for Rockets > View Post
[Quote: Originally Posted by royboymiami] man rockets play with ZERO heart [/Q.....

like you.... no heart a computer coward...big blow hard nothing

NBA Betting > celtic are so lucky rondo is out... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by royboymiami:
Ummmm idk could be that Rondo had more to prove against an old team ...
But anyhow yeah they are better with Rondo but idk if wade would've made it with those fat knees

Awesome quote from a guy that takes it in the azzz. real smart you dog

QUOTE Originally Posted by royboymiami:

yea we now know you know nothing.... couldnt see an analysis if it hit your anal sis

what a nice guy....salt of the earth...

QUOTE Originally Posted by royboymiami:

cmon mann Lucas??? who he faught before?/? 
Petterson ?? cmon hes another scrub
Khan another scrubs

These are all level b/c fighters NOT A GRADE!
Danny Garcia has balls ill give him that.... nver expected he would take this fight after all the CUPCAKES hes fought....

Keith is the real deal man.... Danny is a kid amongst men in this fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawn Porter father and son just like Danny and Pops.... another L for themm.........

oh ok big boy....great analysis....GL

College Basketball > NCAAB Saturday > View Post
57 plays in one day....thats more plays then i made all year. had asu,

Boxing > Mayweather is willing to come out of retirement > View Post
Big advantage to FM. Mcgregor knows zero about boxing. I would like to see him pummel Floyd with his MMA skills but that is just a pipe dream. Im sick of seeing Floyds mug at every fight card. He's such an arrogant POS....

if you would call lucas matthysse at the top of his game and also a very tough lamont peterson nobodys then you really don't know boxing. Danny Garcia is a tough skilled boxer with a huge heart and a tough beard. With all that being said this will be his toughest fight. He most likely will be under rated which will be to his advantage. He is undefeated and I know he is the smaller guy but he usually rises to the competition and at +215 is worth the money. A live dog for sure. Also, to say he hides behind his dad is a joke. His dad is his trainer and does not fight for him. This kid is from North Philly and he is a tough boy....

College Football > *** THURS. BOWLS *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Believland5321:
I said I've been coming on here for 8 years, I never set up an account, just came on here to see what people were saying about the games, to help me get a feel for what people were thinking. What peewee said it's what I mean, there's no way you play that many plays and win. Refer back to my original comment about "still having any money to bet". And I was not lying, I really do come on to his thread  and hope he is opposite me. 

Its all good. I rarely even open his threads to be honest. I don't come on here much. It turned into kiddie land. There are a few good guys on here but most are a bunch of jokers...GL 

College Football > ***Macwesties Fri. Dec. 30, 2016 * NCAAF College Bowl Plays*** > View Post
GL today Mac

College Football > Do they play sports in the Pac12 anymore? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MNFLoser:
Holy crap. Wasu Colorado and Utah all look awful. Haven't had a good hoops team since John Wooden. 

arizona has a good BB program.....only one team wins it every year. ucla final 4...2006,2007,2008.....arizona...1997 champs....2001 runner up....thats about it for bb....

College Football > *** THURS. BOWLS *** > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Believland5321:
I think your record is worst then you post. I've been coming on covers for at least 8 years now, and I don't ever remember seeing a winning card from you. I'll be honest with you, in the past I've decided on my plays and then check your thread hoping that you were opposite then me, that made me feel much better about my pick. I do admire your persistence, you still post every day on every game. Don't get me wrong I wish you no ill will, but I'm just surprise your still on here and that your even have money left to bet. Best of luck to bub

your info says you joined this year and have 6 posts....then in your reply you say honestly...been coming on here 8 years....your better off keeping quite instead of being an azzhole.....

College Football > Lets start the day with a bang > View Post

Gaming Industry - US > SBG Global payout problems. > View Post
i never had any issues with them at all. kind of surprised about the negativity. it you use direct deposit it does take a little time but you WILL get it. I'm talking over 10 years and never an issue. some people have no patience and complain alot

College Basketball > GO BIG or Go HOME!!!!!!!!!! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by QMICH:



College Basketball > Monday > View Post
[Quote: Originally Posted by Morrissey] Love me some South Carolina!!

Waiting for the line though, it keeps climbing due to injury.

I see 3 on my site now, which is up from 1.5 this morning.

no injury....disipline best player is sitting

College Basketball > NCAAB Picks ughhh > View Post
21posts ..............20 are yours

NFL Betting > MNF Primetime, make back any losses tonight > View Post
I'm simply giving you a detailed in depth write up with my analysis of
tonight's game to ensure that we have more winners then losers. Once the
game is over don't be afraid to come back and in and thank me. To all
the nay Sayers you will see tonight

this guy probably never had an original thought in his life.

NFL Betting > MNF Primetime, make back any losses tonight > View Post
might I add I did end up beating up that bully in front of the entire
neighborhood and finished him off with a brick, but that story is for
another day.                        what a phoney this guy is.
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