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NFL Betting > Week 5 winners. > View Post
BOL man.  Cam catching3 is solid.  BOL

College Football > Dr. Strangelove Picks Week 6 > View Post
BOL bro. Like a bunch of those
Myself.  Lsu a good looking pup too guice back good buy low 

College Football > Thurs Night NCAAF > View Post
Nice hit amigo

College Football > WEEK 6 > View Post
BA- like big blue to smash Sparty again this year. State can't run and I think our D pressures them into a few turns and maybe a P6 or two.   We finally have the advantage over state, have to take advantage and stomp them.  

Might lean utes off the bye catching points v Tree. BOL this week amigo

Pecador - what's the "stay hard"?  You talkin bout that cocck of yours you swashbucklin' sailor you?!?  Stay hard bro!

College Football > Week 3 Plays > View Post
Hey amigo hope all is well!  Congrats on the new gig and good luck this week!!

College Football > Wmi799 9/16 > View Post
Bol bud. W you on smu n Purdue. Backing byu tho. Too many points good buy low

College Football > WEEK 3=I Need to PAY for a Trip 2 Europe $$$/ALL GAMES PREDICTED > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by MikeMed:

I may just tail you on that Missouri / Purdue UNDER for a half unit.
There is a lot of leeway with 78.5 points......Both QB's  Blough and Lock are capable but they are not top flight QB's who put up solid numbers every week.

Be careful on that under. Purdue is in my list of 'over' teams to bet because of the frenetic, up-tempo pace they play at.  They are one of the teams where your over bet is never truly dead until tHe final whistle blows.  BOL

College Football > Will be at the BIG HOUSE SATURDAY! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by TheBallDontLie:
did my masters at michigan, if asian chicks are your thing then you'll love it. talent is hit and miss otherwise 

This is accurate.  Hill street has the best tailgates. Njoy

College Football > WEEK 2 lines...plays > View Post
Gl this week amigo.  Love Oklahoma tonight think I'm the only one.  BOL this season. 

College Football > Is Minnesota in a bad spot week 2? > View Post
Awful game w 2 shiiit teams.  Under if I had to take anything.  BOL 

College Football > Week 2 pic's & leans > View Post
Like Big Blue this week too amigo.  Can see us shutting cincy out of the Red zone.  

Don't trust Barrett and I see Baker mayfield outplaying him and carrying the team. Oklahoma has had this game circled since last year and I won't be surprised if they pull off the upset.  Every single person liked OSU also which I like.  BOL this week. 

NFL Betting > Top 10 fewest points allowed in preseason. > View Post
FWIW last year (2016) top 10 Preseason D points given up:

1. Philly: 38
2. Packers: 50
3. Chiefs: 52
4,5. Titans, Ravens: 60
6,7 Vikes, Falcons: 62
8,9 Texans Panthers: 63
10. Skins, jets, Bengals: 70

Don't think there's really any correlation btwn preseason D and regular season D.  That being said, only giving up 29 points is a semi-impressive feat and could be significant...

College Football > SOONERS VS BUCKEYES > View Post
Not sure why you think when two ranked teams play the public backs the dog?  Absurd blanket statement since there are so many different scenarios when two ranked teams play for example this week georgia is ranked 15 ND is 22 yet ND is favored.  Oklahoma is not a public dog this week  

College Football > Week 2 Redemption Saturday > View Post
Gl bro

College Football > LONGHORNHOOSIER, WEEK 1, 2017 > View Post
I hope you play some more dogs this year for your sake man...BOL regardless

NFL Betting > DK Super Bowl 52 Futures > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Digitalkarma:
guess it's never too early to grab a future, sit back and lookahead to next season..

Play #1: Baltimore Ravens to win SB52: 40/1  *0.52u*

- the number 52
- Ray Lewis: top candidate for HOF class of 2018 w/ Randy Moss
- the Super Bowl will be held in Purple People Eater Nation
- RIP David Modell. Art Modell passed away and Ravens went on to win SB47 in the same season

i see Purple Rain or Reign? at Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota.. hmm Ravens vs Vikings?? but in all seriousness, i have no idea who is going to be there next year. 

the Ravens still have some serious question marks that need to be addressed, and a few things they need to improve on before they can be Super Bowl contenders but they look like they are trending in the right direction. Ravens are due for a return to the playoffs next season. 

Love this bet.  40/1 is great value with one of the best coaches in the game. They also have the experience and revenge motivation to actually beat the pats.  I'd throw more than a .5 unit on this for sure. 

NBA Betting > Now you smash the Cavs > View Post
Na.  No all in hefty tho BOL 

NBA Betting > Now you smash the Cavs > View Post
+900 series. No one giving them a chance yet Lebron still the goat. BOL

College Football > Ok state Natl champs value play > View Post
Lol "thumbsucker" am I supposed to be offended?  Listen pal maybe get out of the house every now and then.  You know, get laid, hang out w/ friends, etc.  It's a bit unhealthy, not to mention pathetic, to sit around all day making posts on covers. 

Anyway back to business...sure they weren't great on D statistically last year but that's what they have the offseason for- improvements.  Only way to go is up for this unit.   Now w Stoops out of the picture this Conf is for Gundy's taking.     

Hey Walter for a big talker your picks are pretty awful. 1 on 1 ATS I'll outcap the shiit out of u.   Name the price.  

College Football > Ok state Natl champs value play > View Post
They certainly have the leadership and skill players on offense to make a run w Mason Rudloph and J Washington.  Question is whether the D will be good enough to compete. 

A 4 year starting QB w great weapons and a solid coaching staff in a bad conference good enough to warrant a solid value play at 50/1.  

College Football > 2017 games where new coordinators face their former schools... > View Post
Great info.  This is a huge aspect I look for in capping games.  Does the OC/DC have a familiarity w the opponent or the coaching staff?  Helpful for o/U as well if you knw certain styles and how teams have fared vs a system in the past. 

Honestly, tracking OC/DC moves are more significant than HC since often the coordinators play a much more direct role in calling plays and dictating game flow.  They also aren't talked about AS much as HC rematches and sometimes the background or revenge of OC/DC won't be reflected in the line as a result.  

College Football > Guys we need a Covers convention.... > View Post
Would b cool to do this.  Tbh 100 people is definitely not realistic but even a group of 15-20 would be cool.  Would be cool to finally meet you, bookie assassin, and other legends of the cfb forum.  

Also agree w/ what longhorn said.  Except wouldn't need to meet in person every week but we could set up an weekly email conversation to discuss the upcoming weekend games and lines.  

NBA Betting > Cavs/Warriors Gm 1 > View Post
Dam thought you'd be on cavs w/ me.  Your sharper and should know better...

NBA Betting > The Spurs are Done! > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by TERP_:

All i read was the Thread Title.. shut up dude. im hoping you are just looking for attention. If you really believe this then Vegas is going to rape you the rest of the series with the lines they come out with next.

Pretty safe to say the average SQUARE will be all over the rockets for game 2 and probably put some NBA future money along with a series bet along with it. 

Go ahead and help build another wing at the MGM with your money 

Idk public could be all over Spurs expecting a bounce back in a "must win" home game..

NFL Betting > Niners just drafted CJ Beathard QB out of Iowa???? > View Post
He had a pretty good year two years ago when Iowa went to the Rose Bowl.  He went through college in a pro style system and played in the Big10 started for 3 or 4 years.  Idk seems like hammering this pick as awful is a bit of an overreaction. 

NBA Betting > How set up was GS vs Utah? > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by wmi799:
Well put. The OP joins a long list of the clueless

We need this list to be made public.  My idea would be like The Scarlet Letter.  Adorn the accounts of those who are Fix truthers with a giant F or another symbol.  

NBA Betting > Nba Playoff Pool ideas > View Post
anybody in a good NBA Playoff pool?  Interested in hearing different formats or concepts for a good playoff pool.  Thx. 

General Discussion > We are doomed as a society ... > View Post
QUOTE Originally Posted by Hugh_Jorgan:

Yeah...this is what happens when people don't use condoms.  Clearly an example of parents who aren't capable of being parents.  Exactly why abortions should be legal.  Preventable situations. Smh..

NFL Betting > NOT sure about where to post this BUT Vegas really is screwy with lines > View Post
I mean yeah I'm sure you are going to come across several upsets and weird results hand picking random games across the whole season over the past 5 years.  The lines are tight and oddsmakers know what they are doing.  What's your point?

NBA Betting > CLE/ATL is why people think the NBA is rigged. > View Post
We really need a pin or some type of marker on covers that identifies those on here that truly believe in fixes. Like a scarlet letter of sorts.  
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