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So done with trying to get paid out from bovada ??. Anyone else having this issue? View
Tried to warn you...  View
QUOTE Originally Posted by insiders-edge:

The Colts should be able to run against the Titans. I expect Richardson to be effective and Donald Brown will provide that 2 punch. The "Big"game gets Colts best performance it seems

How did that "big" game work out for them a few weeks ago on MNF in San Diego? 
Posted record 2013. 1-0. +2 units

This seems like a repeat of last week with the better team a road favorite under the key number of 3. Indy has had trouble protecting Luck this year and I see that continuing tonight. This has the look of a huge setup for Indy backers. It will be fitzmagic time in Tennessee tonight give me the Titans +2.5 for 3 units. I think worse case scenario Indy wins by 1.
QUOTE Originally Posted by InvestIdontChase:

-Familiarity in this game as both teams played once already
-David Nelson can only help as he used to be a bill
-Jets are know for sucking after the bye..all I read is that vibes are positive unlike last year
-Rex is 7-2 vs Bills
-For whatever it is worth..Rex spent time with brother Rob..Since jets bills gm 1...rob and the saints have played the bills...(some defensive info..that should help
-Bills may be without Stevie J..(that can only help) 
-Jets are getting back there weapons. on offense
- Jets know MIA lost and they can gain a game on division
-Jets control there own destiny

1-0 on posted $500 dollar plays

208519803-111/10/13 11:37pm$510.48$536.00Pending

 David Nelson will help? This is a whole new coaching staff and almost completely different team since he was a Bill. Rex is going to get advice from Rob for a divisional opponent that has a different starting qb than what the saints saw? How about the bills d coordinator came from the jets? Wouldn't that be more relevant than David Nelson? Jets get back offensive "weapons" The jets are an erratic team that is going to get blown out coming off a huge win vs the saints. Horrible reasoning and a terrible bet
1) bills

2) saints

3) lions 

4) eagles 

5) raiders
I figured I would try to contribute something to the site. Long time lurker! 

Thursday night Minnesota +1 

This line seems a little fishy like it is trying to draw skins backers under the key # of 3.  Minnesota has had a tough schedule and are coming off a solid performance on the road in Dallas. It seems they realized if they actually give AP the ball it opens up the passing game. The skins are coming off a big overtime win at home vs the chargers. I think the Vikings squeak by behind great special teams play and will ride Peterson in this prime time game. A combination of a stinky line and an inconsistent and weak defensive play by the skins I give the edge to the home team. 

Minnesota +1.   2 units

I will be reviewing Sundays card any thoughts or comments are welcome.  BOL
It's obvious this guy is a clown with his "see you at the window" garbage. Maybe tomorrows thread should be titled "Saturday losers" View
QUOTE Originally Posted by tinoker55:

 Isnt this getting a little ridiculous now?? What a F.U.C.K.I.N.G JOKE..

He can always throw 5 million on the Hawaii game later to come out aheadhaha its just another night at the office for ole holy diver 
Haha -217,750 WINNINGS! Haha View
Haha 12 POD's on a Friday? What does POD even mean to you? That's classic View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Narco:
See you tomorrow. 

Is this guy for real? View
I hope these guys fade train and he catches fire and they get their asses smoked View
Wow get off trains d! How pathetic you have to slam the guy everytime he posts... He's one of the better cappers on this site and has 1 bad day and all the trolls come out jumping on his d.ick.. It's pathetic.. Sims why don't you start posting a play a day in trains thread and we will laugh our bags off at your picks.. Work must be slow if you work night and day on covers posters ytd records while being VP of a company View
It's not fishy poly is the better team and crushed them this year... Hawaii will probably shave points like they did the other night View
GL I really like the Iowa st play I think they win outright.. I like to see all the large plays tomorrow! View
QUOTE Originally Posted by KingRGIII:

If Oregon State wins outright I will send you the money via paypal for the amount of your wager.

Thats how confident I am that WONT happen.

 Good luck fading train again on his large plays
Adding to Oregon st
What's up tin   View
Nice call train  take that king s.hit View
I agree with that train, I did that for a while and really mind f.ucked myself being paranoid View
I think scores and odds is messed up, 80% is on Indiana there is no way Minnesota is #1 bet of the day View
QUOTE Originally Posted by tinoker55:
F.U.C.K.K  I wish i saw this this morning, damnit..

I was just thinking the same thing!!
Is that a tater tateing??? Haha View
Haha that was a Kung fu Jackie chan kick to the chest!! Illy st was lucky it was called after Wichita st fouled or they would only have been down 3 shooting 2 and getting the ball.. They called the flagrant late and Wichita had to foul... Blame the idiot that kicked someone on the rebound not the refs View
This guy has been reporting picks from him... How else do you pick the same 5 teams out of 120 games Saturday? Anyway I don't care he's been called out on it and doesn't seem to be using the picks yesterday or today View
Poolman is on drexler and Lehigh... This way everyone knows for when he adds them later that they aren't his picks View
QUOTE Originally Posted by Thoy21:

Oh and by the way. Way to back off the IP argument. Now were just not going to go through with it? Surprise surprise. 

I'm pretty sure they meant to say they are blocking your IP address so you can't scam poolmans picks.. So for everyone tailing this fraud tread lightly 
QUOTE Originally Posted by Cuno144:
does anyone have his phone #?

C'mon man!
GL I like most of those, you are leaning Florida.. I really like them -6.5 in the first half . They should jump all over them and it has less chance of some bs back door cover possibility that most road favorites have on espn. What do you think? View
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