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Posted: 12/9/2011 2:56:58 AM
I have been developing a system for NHL and have kind of developed a system that is martinagle derived.  What i understand from a martingale system is that when you lose you bet double as much the next time to cover your previous losses and to still make a profit.  If you are on a large losing streak the cost of making one unit can become large and not worth the bets in the first place.  I think this will apply best to a system because you know that you will be betting on certain circumstances but could apply to the regular person betting because it takes the long term into effect without over reaching you bank roll.  It is kind of simple but all you do is take your projected unit profits during a "period".  So I am going to call a period a week.  Each week I think the max i should make is 10 units.  So you have to have two systems going on at one time.  One system is when you are just using the straight wager of 1 unit.  The next which is the betting formula is when you take into account the last 5 days.  I will give an example.  The last 5 days i have had a profit of 2.65 Units.  All you do is take your actual units made divided the max units of 10 units and get a percentage.  In this case you get .236 or 26.5% of your max profits.  Take 100% subtract 26.5% to get a total of 73.5%.  This is your unit multiplier!  So for your next bet you use 1x73.5% to get a unit of .735.  So if my unit was a 10 dollar wager then on the next day you would bet 7.35 dollars per bet.  I feel this is contrary to public opinion because when you feel that you are "hot" you should bet more units per game.  What this system says is that everyone will come down to the mean or 50% so when you make profit take it easy, but still bet lighter, but when you are down bet more but not at such a high extent that a martingale system would.   I am looking at suggestions at what people think about it so the more commentary is better/.
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