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Author: [Streak Survivor] Topic: COVERS TEAM WHY?
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Posted: 7/24/2013 12:16:16 AM
I picked the Reds to win tonight. They won. Why are you counting the 2nd game of the doubleheader as the game. Nowhere in the prop does it say this. Please fix this. This is the 2nd time I've been duped and I've only been playing a short while. The last time i had a win and you guys counted it as a push which is the only push on my record...hint, hint
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Posted: 7/28/2013 3:14:36 PM

All game times are listed along side the pick. Sorry for the confusion in making your selection.

Best of luck on your streak.

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Posted: 8/1/2013 7:23:16 PM
The reds game that you picked on the 23rd was listed as a 10:10 start, and the reds lost that game.  The first game started at 7:05, and was not available , because the red legs were higher than 130 favorites.

In regards to your game on July 4th, this game was rained out, so how can you count that as a win when the game was not played on that holiday.  Cmon kid !
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