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Posted: 4/9/2011 12:12:25 PM
QUOTE Originally Posted by SirBruce:

I am no longer gonna bash.....  after this last time.  You say 2 for 3 but I see 3 for 6.  I know you have a reason for this oversight.  But as of now, I am out of the looking for flaws game.  I will just read and take what I like from your write ups and maybe wish you luck from time to time but that is it..... over and out.

LOL . . . Thanks? Obviously these 6 teams played eachother, and this post was a joke. I hope you didn't actually tail and play these 6 teams, but I could see you being unintelligent enough to do something which such buffoonery.

How did your Lakers pick do?

Find something better to do.

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