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10/12/15Serious Streak Survivor Strategiessmoothd2013185
10/08/15HOW MANY HATS HAVE YOU WON...sports1000135
10/06/15$100,000 is mine. ballsofsteel101
10/05/15Clean up your Contestsbiff3760
10/01/15NO one will ever win this !!!Classof78300
09/28/15Any comments on this poker hand and...CRob4413
09/27/15If you have game up there let peopl...BPD7222
09/25/15Another hot pick Giants vs Padres VegasHotBoy59
08/26/15Should You Tail Survivor Streaks?pairunoyd25
08/16/15The underdog systemyisman11
07/12/15Philly/LA not listed in league cont...yisman7
06/09/15Why are there no games??denver82
03/19/15Do bookie's lose money?RantinRave173
02/24/15UPDATE TOP 10 COVERS HANDI...butkusmlb2
02/16/152012 Kempom SystemKineProfessor1966
02/15/15Brackson13's Streaksmoothd201532
02/07/15Streak Survivor all-time statsMadDog88819
01/29/15UPDATE TOP 10 COVERS HANDI...butkusmlb2
01/25/15I Will Tatoo My Entire Back if Lake...SuperiorInsight285
01/22/15Any idea on Cavs Jazz spread?tigerdeano127
10/16/14Many of you are playing for 2nd pla...Twenty5Straight117
10/01/14got ripped of by 18th hole sportsbo...midnight31832
09/11/14This goes out to Cappers (2 years+)LeoFlaGuy34
06/19/14Very impressedwolfeman36
06/10/14Looking for the worst bad beats in ...Covers-Team360
05/24/14Thank you... but.... Aren...BonkNYC29
05/04/14Ultimate Race 2013 Sprint Edition -...Covers-Team21
05/01/14if a game is postponed shouldnt we ...stewie218
04/25/145dimes down?8
04/25/14Draymond green is a moron2
03/29/14Cabrera benhogan7622
03/02/1433 million to one10
02/22/14Kenpom Systemcjm200810
01/31/14can you make groups on here?t-wall143
01/27/14Can someone help meDaowizmm934
01/26/14streak reset?aceofspades7112
12/24/13remember my namejunedog8
08/13/13Are you above .500 in Survivor pick...snuke623
07/15/13Lay The FavoriteBillyBarrou9
07/12/13Kasnut's Streaksmoothd2017
06/06/13No picks availableyisman6
05/31/13What the hell?bumpnrun9
05/25/13My Opinion on the Ultimate Race!!!Jason Richardson6
05/23/13Weather on 5/23yisman1
03/12/13NHL games missing constantlyyisman14
12/24/12HIDE PICKS!!!jain75105
11/30/12Heat/Spurs game last nightqster6
11/09/12Question on current leader "tep's" ...vlady9916
10/24/12Why is there no way to make a pick ...dmddms13
10/17/12100 Games over 500 markLVBIGBLUE4
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