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10/21/16filling pocketsyipper244
10/15/16filling the pocketsyipper248
10/09/16filling the pockets streak cont....yipper2419
10/09/16filling the pockets againyipper243
10/07/16filling the pockets week 5yipper2423
10/02/16TXP (28-18-1) Week FiveTXP2462
10/02/16filling the pockets againyipper244
09/27/16filling pockets yipper246
09/24/16filling the pockets againyipper244
09/18/16Colorado vs MichiganChickMagnut46
09/17/16filling the pockets week 3yipper247
09/14/16Miami Hurricanes -4.5 vs App ste. ...Jerseyboy8938
09/12/16filling the pocketsyipper243
09/11/16filling the pocketsyipper243
09/19/15yips week three knock-outsyipper242
09/13/15What pirate site do you guys use to...TRAIN695
12/26/14it will be 2015 i guess i can ...yipper242
12/07/14i think some people forgetyipper242
12/06/14TCU is in the playoffsmotowner32
11/29/14saturday..saturday..woodshed blowou...yipper246
11/22/14so after you hit your game of the y...yipper245
11/02/14well if everyone has goy and whatev...yipper246
10/30/14Why Duke is +2 ????36
10/16/14I have a nickel to play with this w...War_Eagle163125
09/20/14i like a few weeks past, then post ...yipper247
09/19/14week 3 six pack plus a couple in th...yipper241
09/14/14Week 3= The Perfect Time to Flat Be...DoubleUp4Life75
09/14/14week 2.really like the card this we...yipper245
09/07/14week one selectionsyipper241
11/23/13my goy and whyyipper249
11/19/13Ohio State HC Urban Meyer is whinin...packers199212
10/05/13getting week 6 in earlyyipper245
09/28/13you ll be smiling by the end of 3rd...yipper243
09/21/13yippers 6 packyipper243
01/30/13payday wednesdayyipper242
12/27/12Bowl secrets-check me out in 45 day...Hoyasaxa37
12/27/12nba thursyipper241
12/27/12yippers nbayipper243
12/25/12SUNDAYS SHARPS$$$$$$$$poolman11813
12/24/12my bowl selectionsyipper2418
12/23/12FRIDAYS SHARPS$$$$$$$poolman111012
12/21/12all year thread, ready to start hotyipper242
11/23/12i usally play a six pack , but i ha...yipper241
11/23/126 pack weekyipper242
11/17/12six pack weekyipper246
11/10/12another 6 pack this weekyipper2411
11/04/12heres five to get ya startedyipper245
11/23/09yipper s picksyipper242
09/12/09not just one todayyipper243
09/11/09only one pick needed toniteyipper243
12/04/08here two that will cash inyipper241
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