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01/27/15Brackson13's Streaksmoothd201014
01/13/152014 NCAA Football Season Long Thre...collegegambler558
01/10/15*** Carolina @ Seattle ***vankiep_000759
12/31/14Bowls LVTruck46
12/31/14TCU V Ole Miss...We've seen this st...its_1999_my18
12/31/14Wednesday PlaysMrManning10
12/29/14*** Bowl Season ***Boom_Boom82
12/26/14*** special thanks to all covers fr...vankiep_000770
12/26/14LT and ILL total dropped from 57 to...CalBear200915
12/26/14Baylor vs Michigan StTRAIN6934
12/19/14friday hoopsnostradamus123
12/14/14Chung amazing comeback!! Wk1520
12/11/14Name one team that you would love t...HoldingXYZ30
12/07/14PLAYOFF PREDICTIONS $$ Wh...DoubleUp4Life33
12/07/14Houston -510
12/07/14SUNDAY NFLcentralflaguy3
12/07/14NCAA WEEK 15 **** Ride alo...TRAIN6998
11/29/14With this Miss St loss TCU propels ...VegasVandal3
11/24/14Slick100's NFL ThreadSlick100156
11/16/14nfl week 11TRAIN6911
11/15/14CHUNG Left off with a (10-...chungnuoc137
11/15/14nostradamus week 12nostradamus1215
11/12/14Chung Hot (12-0) Run Tuesday!chungnuoc141
11/12/14General Sharps NFL PicksGeneralSharp91
11/08/14LOW POST-- SIDE OF YEAR:...m1552538
11/03/14Sunday 11/2TRAIN6914
11/02/14Week 10 NCAAF PicksVegasVandal53
11/02/14SUNDAY NFLcentralflaguy5
11/02/14Denver @ New Englandwolfeman328
11/02/14NFL Week 9Metallica246747
11/02/14LOUIS IV's SUNDAY NFL GAMB...Louis_IV19
11/02/14Maybe the dumbest big play I've eve...TRAIN6943
11/02/14HOUston Versus Philadelphia ??? Wh...Gavinnick34
11/02/14*** San Francisco 49ers to win the ...LeagueCapper16
11/02/14Manning versus Brady .......... We...Gavinnick5
11/02/14Week 9 Winaaas! YTD 33-25!!Temple7111
11/02/14Sat Playsestes171721
11/01/14LOW POST TOTAL OF YEAR: E...m1552531
11/01/14Happy Halloweenwolfeman324
11/01/14friday nhltrainwreck6614
11/01/14Peel's Friday Hockey Picks...peelpub9415
10/31/14Halloween Fridaydocircho13
10/31/14Friday 10/31 NHL PlaysKaka12320
10/31/14Friday NHLKipper27
10/31/14Friday's NHLJu_lie18
10/31/14- - - Saturday Ncaaf - - -Damon1025
10/31/14HOOK'EM FRIDAY PUCKSHookEmHorns2219
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