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12/05/15TUESDAY 04/08/14p_66234
09/08/14Mastercard depositswinten3
09/06/14Wozniacki -1.5 -12566
08/28/14WEDNESDAY 8/27/14 IN GAME ...Snafu68198
08/26/14PART DEUXelsewhere61
08/22/14THURSDAY 08/21/14p_66257
08/20/14PART DEUXp_6691
08/15/14THURSDAY 08/14/14p_6694
08/12/14TUES 8/12/14 IN GAME THREA...jimc091153
08/08/14THURS 8/7/14 IN GAME THREA...jimc091145
08/07/14HUMP DAY 8/6/14 IN GAME TH...jimc0911140
07/26/14FRIDAY 07/25/14p_66124
07/25/14Granollers v Andujarwinten2
07/24/14WEDNESDAY 07/23/14p_66299
07/22/14Is there an injury in the Harrison ...winten4
07/17/14HUMP DAY 7/16/14 IN GAME T...jimc0911118
07/07/14MONDAY 07/07/14p_66107
06/16/14PART DEUXp_66235
06/13/14PART DEUXp_66231
06/10/14Any opinion on Duval v Davis?winten4
06/09/14MONDAY 06/09/14p_66111
06/07/14D.C/VA/MD bookie?winten6
05/07/14WEDNESDAY 05/07/14p_66234
03/03/14International bballwinten2
02/18/14Is Wade playing tonight?winten3
01/31/14FRIDAY 01/31/14p_66233
01/31/14What surface is USA Davis Cup being...winten5
01/30/14THURSDAY 01/30/14p_66233
01/30/14What kind of form is Erran in?winten6
01/28/14TUESDAY 01/28/14p_66256
01/28/14Thoughts on Petkovic v Jovanovski?winten1
01/24/14Am I the only one who thinks thatwinten5
01/24/14watching the Aussi Semis on an ipho...winten2
01/22/14Why are the Pelicans underdogs?winten7
01/16/14THURSDAY 01/16/14p_66228
01/16/14Seppi Young match suspended?efrtls51
01/14/14Can Sock win today?8
11/08/13FRIDAY 11/08/13p_66233
10/01/13PART 2 PHO GOALSjimc0911227
09/11/13anyone have some insight?Christian_iaco9
09/09/13I know we have a big match tonight,...winten3
09/06/13FRIDAY 09/06/13p_66237
08/31/13PART TROISp_66216
08/28/13Hewitt v Bakerwinten2
08/27/13Chances H Watson can push Halepwinten5
08/25/13PART DEUXp_66230
08/23/13Where is Master P?!winten6
08/21/13PART DEUXp_66253
08/16/13Sharapova fires Connorwinten2
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