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01/25/15Obama: My policies are workingzelo12324
01/24/15Help in the Soccer ForumELDubarino11
01/24/15plummeting gasoline pricesTheGoldenGoose30
01/23/15I have 15,000 to invest. barrett8920
01/22/15Silver under $18TheGoldenGoose41
01/22/15WTI Crude (CL) Futures Market, and ...bigvern101347
01/22/15SERIOUSLY I HAVE A 1000.00...11
01/21/15RC toys. Anybody into ém.searchwarrant15
01/21/15Hutch- remember last time oil got h...wallstreetcappers40
01/21/15If you were 30, single, no kids, no...DiGiT47
01/21/15The Liberal 2nd Amendment rick311755
01/21/15Anyone for/against Keystone PL and ...Raiders22104
01/21/15As always, rich people welfare > po...ClubDirt46
01/20/1549ers new head coachbegginerboy32
01/20/15caesers might be screwed before the...spocsstocks3
01/20/15Forex 2nd half 2014 discussionwallstreetcappers193
01/20/15Are death threats and wishing someo...bobmaloogatimesfive23
01/18/15One of the greatest playoff games e...THEMUGG25
01/18/15Don't even blame that onside kick.....VGPOP6
01/18/15greenbay playing too conservativewageringone2
01/15/15Oil back in '08-09?19
01/15/1550 state secession.MakeSumCake26
01/14/15Trent Dilfer: "Jameis Winston in cl...suuma25
01/11/15Enormous. 74
01/09/15Here I go again! I wonder if my wor...zelo1233
01/08/15Gas Prices are now 1.58 a gallon in...AlphaandOmega27
01/08/15Who else doesn't want the pipeline ...zelo12318
01/06/15Could a young Jim Brown compete in ...SteelCash53
01/04/15I had my first threesome last nightfartnsniff233
01/01/15Biotech Opinions (DVAX, VV...slamspurs8
01/01/15Republicans Have no Shametrawler55
01/01/15Horses livestriker11jb57
12/31/14AVNR breaks $15.00 a share and clim...Pipe-Light7
12/30/14Stretch Hummers. A bloody brawl. An...ilsp2003134
12/29/14If you knew a friends wife was chea...TheGoldenGoose97
12/27/14After Russel Wilson wins his second...Crashdavis56542
12/26/14best oysters around???hotdamn8510
12/26/14how much debt do you owe???hotdamn8527
12/23/14Oil stockswallstreetcappers41
12/22/14What year do kids stop believing in...ClubDirt31
12/21/14How can zona score?6
12/21/14Did Andy Reid really kick a FG at t...ClubDirt19
12/21/14why is Hoyer in the game16
12/19/14Counter Measures For Bear Market...DiverRon25
12/19/14Rand Paul on Real Time with Bill Ma...Danrules24187
12/19/14RUSL when to buy Russiarick311716
12/19/14Your personal best/favorite recipe wallstreetcappers9
12/17/14Anyone get those calls from touts i...spocsstocks8
12/17/14Sheriff Joe scores victory against ...zelo12340
12/16/14Putin Warns Obama – You’ve Turned U...zelo12321
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