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01/28/15Fading Brackson13 Bulls +9.5Lakeshow242419
01/28/15The man is on GS -9.5 against Chica...CAPT-DOUCHE33
01/28/15GSW may be in trouble....poppingbands1725
01/27/15If you bet on the Milwaukee Bucks t...HappyKane24
01/27/15Prop Bet on Chicago @ Golden Stateunirobber1
01/25/15wow Aldrige......nygianthead18
01/23/15Anyone else see the guy going for 2...serge8226
01/22/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/22 Locked!!!unirobber1
01/19/15Hawks KEEP giving gifts from HEAVEN...britman432169
01/19/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/19 unirobber3
01/18/15Best Bet Sunday?Unstoppable Force38
01/18/15hedge ?wolfpackdan4
01/18/15Unirobber 1/18 NFC and AFC Champion...unirobber6
01/18/15Portland @ Memphisunirobber11
01/16/15@@ -- FRIDAY -- @@shimio57
01/16/15@@@ -- THU --- @@@shimio216
01/16/15Lakeshow +6???unirobber3
01/15/15Thunder @ Rocketsunirobber2
01/14/152H Mavsaireent77713
01/14/15Can Lakers get 50 tonight?!11
01/13/15Wow, I can't believe they didn't go...richig7613
01/11/15Halftime line will be +7 colts… Lakeshow24243
01/11/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/11unirobber1
01/11/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/10unirobber8
01/10/15Unirobber NFL Playoffs 01/...unirobber1
01/10/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/09unirobber13
01/10/15@@@ --- FRIDAY --- @@@shimio133
01/09/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/08 ...unirobber18
01/09/15Do not bet Portland 2nd half 12
01/08/15CrazyMilkMan's NBA WednesdayCrazyMilkMan36
01/08/15Unirobber NBA Plays 01/07unirobber5
01/07/15OMG DET @ SAS +8.5 ?!@!!!!...shimio50
01/05/15Lakers 2H !!!!unirobber4
01/04/15Lakers 2H !!!!unirobber1
01/02/15@@@ --- Denver at Chicago --- @@@shimio28
12/29/14NFL ML parlay for 12/28unirobber4
12/28/14what dogs do you like to win outrig...14
12/26/14Why is the whole world on illinois?ckattar833
12/25/14Col or hawaii5
12/24/14Refs got Fresno moneyThe-Genius14
12/24/14Rice has now dropped to PKMurder18716
12/24/14Fresno State or Rice???unirobber3
12/23/14MNF Broncos/BengalsMetallica246734
12/23/14Hedge my parlay tomorrow?Lennon778718
12/14/14Unirobber NBA Plays 12/14unirobber1
12/06/14Unirobber NBA Plays 12/06unirobber4
12/05/14Unirobber NBA Plays 12/05unirobber1
12/03/14Unirobber NBA Plays 12/03unirobber5
12/02/14Unirobber NBA Plays 12/02unirobber1
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