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09/19/14********** THURSDAY NCAAF ...44
09/18/14KEY PLAYS FOR THIS WEEK SE...ManzielMania9
09/14/143 Best Bets Repeat Best Bets. 15
09/10/14Money Ball 9-09-2014KeyElement25
09/09/149/9 MLB PicksGenoRyan4
09/07/14Week 1 NFL Pickscjm200815
09/07/14MUD's NFL Sunday Week 1Mud_Man5
09/06/14What do you think the chances of th...LeoFlaGuy19
09/04/14Arizona vs UTSAWink716
09/01/141 max bet for me today with write-u...packers199210
09/01/14Miami Udegeneratecity3
08/31/14Sunday parlay Saint9216
08/30/14guru's 3 huge college football ...6
08/28/14Thursday PlaysJose_Reyes34
08/28/14A's a sucker bet?searchwarrant15
08/27/14David Price ?!?!? WTFCantiflas2310
08/27/14Bob's MLB Friday w/ Write-...BirdsOnBat27
08/22/14What you think about this play?MoneyTeam995
08/21/14Thursday marcig20
08/21/14There are 2 dogs really worth looki...EastOakland21
08/13/14A's vs. KBorderBanditi13
08/13/14******* TUESDAY MLB PICKS ...45
08/08/14ONE AND DONE FRIDAY 08/08BAMA6235
08/07/14sty thursday paper flow henrymethbreath49
08/07/14tigers rallybad_dog29
08/07/14mlb aug 7 puntsmayersss4
08/06/14Wednesday's 5 Gamer$moho20
08/04/14MONDAY 08/04BAMA6220
08/02/14When will I learn? Fuk the piratesRmemo13
07/31/14Thursday MLB10
07/31/14MLB WEDNESDAY NEW SEAS...pucku2728
07/30/14white sox4
07/22/14capper sightingtomnolan1
07/19/14Bovada Cash-Out Please Helpdigbick196921
07/16/14Last time you see LeBiatch...39
07/14/14Reality check from a Heat Fan in Mi...24
07/04/14 Brian Windhorst - ESPN nc1capper14
07/03/14"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" (7/2)rmb5w85
07/02/14"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" (7/1)rmb5w86
07/01/14"The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" (6/30...rmb5w58
07/01/143 game chase on Braves. The easiest...sunshine1121
06/30/14No way this play will lose. Make s...realalmanac36
06/27/14Games that meets my criteriaUnderdogsGalore4
06/24/14Tim Hudson tonight vs PadresLexingtonTim9
06/24/14Better play? Pitt or Sea?4
06/24/14RED SOXBigJoe836
06/20/14Thursday`s Play`strust-me13
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