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01/29/15I lost 300k over the last 3 years. ...ReadyForHistory228
01/29/15Excel Spreadsheets - Systems, Tools...DegenGamble166
01/28/15New System 6-0 in the past 4 Days!!...nygjmap3
01/27/15PACERS THREAD FROM A LOCAL...alangrrbs144
01/27/152 h vicky9828
01/26/152h picktom-jerry1
01/26/15$100,000 richer tomorrow! winorlose49
01/26/15$100,000 OKL-1 2HLCD16
01/25/15Referee Totals SystemSports-Playa25
01/25/152h picktom-jerry4
01/24/15sat picktom-jerry4
01/21/152h picktom-jerry7
01/20/15Referee Totals System 1/19...Sports-Playa15
01/20/15Halftime Bettingzhufish3
01/20/152h picktom-jerry6
01/19/15Hoops report 1/19tinfoils6
01/17/15Referee ATS & OU System (1...RefereeSystem5
01/17/155-0 card or at worst 4-1 for friday...37
01/17/15Big 2h wager!!!RonBurgundy80811
01/16/152h picktom-jerry13
01/16/152h picktom-jerry14
01/16/15Wow the cavs are terribleZman559
01/16/15NFL Playoffsphixer104
01/15/152 h vicky9812
01/15/15BIGGEST PLAY OF THE MONTH ...714cuzzin222
01/15/15bonus 714cuzzin50
01/15/152h picktom-jerry5
01/15/152 h vicky98186
01/14/15Cowboys @ Green Bay 2nd half16
01/14/152h picktom-jerry20
01/14/15Wild WednesdaySusan317
01/14/15Referee ATS & OU System RefereeSystem47
01/13/15Tantalizing TuesdaySusan315
01/13/15Hoops report 1/13tinfoils5
01/13/152h picktom-jerry8
01/12/152h picktom-jerry5
01/12/15NO More Parlays!!!brokebankroll263
01/12/15I don't usually post...hakyunn752
01/12/15***NBA WerzXc System Plays***werzxc4622
01/11/15Divisional PlayoffMetallica246750
01/11/152nd Half InfoRLeith354
01/11/15Dallas Game PlayRLeith355
01/11/15Referee Totals System 1/9 ...Sports-Playa85
01/11/152h picktom-jerry14
01/10/15no worries714cuzzin612
01/10/152014/2015 nba MacaroniMan90
01/10/152 h vicky9811
01/10/152h picktom-jerry16
01/09/152nd htom-jerry11
01/08/152 h vicky986
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