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01/16/171st half, 2nd half OVER UNDER theor...GIANFRANCO11146565
01/11/17NCAAF Jan 2 & 9thChauster8
01/10/17CFB Platinum Bowl Season (60% YTD)Tyler2834519
01/08/17NCAAF PLAYSff99l164
01/07/17Bags Saturday POD *** Pitt vs. Syra...LB_Dirtbags35
01/03/17Today's Bowl Playscjm20088
01/03/17__________NCAAF MON 1/2___...-LB-26
01/02/17College Foots Finalembiddy13
01/02/17Monday Bowl Gamesoldwiseone7
01/02/17Let's try this! 1/2tinfoils11
01/02/17NCAAF MONJJsLocks4
01/02/17***Macwesties Mon. Jan. 02...Macwestie118
01/02/17CFB Bowls '16Metallica246788
01/02/17---- Wisconsin---- Western M.GoldjaBoy12
01/02/17Bowl PlaysSportacus19
01/01/17Washington +16THEMUGG38
01/01/17NCAAF PLAYSff99l140
01/01/17Triple Platinum - Biggest Play of m...Tyler283455
01/01/17__________NCAAF SAT 12/31_...-LB-25
12/31/16CFB Semi-FinalsMetallica246714
12/31/16***Macwesties Sat. Dec. 31...Macwestie131
12/31/16Washington vs Alabama GOY ...Alien-116
12/31/16NCAAF SATURDAY JJsLocks4
12/31/16my bowls Ken1121
12/31/16Phins NCAAF Saturday Bowl Games ***...dolphins4life18
12/31/16Let's try this Evetinfoils7
12/31/16******* Peach Bowl Washin...vankiep_00074
12/31/16WASHINGTON & CLEMSON= $$$ ...DoubleUp4Life81
12/31/16New Years Eve Bowlsoldwiseone12
12/31/16 BAMA,,,,,,GoldjaBoy8
12/31/16$$$*** DAVIDN NCAAF BOWLS ...DAVIDN184
12/29/16College Foots Bowl Games Part 2mbiddy30
12/29/16Most points a team can lose by in O...MrWhatsItToYa54
12/29/162 half GOLD PLAYdellavedova12
12/29/16NCAAF PLAYff99l128
12/29/16Hump Day Cash Playoldwiseone26
12/29/16NCAAF Chauster5
12/28/16Wed BowlsBeningo8820
12/28/16Wednesday College Bowl Winners8
12/28/16__________NCAAF WED 12/28_...-LB-21
12/28/16***Macwesties Wed. Dec. 28...Macwestie131
12/28/16Chucks Back 5-2 NCAAF Bowl Playschuckles3944
12/28/16Pinstripe bowlHypnos20045
12/28/16MY CHAMP/BOWL SEASON IS BE...OCwager39
12/28/16*** Pinstripe Bowl Northwestern vs...vankiep_000720
12/28/16Let's try this 12/28tinfoils5
12/28/16Platinum Play - 6th of Bowl Season ...Tyler28348
12/28/16Someone get Jackson some wheels!KingOfDuval10
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