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09/13/13Ive created a football program that...AFNfootballnerd687
12/04/12NBA Action 3/12/12 [YTD: 4...Gogo106
12/02/12NBA Action 1/12/12 [YTD: 4...Gogo1011
11/30/12NBA Action 30/11/12 [YTD: ...Gogo1010
11/30/12NBA Action 29/11/12 [YTD: ...Gogo1011
11/29/12NBA Action 26/11/12 [YTD: ...Gogo1016
11/28/12Super's NBA Wednesday32
11/26/12Coincidental Trendtheilleffect2
11/25/12Sunday's Final Plays!!!wildhooks884
11/25/12NBA Action 24/11/12 [YTD: ...Gogo106
11/19/12nidiot's sunday locks 36-10 YTDnidiot16
11/12/12Left of centre plays (YTD: 16-2)DSP6
11/10/12NBA Action 10/11/12 [YTD: ...Gogo108
11/09/12NBA Action 8/11/12 [YTD: 2...Gogo103
11/07/12Left of centre plays (YTD 9-2)DSP9
11/06/12Magic @ Bulls - 1st Half (LARGE)RKapper12
11/05/12Left of centre plays (YTD 8-1)DSP9
11/04/12Potential COVERS Bloodbaththeilleffect9
11/03/12when are the heat going to finally ...Kaname4846
11/03/12Clemson @ Duke - 1st Half (LARGE)RKapper41
11/03/12What is an online site to watch gam...coachcfb13
11/03/12Hawaii @ Fresno State - 1st Half (L...RKapper26
11/03/12Kings @ Pacers - 1st Half (LARGE)RKapper39
11/03/12Does anyone have live stream for OR...theilleffect3
10/28/12$$$ 29-9 $$$ TRY IT ONE MO...kansas24134
09/23/12Any honest reason why I shouldn't g...Riceboi43
09/09/12Week 1...theilleffect1
04/09/12POD Monday (8-3)theilleffect1
04/08/12POD Sunday (8-2)theilleffect2
04/08/12POD 04.07.12 (7-2)theilleffect3
04/06/12POD FRIDAY (6-2)theilleffect6
04/05/12Thursday POD (6-1)theilleffect4
04/05/12POD 04.04.12theilleffect3
04/04/12POD for 04.03.12 (5-0)theilleffect8
04/03/12MONDAY'S 26-7 YTDInfamous3One65
04/02/12PODs for 04.01.12theilleffect11
03/30/12P-P-T of the day 3.30.12theilleffect2
03/29/12No way (P)OD 3.29.12theilleffect2
03/28/12No way (P)OD's 3.28.12theilleffect3
03/27/12No way play of the daytheilleffect4
03/13/12Brothers in UTAHSaekopsycho29
02/15/12NoFumbles > NBA Tuesday > ...NoFumbles51
01/27/12No Way Play of the Day 1-2...theilleffect1
01/26/12No Way Play of the Day 1-26-12theilleffect1
01/16/12--- Divisional Playoffs ---338
12/28/11Monday 12-26 Atl @ New Orleans 2 pl...AnthonyStarks26
12/17/11******When will you learn!...AnthonyStarks24
12/01/11Picks for 12.1.11 (3-0 last night)theilleffect3
11/30/11Picks for 11.30.11theilleffect2
11/30/11POD for 11.29.11theilleffect4
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