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09/14/15-cowboys vs giants-MarkDogg201413
06/29/15Women's World Cup - England to win ...theIntrospect7
06/17/15West Futuresbegginerboy52
05/14/15How's this for being selective? I p...scalabrine75
05/03/15put your houseMarkDogg201413
04/27/15Vegas isn't worried, should we be?:...begginerboy108
04/26/15Here's the refs 6
04/24/15nba fridayMarkDogg20145
04/08/15Heat's Last Standbegginerboy72
04/08/15NBA Tuesday3BallBomber5
03/08/15I thought Nashville in regulation w...theIntrospect4
02/16/152012 Kempom SystemKineProfessor1966
02/02/15I'm a Seahawks fan and...that was t...tallguyindc208
02/02/152015 NFL playoff thread...vanzack268
02/02/15the blame goes to russell martin no...joshfactor12
02/02/15"It was a 'waste' down" -Pete Carr...BWS7731
01/31/15Super Bowl winner. glyde6939
01/19/15CAN ALL MY GREENBAY PACKER...SukMyVickNoRomo26
01/18/15Wilson crying?habs120
01/04/15COWBOYS RALLY THREAD!deepbank3336
01/04/15Sunday NHLTheCounselor13
12/15/14_______Ct's break the DEAD...canadiantruth10
12/03/14Went 16-17 on parlay woulda hit 200...NHcoverking18
11/30/14Fade ARIZONA the rest of the seasonsydney7
11/23/14Live - Period 3 - MTL Unde...theIntrospect5
11/16/14WRITE-UP: OJ Simpson is going to wi...scalabrine48
11/13/14Live - Anaheim +230 (down 3-2)theIntrospect9
11/04/14Raptors are good but...theIntrospect1
11/02/14charolette sports and big east, any...tompjm11
11/01/14Live - Period 3 Winner - Hawks EOMtheIntrospect2
10/30/14Heat vs Wizards: The Superstar Just...begginerboy58
10/28/14______CT'S OPENING NIGHT!!...canadiantruth17
10/27/14Game 5 Thoughtzcjm200818
10/26/14world series play kc/giantsMarkDogg201414
10/26/14Ned Yost = RetardtheIntrospect3
10/25/14Don't post muchtheIntrospect2
10/09/14Week 7Professional111
10/07/14Tuesday FLA/VAN - Safest Play of Th...ArtBell26
10/05/14NFL Game PasstheIntrospect1
10/05/14Live - Giants ML +105 (13-...theIntrospect5
10/05/14KC ML +193theIntrospect1
10/03/14*** NFL Sunday Ticket *** Bouncebac...LeagueCapper177
09/23/14NFL WEEK 3 *** Ray Rice Cl...TRAIN6988
09/19/14Finally mariners7
09/19/14In-game wise play Mariners ML -160,...dpb12300719
08/28/14seahawks -54
07/14/14Damn these oddsmakers are goodtheIntrospect6
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